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It’s All Fun & Games…Until a Drone Gets Stuck in Your Hair

May 23 – 29 Wednesday (the 24th) was a fairly busy day.  We started off with all of us going over to West Haven Elementary School for Paityn’s Kindergarten program.  The program was a culmination of songs the kids learned throughout their year in Kindergarten.  It was very cute and Paityn did a great job. … Continue reading »

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New Heartland South Texas Chapter Leaders

May 11 – 14 Thursday morning we were off and running.  Paityn asked that I take her to kindergarten so we all (everyone except for Kelsea) drove Pnut to kindergarten then dropped Cameron off at daycare.  Then Zack, Michael and I headed to Zack’s reserve unit as he had a small project to complete.  Then … Continue reading »

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