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Sweetheart Rally: Day 4

Last night just as we sat down to dinner my glasses broke.  The arm just came off…and not where they screw together.  Thankfully, I had my old pair and was able to use them until I can get a replacement pair.  I went online at ZenniOptical and went into my history and ordered the exact … Continue reading »

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Leak Resolved??

Zack came over today and he and Michael checked out our water leak and were able to find the problem pretty quickly.   From underneath the coach they could see where the water was coming from so they opened up the bulkhead wall and found that the leak was coming from one of the fittings … Continue reading »

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Phone Calls, Chinese & A Walk

Ahhhh….the retired life….we LIKE it!  We didn’t do much of anything today.  The first part of the day we watched a bunch of TV shows that were on the DVR (we still have several more to go!). Michael made several phone calls: 1.  To Shur-flo to check on the water pump that we mailed to … Continue reading »

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Relaxing, Appointment & Sight-Seeing in B’ham

Yesterday was a nice, quiet day.  We stayed home most of the day other than taking a short drive to explore a road that we’d seen the day before which turned out to be just a short road to a BMX track.  We also drove down a road that was marked ‘cabin’ road.  It was … Continue reading »

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