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Workin’, Workin’, Workin’

We were pretty busy on Friday with 130 truck loads of caliche coming in on top of our regular traffic.  Thankfully we got a good nights sleep the night before with only 2 trucks coming in.  With all the dust the trucks kicked up we were very happy to see the water truck come by … Continue reading »

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Cowpokes Vs Shoot the Bull

Tuesday 12/1 Michael took the totes out of basement in an effort to rearrange them as he didn’t like the new configuration he put together while we were at Dan and Amanda’s home this summer. With all the totes were out it was easy to take out the Christmas decorations and put away the fall/Thanksgiving decorations.  We don’t … Continue reading »

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Settling In

We are settling into our little slice of the oil patch.  It’s a bit unsettling not knowing how long they’ll need us here but we are hoping (and praying) for the best and enjoying the income while it’s flowing. We got rain both Friday and Saturday.  Nothing terrible….just enough to knock down the dust and … Continue reading »

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