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A Day Off…But No Rest

Michael was given today off because he worked on Saturday and put in extra hours last week.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a day ‘off’ as he had three appointments scheduled and we had a few errands to complete. We had breakfast before we headed off for his first appointment at the Maxwell clinic with his primary … Continue reading »

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Appointments, Groceries & Comics, Oh My!

Monday again…  Today starts a 12 day work week for Michael.  The company has drill this weekend so when that happens he loses his weekend.  By next Friday he’ll be pretty pooped.  The good side is that after this drill weekend he only has 5 more to go! I had a doctors (nurse practitioner actually) … Continue reading »

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A Day in the Life…

We had a beautiful day here in Montgomery, Alabama yesterday – with the sun shining and the high reaching about 76.    Unfortunately, Michael had to work and was not able to enjoy it in his entirety . On days that Michael has to work he usually gets up between 5:30 and 6:00 with me getting up … Continue reading »

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