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WooHoo! Unexpected Days Off!

Sunday 4/5 The wild flowers are blooming like crazy all over this area!  They line the sides of the dirt roads and highways, flourish in the farmers fields and even grown amongst the weeds around our coach that need to be eliminated very badly!  I couldn’t help but take a short walk down our dirt … Continue reading »

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Adios Cameron Lane…You Left Your Mark!

I was up about 5:45 am while Michael slept until 7:30 am.  We had one vehicle in the middle of the night, Daniel, our company man and that was about 3:00 am and then nothing again until after 7:00 am…..a great way to spend our last night! We had originally made plans for Jeremy (our … Continue reading »

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Knock, Knock…

We got a heads up from a friend of ours that we might be getting a gate today.  We hadn’t heard anything from Gate Guard Services by noon so we decided to head into town to get some groceries and have lunch together. About 5 minutes before we were going to leave there was a … Continue reading »

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