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We thought it might be helpful to give our opinion on parks that we have stayed in. If you’re like us you would rather get advice from someone who has actually stayed somewhere rather than just go by what the internet or books say about a place.  Word of mouth is always better than playing the guessing game.

Our tastes may be different from yours, so please keep that in mind.  We prefer a park with full hook up (50 amp, water & sewer). We have a satellite dish and internet so those aren’t a big priority for us.  Michael likes a concrete pad just in case he needs to get under the coach for some reason.  Trees & foliage are always nice, while a quiet, well maintained park is welcomed.  We also like a park that we can walk around and enjoy the scenery as well as check out the other rigs!

While traveling we like a park that is easily accessible and fairly close to our route.  If we are only staying a night or two we’re fine not having a full hook-up.  We’re also not against spending the night in a Flying J/Pilot or Wal-Mart parking lot.  However, we do ask permission if stopping at a Wal-Mart for the night.  This is why we have a generator…even without full hook-ups we still have all the power that we need.

If we plan to stay at a park for a longer stay we don’t mind deviating from our route by about 25 miles or so – but not much more than that.  With fuel prices so high we try to curtail going to far off course.

We have a rather large coach at 40 feet 6 inches long, 13 feet tall and 3 slides so we have to be extra careful about the size of the site we stay in.  I always double-check with the person I deal with when making a reservation that they have sites large enough to accommodate our rig.

Cost is certainly a factor as we won’t the most bang for our buck!  Who doesn’t?  Parks that offer a Passport America, Good Sam or Military discount are always a plus.  We also try to stay for a week or a month at a time to make use of the discounts associated with those lengthy stays.

If you’re interested in finding the Park Reviews look on the left side of the page and look under categories – the reviews are listed under the states that the parks are in.

5 Responses to RV Park Reviews

  1. Margaret Bergen

    Hi Kelly, We are going to start following your blog….We are going full timing at the end of the year….We have already been down to Southern Texas and Visited a gate guarding couple last year and visited Harlingen for resorts for Workcampers….We visited Greg and Jan White..right outside of Whitesette and ate at Choke Canyon…..so so awesome….We live in Illinois and can’t wait to leave this polar weather…lol….We are doing lots of planning and the only thing we aren’t sure of is the internet….What service do you have….I have ATT for cell phone and plan on keeping it….Our plans are to go with Dish I believe for TV….appreciate all the tips you can give us….Thanks….Margaret and Rich Bergen….

    • Kelly

      Hi Margaret! So glad to hear from you! I’m originally from Wisconsin…so that makes us neighbors!

      We use Verizon for both our cell phones and internet as we’ve found that Verizon has the best coverage across the US. As far as gate guarding most people recommend AT & T as Verizon doesn’t seem to have the best coverage at some of the remote gates.

      For satellite we use DirecTV. My husband decided to go with them due to feedback on different forums about their customer service and he also wanted to go with the ‘whole home’ package that they offer.

      Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have more questions.


  2. Margaret Bergen

    Kelly, Does your phone become a hot spot then to power your computer…

    • Kelly

      It can, Margaret. But we invested in an air card through Verizon that allows us both to use the internet at the same time.

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