Mount Horeb/Verona, WI

Sunday morning, Kelsea was sweet enough to help me key in some inventory counts into Quickbooks and with her help the task got done MUCH faster than if I’d done it alone.  Muah!  Thanks, Kels!

Zack attack??

That afternoon we all headed over to Dan and Amanda’s for some family time.  The cousins played inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs and even on top of Uncle Zack/Papa.  He made the mistake of lying on the coach napping….ha!  The kids didn’t approve…so they all piled on top of him!

Busy drawing…

Paityn (7) and Alex (6.5) joined us for a couple of rounds of Telestrations…a game where you have to draw a word from a card and also have to guess what other people have drawn.  Oh my!  They had some much fun they didn’t want to stop playing.  We had to alter the game a little bit as the didn’t know what some of the words meant.  We’ll be looking for a kids version, I think.

A couple of lumpy birds

Amanda made 2 ‘Beer Can’ chickens for dinner…one on the grill and one in the oven.  Both turned out nicely…not sure there was really any difference in taste.  We had some corn on the cob and salads (pasta, potato, jello) as sides and it made for a good meal for the eleven of us.

Zack and his crew left to go home about 8:00 pm but Michael and I spent the night so that we could get a little more time with Dan and his crew before we had to pull up stakes and head on down the road.

Alex read to me from Harry Potter and then Ben and I (and his mom & dad) look through one of the books Nana & Papaw had sent (Who’s Butt?).

When the kids went to bed we played a partial game of Sheepshead and a game of Hearts before we called it a night.

Monday started out nicely…not a ton of phone calls or emails.  But but lunch time things kinda fell apart.  We had an installer doing an install in the Wisconsin Dells who had problems so Michael took a drive up there (about an hour and a half one way) to take a couple of parts to him and to see if he could be of any assistance.

Then the phone calls started and the emails picked up…but we got it all taken care of as best we could.

Go Zack!

I stayed back and went to watch Zack play softball with Kelsea and the kids.  I don’t think it matter how ld the boys get (Zack will be 32 in September) I still enjoy watching them play whatever sport it is that they happen to be involved in.  Zack’s team had a good night and ended up winning 28-8.  However…the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE!  Kelsea ran to the store to pick up some spray and that helped somewhat…for a while anyway…and then we had to reapply.  Needless to say everyone has multiple bites on their bodies!

By the time we got back from the game, Michael was home (9:00 pm) and stowing things in the basement…getting ready to hit the road this morning.  We have about 280 miles to drive today and then we will be in the same area until September 1.  We’ll move locations a few times but never more than 25 miles or so.

Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron will be following us to Indiana tomorrow and will spend the long holiday weekend with us.  I’m excited to show them some of our favorite places in Amish country!



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Travel Day: Hudson, WI to Mount Horeb, WI

Friday night’s boondocking experience did not go as planned.  We went to bed about 8:30 pm and were quite comfy until the generator/air conditioner turned off about 1:15 am.  Michael got up and restarted the generator and the ac came back on but turned off about 10 or 15 minutes.  Michael got up again and restarted everything but, once again, it only ran a few minutes and then shut off.  At that point we just left it off and drifted back to sleep for a while before it got too warm.

We got up about 3:30 am and closed everything up and got in the truck and headed out.  First stop was about 10 minutes down the road at a Flying J to fuel up.  Michael also grabbed a pastry as he was starving.

THIS is why I always make reservations.  We always know we have a place to stay and don’t have to worry about everything being full and not having a place to pull in and plug in at night.  With the crazy heat everyone across the country experienced…boondocking was not the way to go.  (By the time I tried to make reservations at a campground…everything was booked.

You can be sure that me flying by the seat of my pants in the future…will not happen.  LOL  The plus??  I got to hug my grandbabies several hours earlier than originally planned!

Early early morning breakfast stop

We stopped about 4:45 am at a Denny’s in Wilson, Wisconsin for some ‘real’ breakfast.  We both got the $5.99 special (2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 pancakes and hashbrowns).  Not a bad deal and it was a much better breakfast than we’ve had for a while.  I think we’re both ready for a good home-cooked meal.  LOL

We hung out for about an hour before we hit the road.  With only 217 miles to drive, most of which was down I-94 we were ready to be done driving for a few days.

Rather than go straight to Zack and Kelsea’s I had Michael drop me off at Dan and Amanda’s in Verona so that I could hitch a ride to Ben and Cameron’s T-ball game at 10:00 am.  Michael took the coach over to Zack’s and got it parked and set up and then relaxed while watching the NASCAR Xfinity race as we had a car in it!

Spencer and my boys

PTB sponsored Spencer Boyd for three races (June 30, July 6 & July 13).  Zack and Dan went to the race at Chicagoland Speedway yesterday and were in the pit before, during and after the race.  They met with Spencer, learned lots of stuff, got to wear headphones so they could hear what was going on, rubbed elbows with the crew and Dan even was able to hand a tire to the crew during a ‘pit stop’.  They had a blast and we at home had a good time seeing all the pictures the boys sent.  (Michael and I are going to the July 13th race at the Kentucky Speedway)

Cameron and Ben…our T-ballers

So while the boys were busy…the girls spent time with the babies.  It was hotter than blazes during T-ball but I’m glad I was able to go and see Ben and Cameron practice.  Cam turned 5 in April and Ben will be 5 in August but you’d never know they were that close in age as there is a BIG difference in size!

I think this ‘mushroom’ was there favorite as they always gravitated back to it.

After T-ball we all went over to Dan and Amanda’s house and had a quick lunch before the eight of us went to a local Splash park.  The kids had a BLAST!  I splashed a bit too but had WAY more fun watching the five of them flit about….here…there…everywhere!

My princesses

But…before hitting the splash pad….we stopped at the park and the littles ran (and swung) off some energy!  Wow….they really have a lot of energy even when it’s hot hot hot!

Then it was back home to wind down a bit….stopping at the grocery store first to pick up something for dinner.  We decided on some cheddarwurst and deli salads.  Amanda and her three kiddos joined us for dinner too.

It was a long day, but even longer for Michael who drove over to Dan’s about 9:15 pm to pick Zack up when the two of them got home from Chicago.  By the time Michael got back home…I was out cold.

We are here for just 3 nights before we head to Elkhart, Indiana where we’ll be basically until September 1st.



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Bismarck, ND to Hudson, WI

Another LONG travel day (450 miles) ahead of us we were up much too early (5:30 for me, 6:00 for Michael) Michael had a quick bite to eat – cereal and I took my yogurt in the truck.  We were out the door hitching up about 7:15 am and pulled out of the park (after dropping our garbage off) at 7:31 am.

Eerie book, to be sure!

We finished our most recent Lum & Abner cds a couple of days ago (we have a new set waiting for us at Zack & Kelseas!) and decided today to start listening to one of the books on cd we had in the truck.  We chose, Cell, by Stephen King.

Kelly’s Kitchen!

We stopped a little after noon for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.  It was 87 degrees out but we had a nice table in the shade and there was a nice breeze so we were comfortable.  We hung out for about an hour – mostly scanning the internet but also answered a couple of emails and Michael took a couple of phone calls.

Passing through the Twin Cities

We only had 160 miles left when we got back on the road and just as the first part of the trip went quickly so did the second half.  Even passing through Minneapolis/St Paul  at 3:30/4:00 pm on a Friday afternoon.  The road got a bit more congested and we had a little bit of a slow down at one point…but otherwise traffic flowed smoothly.  The other side of the road, on the other hand…not so much!  Thankfully, we have been blessed this trip with always being on the right side of the road!

Crazy HOT heat!

What a SCORCHER it was today!  We reached 104 at one point, in the truck, and I saw that the heat index was at 109…yowza!  What a day to boondock!  That would be why we decided to make sure both of our 40 gallon propane tanks were topped off yesterday.  We’ll be running the generator ALL night, I’m sure!

Before pulling into the Walmart parking lot for the night we stopped across the street at Panera Bread for dinner.  Before going inside, Michael turned the generator on in the coach and then let the ac run while we ate so that it was cooled off a bit when we finally did retire.

We were at Panera for about an hour before we decided to mosey on ‘home’.  Michael called ahead to be sure it was ok to plant ourselves in the parking lot overnight and was told it was ok….but that they wanted us to park at the far end…near Wendy’s which was fine with us.

Home for the night. Hudson, WI Walmart

Rather than backing in, Michael pulled straight in as the parking lot was sloped toward the store and it was easier for us to level out a bit going in that direction.  There were two other campers here when we arrived – one with no tow vehicle.  We’ll see if we have any others arrive as it is still early.

It’s been a LONG week and we are both exhausted…we’ll see how late we make it tonight…I’m not banking on much past 8:00 pm.

Besides…the earlier to bed…the earlier to get up…the earlier I get my grandbaby HUGS!



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Miles City, MT to Bismarck, ND

Tuesday we turned out the light about 9:45 pm and I was up about 7:00 am…Michael followed about half an hour later or so.

We answered some emails, Michael got a couple of phone calls and we had a quick breakfast (hard boiled eggs and a pastry from yesterday’s visit to Wheat Montana).

Compared to the last two days today’s 271 miles looked awesome!  We ended up pulling out of the Miles City, Montana Walmart just a few minutes after 9:00 am on Wednesday morning.

Oh crud!

About 90 miles into our trip we had another RVer pull along side us and the woman in the passenger seat was waving her arms to indicate something was wrong.  We pulled over right away and Michael went to inspect (I went in the house to pee!) at first he only saw that the back landing jack on the driver’s side of the coach was partial down so he brought that up all the way but decided to double check.

Good thing he did as he found that the spring hanger on that side of the coach was broken.  I checked my ‘Next Exit’ book and found that there was a Cenex station 18 miles away that advertised ‘service’ in it’s description.  We very carefully made our way there and Michael went and got someone to look at it.  He called a welder right away and we were told it would be about 30 minutes before he could get to us.

The welder arrived after an hour and quickly made his assessment and was off to get parts…saying he’d be back in about an hour.

Of course, Michael assisted the welder by lying under the coach with him…

We walked across the street to the Tastee Hut and got some lunch.  They have a HUGE menu and we each ordered the Codfish Nuggets and they turned out to be REALLY good.  We hung out in the air conditioning for about an hour and a half before we walked back to wait in the truck.

The welder came back about 2:15 pm and worked on getting the old hanger off so that he could weld on the new hanger.

North Dakota has some pretty cool scenery

Our little snafu put us behind by about 4.5  hours but we are thankful that the Lord watched out for us and brought it to our attention early.  And that the little town of Wibaux, Montana (population 649) had an experienced welder nearby that was available to help us out.

Now…just to get the northeast corner filled in!

We entered North Dakota about 15 minutes after we were back on the road!  Woohoo!  You know what that means??  Another sticker got added to our map!  Now we just have to get to the northeast and get the rest of the continental states filled in!

We also crossed into central time zone shortly after 5:00pm MST/6:00 pm CST.  We’ll only be back in CST for less than a week…but when that’s what you’re used to… You know what I mean. Oh well.

Bismarck KOA – site 77

We pulled into the Bismarck KOA about 7:00 pm and were greeted by a very friendly young man, Adam, at the front desk.  (turns out he is the son of the owners)  He got us checked in and we traded a couple of stories back and forth and then his dad led us to our site.

The father, Kyle, guided Michael into our back in site like an expert.  It wasn’t the easiest site to get into but with Kyle leading Michael we got back in perfectly.  We got set up fairly quickly…nothing much to do other than hook up sewer, water and electric.

Once settled, I warmed up some dinner (Swedish meatballs for Michael, buttered noodles for me) and we got comfy in our recliners for the rest of the night.  It had been a long 3 days and we were tired!  LOL

After a good nights sleep (I was up about 8:00 and Michael about 9:30) we cleaned up some work and then headed to the 12:30 showing of Solo:  A Star Wars Story.  We both really enjoyed the movie.  I would say it’s probably my favorite of ALL the Star Wars movies.  You get a lot of answers and find out a lot of the ‘who’s, what’s and whys’….great job!

Fun to watch these guys cook the food

After the movie we grabbed some lupper at HuHot…a Mongolian Grill place.  You load up a bowl with your choices (meats, noodles, various veggies and then select sauces to make your own creation.  Once your bowl is full you hand it off to one of the ‘chefs’ who grill it on a big round grill and then plate it and hand it back to you.  It’s a fun experience…plus tasty to boot.

Back home we did some laundry, work and stowed the few things we had out in preparation for tomorrow’s drive.  Michael also had the propane tanks filled up and ran and filled up the truck with diesel too.

We plan to drive about 450 miles tomorrow…we’ll be overnighting at the Walmart in Hudson, Wisconsin, which is just over the Minnesota border.  Then it will be on to grandbaby hugs!




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Travel Day: Missoula, MT to Miles City, MT

BIG breakfast

We were up about 7:15 and didn’t mess around much….pretty much got dressed, gathered our stuff and headed out the door.

When you overnight in a Cracker Barrel parking lot it’s just appropriate to thank them by having breakfast in their fine establishment, don’t ya think??  We think so too…so that’s just what we did.  It’s a nice way to start off a travel day…with full tummies and happy hearts.

There she is!

We pulled out of the parking lot about 8:30 and head on down the road…although it wasn’t but about an hour and it was time for our first potty stop of the day!  I took the opportunity to take picture of our home too!

We’d seen several of our RVing friends stop at Wheat Montana in Three Forks, Montana recently and since we were passing right by and it was lunch time…we stopped too!

Good stuff!

Wheat Montana is a store/restaurant specializing in (you guessed it!) wheat-based products grown locally.  They offer breads, cereals, pastries and sandwiches.  We each ordered a sandwich for lunch and picked up some bread and pastries to enjoy for breakfast as we travel.

We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our very good sandwiches.  Michael ordered a turkey club variant and I ordered a ‘Rachel’ (warm – turkey, swiss cheese, sauerkraut & thousand island dressing).  Both were very good.  There were served with chips and a pickle (I stole Michael’s!)  Definitely a stop if you’re ever passing by Three Forks, Montana!

Still snow on some of the mountain tops!

We were back on the road about 12:45 and though we had 177 miles under our belt already…we still had 315 left to go!  Ugh!  315 miles is normally on our high end of travel days.

The afternoon drug on and we did everything we could to pass the time.  We listened to music, called customers, answered calls from customers, fielded emails (me), enjoyed the scenery and listened to our traveling companions, Lum & Abner’s radio show via cd.

Calling it a day….

We arrived at the Walmart in Miles City, Montana about 6:00 pm and were very happy for it.  While Michael leveled us up a bit and took some pressure off the hitch I got tomorrow’s address set in the GPS so we’re ready to go.  There were 3 other rigs here when we arrived and a couple more arrived after us.

We had an hour or so of work to do so we turned on the generator and got the inside of the coach cooled off.  Neither of us were hungry so we passed on dinner.

Tomorrow we get to add a sticker to our map!  We’ll hit North Dakota and will spend two nights in Bismarck so we can get a little recoup time before we head on to Wisconsin for a quick visit with the grandbabies (and their mamas and papas)

By 8:00 pm we were all done and ready to call it a day.  491 miles is WAY more than we care to do again any time soon!


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Travel Sm: La Grande, OR to Missoula, MT

I’m going to try to post every day as we travel back east so I don’t have one big post at the end.  The posts shouldn’t be long…just a snippet (unless something exciting happens!) to let you know how we’re doing.

We had 326 miles to travel today and being Monday the morning was a bit hectic as we tried to get ready to hit the road and also field phone calls and emails from customers.  Despite the busyness of the morning we were able to pull out of the Grande Hot Springs RV Resort about 9:30 am.

Rather than heading back the exact way we came we decided to go north into Washington first so we could see a little different scenery and it only added on less than 20 miles to our trip.

Lovin’ the view…

We had a beautiful day to travel – sunny and fairly mild temps…not even 80 degrees.  When we stopped for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen we had a beautiful table in the shade with a pretty view of the rolling hills across the interstate.

Since we were in no real hurry to get anywhere since we were staying at a Walmart for the night we took our time, enjoyed our yummy salads, perused the internet and just enjoyed being outside in such gorgeous weather.

A little congested but not bad

We ended up passing through Spokane about 3:30…rush hour…nice timing on our part.  We only had one point where we came to a stop.  Other than that traffic got pretty heavy but we continued to move and a pretty good speed.

About 25 miles from our overnight stop we decided to keep going and drive all the way to Missoula…an additional 120 miles or so.

However, we needed some fuel to keep us going so we stopped in the little town of Wallace, Idaho…parked on the street outside the Red Light Garage and went in for some dinner.

That’s a lotta stuff to examine while eatin’!

We both ordered burgers and enjoyed them while checking out all of the eclectic ‘junk’ around the restaurant.  License plates, marionettes, lamps, signs, stuffed animals…you name it.  A cool, fun place to enjoy a meal before heading back out on the road.

Home for the night!

We planned to spend the night at the Walmart in Missoula but as we were nearing Missoula we saw and sign for a Cracker Barrel…and it just so happened to be at the same exit as the Walmart…so we changed plans for a third time and pulled into the Cracker Barrel parking lot about 9:30 pm MST (we changed to MST about an hour and a half before arriving).

We got settled in for the night, I did a little bit of work, finished this post and hit the hay.




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La Grande, Oregon

Very pretty terrain in Oregon

Monday 6/18 was a travel day for us….just over 200 miles to La Grande, Oregon…our farthest point west on this trip.

Just waiting for us!

We had an uneventful trip and pulled into the Grand Hot Springs RV Resort at just about noon…just in time to see the Old Dominion truck delivering our product for the installs that were already set up for this rally.

Grand Hot Springs RV Resort – Site 71

After checking in we made our way to site 71, our home for the next week, and got set up easily enough.  Michael even put out the satellite dish and I put out a few knickknacks so that it really felt like home.

Josh and Heather (our installers) arrived in town about an hour after we did and we made plans for them to come by the following day so that the four of us could go through the product to make sure it was all there and that everything was as it should be.

Going through freight

Josh and Heather came by about noon on Tuesday and between the four of us we went through everything in about an hour.  We found several small parts missing or incorrect, made a call to Alyssa to have her ship some brackets to us and made a note to contact Dexter to have replacements sent to the warehouse.

We visited with some of the rally-goers (nice group of folks) throughout the day and also met some of the customers who had installs scheduled during the rally.

After we finished up going through our order from Dexter we took Josh and Heather out for dinner at Mamacita’s International Grill…an early dinner since it was only about 2:00 pm or so.  We had a really nice dinner and even better conversation.  I think everyone was happy with their meal choices (Heather – chicken pasta dish, Josh – Waygu burger, Michael – normal burger, Me – bleu steak).

As we were dining we noticed a small farmers market being set up right outside the restaurant so after dinner we all made a quick walk through and each ended up picking up some fresh fruits (berries & cherries) and veggies (cucumbers) before heading our separate ways for the night.

Nice turn out for the disc brake seminar

Michael did a disc brake presentation on Wednesday morning and had an awesome turn out…at least 30 people, I’d say.  I assisted by changing slides as he went through the presentation.  There was a quite a lot of interest and I believe we’ll probably get several additional sales stemming from this rally.

Discussing tactics…

Josh and Heather had installs on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and had very happy campers by the end of each day.  You can’t imagine the smiles on people faces the first time they are able to use their new brakes after they’ve been installed….it’s such a HUGE difference.

Wednesday we had a light sprinkle of rain in the middle of the afternoon…not enough to bother Josh and Heather as they worked, thankfully.  About 6:00 pm (well after J&H were done for the day) it rained again…but this time the rain also brought pea-sized hail.

Later that evening about 8:45  or so it rained again…but this time it down-poured…buckets and buckets.  It thundered, lightening-ed and poured…for a LONG time….so long that a good portion of the campground was covered in water.  We had a nice ‘lake’ between us and our neighbor and the fountain at the entrance of the park overflowed flooding the driveway to the park office.  Thankfully, by late afternoon most, if not all, of the water had been absorbed into the ground.

Michael and I have been plagued by a nagging cough/congestion cruddy crud since not longer after leaving Pueblo, Colorado.  With a LONG trip looming over us as we head back east we decided to go to the walk-in clinic on Thursday to get some meds to hopefully get us back on track.  I was just afraid if we didn’t, we’d be in the middle of our trip back in the big middle of nowhere and Michael would end up with bronchitis like he did back in March.

We both ended up with three prescriptions, more precautionary since we will be traveling.  I’m glad we went as it’s a huge piece of mind knowing we have meds (antibiotics for both, steroid for Michael, Flonase for me and cough pills for both).  Now…lets just hope they help!

Check out all those loose toppings!

By the time we got done at the clinic it was 7:00 pm and we were hungry.  We stopped at Local Harvest Eatery & Pub for some pizza.  We ordered a medium pizza – half specialty pizza (pepperoni, sausage, salami, bacon) and half create your own (ham, pineapple, green pepper, red onion and ground beef).

Michael liked it…me not so much.  Michael wanted a thicker crust but this bottom crust was wafer thin…but the crust around the edge was thick…but not really cooked enough.  Topping amounts were good.  Sauce was a bit skimpy.

The biggest drawback for me was that the cheese was placed on topped of the sauce, which was on the bottom layer and then all of the toppings were on top of the cheese which left all of the toppings with nothing to hold them in place…so everything fell of the pizza.

I went into town on Friday and picked up our prescriptions and did some grocery shopping to tide us over until we get across the country.  While I was gone Michael worked on rearranging the basement to make room for some stuff we’ve been carrying in the backseat (work stuff).  He also answered questions from rally-goers who stopped by as well as customers who called on the phone.

For dinner, I tried new recipe for my Instant Pot and it turned out really well…it’ll be made again, especially since I thought Michael was going to lick his plate at one point.  It’s a pretty easy and straight forward recipe for Swiss Steak.  I served it with mashed potatoes and green beans and it made a filling comfort meal.

Electric drums…some almost new

Saturday while Heather and Josh did their magic on the last trailer at the rally, Michael and I took the old electric drum brakes to the recycling center in La Grande.  We were hoping we wouldn’t have to pay to dispose of them and since they were all metal (and they get $$ for recycling them) we didn’t have to pay anything.  The trip took us all of 30 minutes at the most.

My he-man lifting/dumping those heavy things!

We had several customers stop by on Saturday to order brakes and we were happy to accommodate.  This turned out to be a very nice rally and I’m sure we’ll try to get back out here again next year…if not us…at least one of our installers.

Rally attendees started pulling out bright and early Sunday morning and by noon a good portion were gone…however there were still quite a few hold outs.

Union Market and the creek beside it.

We took a quick drive over the small town of Union in the afternoon.  We’d been told we should see the Historic Union Hotel.  We stopped at the Union Market first and each grabbed an ice cream bar and enjoyed it as we walked down the street – first stopped at a little creek that runs right next to the market and then at the City Park which is on the other side of the creek.  We enjoyed our ice cream as we sat in an old gazebo in the park that provided shade for us.

Right next to the park on the opposite side of the creek and market sits the hotel.  We perused the outside of the building (built in 1921) while we snacked on our ice cream.  The outside has definitely seen better days and now houses a small RV park (6 sites maybe) in the back.

The Historic Union Hotel built in 1921

The front is a bit more welcoming but could still use some help.  A sign on the front porch says, ‘Visitors Welcome’ so we moseyed on inside to check out the lobby, parlor and restaurant.  The architecture inside is gorgeous but the furnishings need help.  Mostly a bunch of junk furniture thrown about.

The parlor is a gorgeous room with windows covering two sides of the room.  Its used for customers to watch TV, relax and socialize.  However, someone on the staff has turned a portion of it into their office and there is paperwork strewn from here to there and everywhere….making it pretty uninviting.

Cute little restaurant with a very small menu

The small restaurant is very pretty and in much better shape than the parlor.  There’s a small bar in one corner with tables on the opposite side of the room…once again, there are windows on two sides of the room.

The front desk was beautifully carved wood flanked by two gorgeous staircases…again made of beautifully carved wood.

It would have been interesting to be able to tour a few of their ‘themed’ rooms to see what kind of shape they were in.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for looking at the pictures on their website.

Michael spent all morning cleaning up the truck and getting it nice and spiffy for our long haul back east.

We’ll be traveling a total of 2194 miles to our final destination of Elkhart, Indiana.  We’ll have just two stops that are 2-nighters (Bismarck, ND and Mt. Horeb, WI) the rest are just 1-nighters.  We’ll make a total of 6 stops on the way and try our best not to go stir crazy as we don’t normally drive that many days in a row but we need to be in Elkhart by July 3 for the Crossroads rally.  We’ll be listening to our Lum and Abner cds which will help the time go by quickly. 😉



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Mountain Home, ID

We pulled out of the Wasatch View Estates RV Park at just about 9:00 am on Thursday 6/14 and made our way north on I-15/I-84…and continuing on I-84 when I-15 split off to the east.

After an hour and 15 minutes on the road we crossed over into Idaho and there wasn’t much change in terrain…still very hilly and mountainous…very pretty.

Hooray for lunch on the patio!

We stopped about 50 miles short of our destination to have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.  This was the first time in a LONG time that we’d been able to enjoy a travel day lunch out on the patio.  It was in the low 70s and sunny but our shelter kept us in the shade (and out of the wind) so it was a bit chilly for Michael who grabbed a jacket from inside the coach.

We relaxed and enjoyed our lunch (cheese, sausage, crackers, fruit and nuts).  I created an invoice for a customer and emailed it off and then we just surfed the internet…checking emails and Facebook and playing a game or two.

Mountain Home RV Park – site 36

We only traveled about 250 miles so by the time we were done with lunch and back in the truck we ended up arriving at the Mountain Home RV Park in Mountain Home, Idaho about 3:00 pm.  We were checking in by a very friendly and helpful woman who gave us the park ‘lowdown’ and then escorted to our site by a gentleman on a golf cart who took us on a tour of half of the park because he took the wrong turn first.  LOL

The park is very nice – salt water pool, rec room, paved pull through sites, grass, trees, picnic tables…it would definitely be a place I would come back to if we’re in the area again longer than the four nights we were here this time.

Friday was a fairly busy day, invoicing wise…which is good.  I had a friend mention that he and his wife were pulling for us and the business and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that!  I’m sure that several of you are wondering how things are going with Performance Trailer Braking, so I thought I’d update everyone.

Business is good (too good sometimes! LOL).  We have surpassed the old owners numbers (sales wise) every month since November, except for December.  Dan gives us a sales goal to beat every month and we’ve either beat that goal or came very close to it.  The old owner only had one month of sales over $100k and lets just say that we’ve beat that more than once.

I’m not gonna lie…it’s a lot of work…more work than Michael expected.  But it’s not hard work.  I love administrative work – so my portion of the work is enjoyable.  And Michael is a born talker…so his portion is a good match too.  The frustrating part is dealing with a vendor who is dealing with new employee errors (LOTS of them), shipping errors, not shipping on time, etc etc etc.  But…it is what it is…and if you see me drinking a glass of wine (or six) you’ll know why!

Fattyz Pizza…Mountain Home, ID

Michael’s been hankering for some pizza for quite a while so I promised him when we got to Idaho we’d get some pizza.  I found Fattyz Pizza on Yelp and it had good reviews and was only a little more than a mile from the RV Park…WIN/WIN!

We ordered the ‘Awesomeness’ pizza (Ham, Pineapple, Bacon, Pepperoni and jalapeno) minus the jalapenos which we substituted green pepper and added red onions.  We also ordered garlic knots which were very good and the marinara dipping sauce was perfect.  The pizza in my opinion was perfect…the amount of toppings, the size of the toppings, the crust was crispy and the sauce wasn’t overbearing.  Michael like the pizza too… but would have preferred the crust to be a bit thicker.

Back home we took advantage of the mild temps (70s) and sat outside just enjoying…everything for a while before we moved inside to finish out the day watching some shows from the DVR.

The rest of our weekend was quiet and fairly relaxing.  We had bbq ribs for dinner on Saturday and ate out on the patio.  Weather was gorgeous…mild temps, a little overcast, little wind.  Just right.

Our neighbor (for the night) stopped by and chatted with us for a while.  He and his wife are from Texas and just bought a small motorhome and are checking out the west coast for a couple of months.  He was a chatty one.  I think we may have learned more about him and his family in the 30 minutes we talked with him than we do some people we’ve known for years!

Sunday being Father’s Day we didn’t do much more than run to the commissary on Mountain Home Air Force Base and grab some grub on the way back home.  We did send out four invoices, answer emails and answer and make phones calls for work though.

Tomorrow we head even further west….to La Grande, Oregon for the NROA (Northwood RV Owner Association) rally.





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Ogden, Utah

We planned to leave about 9:00 am Tuesday morning but about 7:00 am Michael suggested we leave earlier since we’d been up for a while anyway and didn’t have much to do to hit the road.

I made breakfast sandwiches (biscuits, eggs, sausage & cheese), cleaned up my work email and created an invoice and sent it off and was ready to go.  Michael unhooked the water, sewer, electric and made the bed and we were ready to go…pulling out of the Red Desert Rose RV Park about 8:15 am.

Barely got that guy in the picture!

We came upon a couple of deer crossing I-80 about 45 minutes into our drive.  They were taking their time until Michael blew the horn and kept blowing it until they finally trotted across the road where they joined three or four of the friends.  Unfortunately, I only got a brief picture of just one of the fellows.

We stopped at the Little America Travel Center about 11:30 to grab some lunch…and a 75 cent ice cream cone.  They’d been teasing us with billboards for miles and the ice cream cone suckered us in.

Good thing it did cuz it turned out to be quite an interesting stop.  While there were LOTS of customers stopping for various items, food, snacks, souvenirs etc.

Just a sampling of the food sitting around on various tables.

We noticed several tables that had TONS of uneaten food and drinks on them and while I watched I finally figured out that there was a group of 10 or so people who were staging food and taking pictures of it.

They were totally fine with me taking their picture as they worked.

I noticed they watched two customers who were obviously on motorcycles sit down at a table and pull out an atlas and peruse it.  Not long after I noticed that one of the tables with food on it now had an atlas splayed out on it too!

Michael decided that they were either taking pictures for a menu or a website.  I acted like my mom and went and asked (she used to embarrass me so bad…and now here I am doing the same thing!)…they were taking pictures for the website…guess we’ll have to check it out!

Preparing to reboard the buses

Also while we sat there and enjoyed our lunch a LARGE group of people (mostly women) came in dressed as if they had just stepped out ‘Little House on the Prairie”.  I noticed there were two large coach buses in the parking lot that they came from.  Hmmm…at first I thought maybe they were a reenactment group…but it just was curious how few men there were…there were a few children…but not many.

Religious calling card

What was even more curious was that when I went to the bathroom I found a little ‘care package’ hanging from the hook on the back of the stall door.  After checking several of the other stalls I found the same on each of them.  In the package was a note that said ‘A free gift for you to

enjoy’ along with a few candies and several religious pamphlets.

It made me wonder if that Little House on the Prayer folks weren’t some type of religious group that had left their calling card behind.  I made Michael check the men’s room…but he found nothing.  Makes me think of Warren Jeffs…the leader of the FLDS church who was a polygamist and convicted of child molestation.

The view on one side of the highway…

We made one last stop at a rest area just into Utah.  What a gorgeous view for a rest area!  Michael took the time to climb up on the roof to check to see how the repair was holding up and, once again, it looked great!  Yeehaw!

…and the view on the opposite side of the highway

This rest area wasn’t the average rest area either…no vending machines.  They had a cashier and sold snacks, drinks, souvenirs, etc.  They even had several exhibits as well as a video on Mormon History.  Very nice place to stop.

We pulled into the Wasatch View Estates RV Park (also a mobile home park) about 3:00 pm and were surprised as it wasn’t the ‘hole’ we’d been expecting.  It has a very nice office and the grounds are fairly nicely maintained.  There are still several mobile homes but it looks like as they move out they’re not being replaced and the spots are the turned into RV sites.

Wasatch View Estates – site 172

We’re in site 172, which is large and spacious and on a corner lot with a gorgeous view of the mountains. These are the same mountains I used to love staring at when Zack and Kelsea lived in West Haven…about 13 miles south of where we’re currently parked.

This is a Passport America park and the rate per night is just $20….can’t beat that considering they have a pool, nice club house with pool table, air hockey and a book exchange.

Our son, Zack, and his wife, Kelsea, lived in the Ogden area for a couple of years so we are fairly familiar with the area too.  Plus, we Workamped at a park over the mountain from Ogden a couple of summers ago.

My husband is under all that hair somewhere!

We visited a couple of our favorite places on Wednesday.  But first…it was time to get Scruffy a haircut!  It took us 3 stops and 3 phone calls before we finally found a place that wasn’t permanently closed, temporarily closed or full….but we got it done!  Whew!

We took in a movie…something we haven’t done for a while since we’ve been on the move quite a bit.  We saw ‘A Quiet Place‘ at the Cine Point 6 theater, where they always have some kind of deal so we paid $4.00 for the two of us see the movie plus our popcorn and drink.  Not bad.

One of Michael’s favorite parts of the store…lots of little goodies to be had.

Then we made a stop at Smith and Edwards…a big ol’ Ace Hardware store that has a little of everything.  My favorite part is the kitchen gadget and spices area!  I ended up coming home with a couple of new items to add to my kitchen repertoire.  Nothing special, just some ‘sauce’ cups and bread bag closers.

Michael, too, found a couple of goodies…several bunches of rags and a couple of razor blade scrapers.

We also picked up some snacks to put in the snack basket in the truck since we’ll be doing a LOT of driving when we leave Oregon to head back east.

Delicious potato soup…and lots of it!

After our shopping spree we headed to Perry to have an early dinner at Maddox Ranch House where we’d been a couple of other times in the past.  We enjoy it there probably because of the old ‘supper club’ feel.  But their food is good too.

We both went with their specialty – skinless fried chicken.  The meal comes with rolls & corn pones, soup or salad, vegetable of the day and a choice of potato.  We always go with the potato soup.  Rather than a cup of soup it’s a huge bowl and it’s very tasty.

Shrimp steak…Sounds strange…but quite tasty.

Another specialty is their shrimp steak.  It’s ground shrimp made into a patty and deep fried to a golden brown.  There is a little ground turkey mixed in to help the patty stay together.  I decided to give it a try and ordered just a single patty so that we could both taste it.  It was surprising good, I thought.  Michael on the other hand said it was something that he ‘liked it, but didn’t like it’.  LOL  Not sure what that means…but at least he tried it!

Neither of us finished our chicken (chicken salad coming up!) but we did each order a piece of home-made pie to take home…banana cream for me and strawberry for Michael.

We’re trying the stuff on the left this time…we’ve had the stuff on the right already.

One last stop after dinner on the way home took us to Smith’s Grocery Store to pick up a couple of items…but mostly for some ‘Fry Sauce’.  Something we’ve only ever found in Utah and I promised our daughter in law, Kelsea, that I’d bring a bottle to her.  I got two bottles…one for both of us!

Next up:  Mountain Home, Idaho




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Rawlins, Wyoming

​We had about 350 miles to travel on Sunday (6/10) so we planned to pull out about 8:00 am but didn’t end up pulling out until about 8:30 after we touched base with Josh and Heather who had one more install to complete at the park.  (They did installs every day starting 6/4 and have 4 more to do when they leave the rally…Busy Beavers, they were!)

Fill ‘er up!

We stopped about 10:15 to fill up with fuel.  There was a car parked in the back of the station and we didn’t think much of it until a police officer drove up and had the occupants step out of the car.  A man in the front seat, driving and a woman in the back seat.


Apparently they’d been back there over an hour and the person on duty inside the station found it suspicious so they called the police.  I guess he suspected either a drug deal or some type of prostitution.  The way the woman was dressed…I guess prostitution.

Before we finished filling up and departing (having to back out since the police cars were blocking our exit) two more police cars arrived and the first officer had ‘padded’ down the man.   So…that was our big excitement for the day!
We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen near Ft. Collins at just about noon.  Michael said it was too hot to eat at a picnic table so we cranked up the generator and had lunch in our recliners.  We made good use of that generator as I made Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup (cup a soup) and PBJ sandwiches.  While we enjoyed our lunch we watched an episode of Northwoods Law from our DVR.  Life is GOOD.

Easy drive through Cheyenne.

It was a pretty drive that was enhanced by the blue skies.  Though it was windy and at one point the temperature was up to 98 degrees…and an hour later, as we rose in elevation, it dipped down to 73.  The temperature evened out at about 80 degrees when we arrived at the RV park about 4:00 pm.

Two thumbs up

Michael checked the roof about mid-way through our drive and found it just as he had left it.  No evidence of the Dicor Adhesive or  Eternabond seam tape coming loose or lifting away!   We have a LOT of both products left just in case it’s ever needed again…for ourselves or for another unlucky traveler.

Old KOA,think?

We arrived at Red Desert Rose RV Park in Rawlins, Wyoming about 4:00 pm.  We got checked in and were given all the details about the park, including the fact that they have a courtesy vehicle that they allow their customers to use on a first come, first serve basis….how nice is that?

Red Desert Rose RV Park – Site 49

We were escorted to our site, a pull through that was long enough for us not to have to worry about unhooking.  Michael put the leveling jacks down enough to take the stress off the hitch, hooked us up to water, sewer and electric and we were done!

I made Chicken Alfredo in the Instant Pot in less than 15 minutes and we watched a movie afterward.  It was a nice way to end a travel day.
It got down to 37 degrees overnight and was 55 in the house when I woke up.  Nice excuse to turn the fireplace on.  It sure was great for sleeping.
Michael declared Monday a jammie day and who am I to argue with him…I did as I was told and stayed in my jammies all day long.  We had nowhere to go and no one to visit with so it made perfect sense.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games in our jammies…we had work to do too.  However, it was a bit tamer Monday than normal so it wasn’t crazy busy.
I took advantage of my Instant Pot being out and made meatloaf & carrots for dinner to go a long with a package of rice that I’d thrown in the freezer a while back.  It made for an easy, quick meal.  I had actually planned on making spaghetti but it seems that we must have left a shopping bag at the store (containing tomato paste, sauce, tuna and a couple of items)…so with no tomato sauce or paste I had to come up with something else….and meatloaf is one of Michael’s favorites.
Our stay in Rawlins was just two nights…giving us a chance to get some work done and enjoy some quiet time as well.
Tomorrow (Tuesday 6/12) we head further west to Ogden, Utah.
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