Making It Our Own

PTB has been pretty quiet which was nice as it gave us time to get some chores done around the new coach.  Slowly the new coach is becoming home.

Much more organized

We’ve done several organizational projects like adding office organization trays to the big drawer in the entertainment center which helped immensely with being able to find things easily.

Organization is key in small places

We also added baskets in the bathroom linen closet to help with organization as well as to help keep everything from floating all over the cabinet while traveling.  Since the bathroom is in the very back of the coach there’s quite a bit of movement back there while in motion.

We also added a few storage bins in the residential refrigerator.  Since the fridge is so much larger than our old RV fridge there’s lot of extra space which isn’t necessarily a good thing when traveling.  Now that some of the things are contained within bins we’ll have less to worry about on travel days.


We also added a few helpful mods in the pantry/laundry room.  A hand hook to hold the broom off of the floor, a plastic bag holder also went on the wall out of the way.

Cargo net in place for travel!

Plus, Michael added a couple of hooks above the door inside the pantry so that I can hang the cargo nets that we’ll be using to keep everything on the pantry shelves during travel.  It’s awesome and works really well.



Ta da! A new throne for the new palace!

We added a Dometic 320 toilet in the bathroom.  We’d installed one in the old coach and really liked it so we went with the same thing this time too.  Michael ordered it from PPL and got a good deal.  He had it shipped to our mailbox so it was waiting when we got back from Wisconsin.  Andrew (our mailman) messaged us when it came in and said, ‘Yay!  Now I know you’ll be back soon!’.  LOL


New door catch

Michael has also done countless small projects:  added outlets and usb ports on either side of the fireplace, hung a magnetic spice rack next to the stove, added a magnetic door catch to the bedroom door to help keep it open…just to name a few.

How fun is that?

When you purchase a Heartland Landmark 365 you also get a personalized light sign for the side of the coach.  You can personalize it however you like and many use their last name.  We decided to go with our nickname, ‘2psnapod’.  If you’re unsure of what that is….you read it as ‘Two Peas in a Pod’…that’s us!  We started calling ourselves that when Michael was in Iraq (2006/2007)…since we always seemed to say (type) the same thing at the same time while we chatted online.

Don’t think it’s been all work and no play around here!  We’ve found plenty of time for fun too.

The cast of Boogie Woogie Christmas

Fort Sam has a theater on post (the Harlequin Theater) that put on a Christmas show called Boogie Woogie Christmas.  We attended the performance on the 15th.  It was a good way to get into the spirit of the season…listening (and participating) in Christmas carols.

We also saw, A Christmas Carol (the musical) at the Roxie Theater on the 23rd.  I think it’s the smallest theater we’ve ever been to and the play was different from the traditional story but it was fun and cute.  The actors who played Scrooge and Bob Cratchit really did an excellent job…acting and singing both.

There was also a little girl of about 3 who played Cratchit’s daughter, Martha, who had me mesmerized.  She didn’t have a speaking part but she sure new the songs…even when she wasn’t supposed to.  LOL

Dinner on water

I’ve always wanted to go down to the San Antonio Riverwalk during the Christmas season and this year we made sure to make time to do just that!  We strolled around for a while, then had dinner at the Original Mexican Restaurant…sitting outside along the river.

Michael’s little buddy

The food was ok…nothing special but the company was wonderful.  Including the duck who kept pecking at Michael’s leg because he wanted more tortilla chips!

Fun! I’d do it again!

After dinner we took a boat ride along the river.  It was a very enjoyable ride as the boat captain told us about certain things along the way and pointed out various landmarks.  The entire cruise was made even better as the trees and buildings along the way were lit with Christmas lights.  The cost of the cruise was $9 (military) for about 35 minutes or so…worth it in my book.  It was the perfect way to end an already wonderful day.

We have also taken in a several movies over the last couple of weeks.  We watched ‘Instant Family’ with Mark Wahlberg and we both really enjoyed it.  The day we went to the Riverwalk we started the day with a movie at the Riverwalk Center AMC.  We saw ‘The Mule’ with Clint Eastwood.  I didn’t watch many of his movies from his younger days…but some day I may just have to do that because I absolutely adore him in his golden years.  At 88 years old he is just absolutely awesome!

Christmas Day we opted for our traditional double feature.  This year we saw ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘The Favourite’.  We both enjoyed Mary Poppins as it was quite similar to the original…with a guest appearance by Dick VanDyke even…who’s 93….can you believe it!?!

The Favourite…well…that was a different story.  While it was based on the true story of Queen Anne of England it had some content that was just kinda out there.  Not that it was a bad movie…just not one of our favorites for sure.

Before heading to the movie theater we had lunch at Furr’s Cafeteria where they served a traditonal Christmas feast (and had other things as well).  We didn’t have to wait in line at all since we arrived shortly after they opened.  We sampled several dishes and took our time since our first movie didn’t start until 1:30 pm.

The truck has been at the Ford dealer since the 18th.  It needed an oil change and we also had a ‘check engine’ light on that needed to be addressed.  We’d stopped at an O’Reilly’s to have them check the issue and were told it had something to do with the DEF heater.

We got word on the 20th that the oil change had been done and they were still hoping to get the other items addressed before we have to leave on the 29th.  By the 27th we gave up and picked up the truck and will try to get the rest of the issues addressed while we’re in Arizona.  Apparently, when you make an appointment at Jordan Ford it’s not an appointment to have work done…it’s an appointment to get it line to have work done.

There she goes….

We made a trip over to T&S RVs after Christmas to switch out our screen door for another as the one we had gave us problems from the beginning and eventually Michael realized that the screw holes were stripped out which kept the hinge loose which prevented the door from closing properly.

While we were there we witnessed our old coach leaving the property with is new owner.  We didn’t meet the gentleman but were told he was very excited…which says a lot since he traded in a 2018 Hideout for our 2011 Landmark.  It was a bit bittersweet to see her go…but I’m glad she’s got a new home.

Michael has one last VA appointment (just a CPAP check) tomorrow morning and then we’ll be pulling out on Saturday morning.  We’ll be heading toward Arizona with several stops along the way…the first of which is to see our friend Herb at the Fort Stockton RV Park.







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What a week!

The clouds were so fluffy I couldn’t not take a picture

On Friday 11/30 we hopped a Delta flight that took us to the freezing cold of Wisconsin so that we could stay with two of our grandchildren (Paityn and Cameron) while their parents flew off to the Dominican Republic to bask in the warmth.  See anything wrong with this picture???

Miller Park as seen from the visitor’s dugout

Zack picked us up at the airport in Milwaukee and drove us the two hours back to their home in Mount Horeb…although not before stopping at Miller Park to check out the Brewers Clubhouse Sale.  Zack found a few things and I picked up a 3 pack of socks with ‘Milwaukee Brewers’ printed on them.

Shortly after getting to the house we all climbed into the car and drove to Barneveld where we met the Verona Barnett’s (Dan, Amanda, Alex, Ben & Zoe) for dinner at Glacier Ridge Pub & Grill…a new place none of us had ever been.  Most everyone had fish (Dan had steak) and it was ok…but not the best by any means.  Dan’s steak, a tenderloin, had to be sent back because it wasn’t good to desired temp and was super fatty.  The salad bar was kinda pathetic and was out of most everything (very few people at the place) and we had to wait for them to fill it.  All in all…probably not a place we’d go back to.  You win some, you lose some.

All so busy creating masterpieces

Saturday Nana and Papaw took all five grandbabies to Fired Up! Pottery in Madison so that they could each pick up and paint a piece of pottery.  The ‘Mama’s & the Papa’s’ tagged along and Zack and Kelsea ended up painting their own projects too.  The babies did great on their pieces (Paityn – small jewelry box, Alex – cereal bowl, Cameron – puffer fish, Ben – Santa plate, Zoe -butterfly dish.)

The pieces were supposed to be ready to be picked up in 7-10 days but ended up being ready in 5…so we were able to pick everything up on Thursday.  Everything turned out so good…the babies should be so proud of their work!

Fun & tasty lunch

Dan has been wanting us to try a place called Mod Pizza for a while so after finishing up at the pottery place we all headed there for lunch.  What a different and fun kind of place.  It’s kinda like a Subway but for pizzas.  You go down an assembly line having the employee add your favorite cheeses and toppings to a pizza crust (single serving or larger) and at the end they pop it in the brick oven.  They also do the same thing for salads.  It turned out very yummy and I’d go again, no problem.

Zack and Kelsea left in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday so we woke up to having to be responsible adults caring for a 5-year-old, a 7-year-old, a yellow lab and a chocolate lab for a week.  Eeek!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Dan and Amanda’s house visiting.  The five cousins played in the play room while the adults played a new game…one of those strategy types that I usually suck at but ended up winning this time!  Woohoo!  Go me!

Picked up from school and smiling!

Monday started our true test…could we get the kids up, fed and on the school bus and survive!  Don’t forget having to let the dogs out of their kennels, let outside, fed and let outside again.  We did that all week with success.  Plus, making sure that they wore hats on ‘hat day’, library books went back when they were supposed to, gym shoes went to school on gym days, snacks were packed in their back packs, etc.

Paityn’s flippin out!

Now throw in having to pick the kids up from school three days a week (M, W, Th) and get Paityn to her 3 hour-long gymnastics practice on time.  Making sure that she had her gym bag with all of its necessities and Cameron’s ‘keep him from being bored bag’ with it’s necessities with us when we picked them up, for them to use at the gym.

Keep in mind that Dan flew to NYC on Tuesday and Amanda works Tuesday and Wednesday so to help them out we watched their 3 (Alex, Ben & Zoe) those nights.  So on Tuesday night, Amanda brought her 3 out to Mt. Horeb and on Wednesday we watched everyone (except Paityn who was at gymnastics) at Dan and Amanda’s house.  Whew!

Pizza chefs in the making!

Having them all actually went very well.  Tuesday they made their own DIY pizzas and were all very proud of how tasty they were.  We also watched several Christmas movies I’d recorded so it was fairly peaceful.

On Wednesday, Papaw picked up McDonald’s for everyone (Paityn got hers after practice) and we ate at home and then started watching a Christmas movie before Amanda came home and we had to rush off since it was everyone’s bedtime.

To make it even more hectic, Michael and I had dental appointments with a new dentist on Tuesday in Madison…just cleanings but the appointments went well and we’ll be back in May or so for follow-up appointments.  It also worked out well that we dropped Dan off at the airport to catch his flight to New York and then just headed straight over to the dentist…perfect timing.

Crazy elf got into all kinds of mischief!

If that wasn’t enough to make your head spin….throw in Elf on the Shelf, a nightly ritual of posing an elf if some silly position or doing a goofy action.  The elf is a reminder to the kids to be good and to have fun while anticipating the arrival of the ‘Big Guy’.

Checking out their haul!

And don’t forget St. Nick stopped by on the night of the fifth and left goodies in the kids stockings to be found by them on the morning of the sixth.  Perhaps you don’t celebrate St. Nick…it’s a very German tradition and quite popular in German communities.  Something I grew up with as a kid, Michael did not.  I’m glad that the boys are keeping the tradition alive with their babies too.

By Friday we were all pretty pooped and ready to stay home.  The kids got off the bus and were immediately ready to build their gingerbread creations.  Paityn worked on a house and Cameron a train.  They’d been waiting all week but with so much going on they had to wait until after school on Friday to begin.

Proud babies!

They, first, constructed their projects and let them dry while we ate dinner.  After dinner they decorated their respective ‘buildings’ with a little help from Nana and Papaw.  They did a great job and had a good time too.  They couldn’t wait to start eating them once Momma and Papa got home and to see them first.ZackWe spent the rest of the evening watching Christmas shows, playing Cat’s Cradle (Paityn’s gift from St Nick) and making & flying paper airplanes (Cameron’s gift from St. Nick).  It felt good to not go anywhere!

Paityn & Auntie Amanda playing Cat’s Cradle

We spent Saturday afternoon at Dan and Amanda’s since it was our last day in town and we wouldn’t see everyone until probably May.

Don’t forget that on Saturday, Paityn had a birthday party to go to at Gymfinity.  After dropping Paityn off at the party the rest of us went out to dinner.

And on top of all of that….don’t forget…Performance Trailer Braking was still in business so we were fielding phone calls and emails all week as well.  Thankfully, it’s our slow time which helped tremendously.

Zack and Kelsea arrived back home about 9:00 pm on Saturday night and the kids stayed up to get hugs before heading to bed.

Home is where the heart is

We caught our flight out of Milwaukee, with a stop in Minneapolis and arrived in San Antonio about 30 minutes before our scheduled landing.  We picked up our luggage, Michael called Lyft for a ride and we walked outside to our waiting car.  We ended up arriving home about 6 minutes after our flight was originally supposed to land.  It was awesome.  We unpacked, ordered a pizza to be delivered and then relaxed for the rest of the night.

Would we do it again?  You bet your sweet patootie we would!






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Historic Castroville, TX

We took the day on Saturday (11/24) to go and explore Castroville, which is about 25 miles east of Hondo.

Visitor’s Center

Our first stop was at the Steinbach Haus Visitors Center which is in a building that was originally built in Alsace, France in the 1600s.  The home was dismantled (its built with pegs) in 1988 and stored and then gifted to Castroville in 1998.  For three summers volunteers from Alsace came to Castroville to assemble the building and finish it off.

It’s fairly small but has two stories and is quite interesting to see.  It’s furnished with furniture that was sent/donated from France to make it that much more authentic.

We picked up a walking tour map of many of the area homes and set out for that when we left the visitor’s center.  There we 60+ stops on the tour so we decided to drive it rather than walk as it would have taken us a LOT more time than the 3+ hours it took us to drive it.

The guide shows the year the home was built, current owners, address and then a write-up about the building’s history.  We really enjoyed it as its fun to see the different types of architecture in an area and much of this had a German influence.

St. Louis Catholic Church

One of the stops on the tour was at the St. Louis Church which also has a small tour inside that you can participate in, which we did.  The tour takes you around the church describing the people depicted on the stained glass windows, as statues, etc.

A little over halfway through the tour, the tour crosses the highway and we took a brief break to get something to drink and to stop at Haby’s Bakery…an Alsatian bakery with lots of goodies.  We’ve been to many different bakeries (German, Italian, French, etc) and this was similar…however, we did each pick out a couple of cookies to snack on.

Could be very calming if it weren’t for the traffic overhead.

The first stop after our break was at the Landmark Inn, a state Historic Site with several buildings on the premise including a gristmill (in quite a bit of disrepair).  The main building houses a bed & breakfast, small museum and gift shop.  We watched a video that gave some of the history of the place and then wandered a bit before heading outside to check everything out.

The Landmark Inn is situated along the Medina River where there is a man-made dam…which is a very pretty setting.  There are a few grills and tables down there for picnickers to enjoy.


The river must get pretty high at times as there was a flat bottom boat wrapped around a tree…way up off the ground.  Pretty sad.

The ‘walking’ tour ended right next to our next stop…Dziuk’s (pronounced Jooks) Meat Market.  Friends, Mike and Tina, had recommended we stop…so we did.  It’s similar to the Opa’s Meat Market in Fredericksburg, which we like so much.

Yummy! Can’t wait to try it all.

We picked up a few things to try:  chicken cordon blue, chicken Caliente (bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with cheese & jalapenos) and sausage sticks.  And also tried their specialty…Parisa.

Parisa (pronounced ‘Pah-ree-sa’) is similar to something you might know as Cannibal sandwiches, Steak Tartare or Ground Round.  Parisa is ground round, cheese and onions.  It’s served on saltines or by itself.  At Dziuk’s you can also get it with jalapeno’s.  We tried it without jalapeno’s and while it wasn’t bad…it wasn’t anything we’d buy but would eat if we were somewhere that was serving it.

Monday we were back in San Antonio for a couple of doctor’s appointments.  I had a GYN appointment at BAMMC (or SAMMC…whichever you prefer) which is the Army hospital/clinic on Ft. Sam.  Before my actual appointment I had some blood work done and also tried to see if I could get in for a mammogram.  The mammogram will have to wait until we are back in town next year, this time as they were booked until January and we’ll be gone by then.

Michael in the hot seat

Then it was over to the other side of the city for Michael’s appointment with his primary provider at the VA.  The person he saw last time is gone so he got a temporary person who neither of us were pleased with…thankfully, she’s only temporary.  She did however, order a back x-ray to check on the progress of his degenerative disc disease as his back just seems to get worse and worse, causing him more and more pain.

Chicken fried steak

Finally done with doctor appointments we headed northwest to Bandera as we were meeting Mike & Tina at Brick’s River Cafe.  A nice, cozy place with plenty of seating and if it were light enough out we might have been able to enjoy the view of the river.

Southwest chicken & fried green tomatoes

We all got something different:  Michael, chicken fried steak, Mike, seafood platter, Tina, vegetable platter and me, Southwest chicken.  Michael and I also ordered Devil’s on Horseback (Gulf shrimp w/Monterey jack & jalapeno wrapped in bacon) as an appetizer.

Everything was very good.  Tina and I each had a cup of cream of squash soup…and it was delicious!  The bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer was awesome.  I’d recommend the place.

We really enjoyed our visit too…so much so that we’re already talking about meeting up in Fredericksburg next month after Michael and I are back from Wisconsin and Mike and Tina have changed locations.

Michael and I are moving to Ft. Sam on Thursday 11/29 and then flying to Wisconsin on Friday (11/30).  We’ll be staying with Paityn and Cameron while they’re mom and dad head off to the Dominican Republic to enjoy some time with Kelsea’s family.

It’s been a LONG time since Michael and I spent a week alone with little folk.  Little folk that have LOTs going on.  (Don’t forget their puppy siblings, Oakley & Maggie!)  We may need a vacation when we come back to Texas…but we’ll love every second of being with them as well as their cousins and their Uncle Dan and Auntie Amanda.






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Peacocks and Turkey

There was an ice cream social at the community room on Sunday evening (a weekly event) and a friend we know from the oil field (Peggy) invited us to meet her there.  Since we’d never met in person, we thought it was a good excuse to go enjoy some ice cream.

As ‘visitors’ we were asked to introduce ourselves…which I let Michael do.  🙂  Afterward we enjoyed some ice cream and cake too.

Card Bingo

After the ice cream social the group played card bingo, we watched for about 1/2 an hour or so before heading home.  Neither of us had ever played or seen the game played…seemed easy enough and something the we could handle.

We found we were out of propane and thankfully on Tuesday a local propane company came by and filled any tanks that needed it.  Michael took our tanks out and placed them in the specified location before we headed into San Antonio for appointments.  When we came home that evening they were full.  $40 for our two 30 pound tanks.

I had an appointment with a new provider on Tuesday afternoon on Ft. Sam.  We switched from Tricare Standard to Tricare Prime recently and I am now allowed to see providers on military installations as well as network doctors off post.

This appointment was mostly just to establish myself as a patient and get my meds refilled.  I really liked everyone I saw.  I was given a flu shot and told to get a mammogram and fasting blood work, which is all planned for before we leaving the area at the end of December.


We also made stops at the commissary and PX as well as at our mailbox.  Both Andrew and his girlfriend, Juli, were there so we got nice big hugs from both.  We chatted for a while and were introduced to Andrew’s new employee, Chris, who works three days a week so that Andrew can get some time away.

Trying to avoid a bit of rush hour traffic (which didn’t happen) we stopped at Capo’s Pizza for dinner.  We were there about a year ago and really enjoyed it….and we did this time too.  The pizza is delicious and the garlic knots are wonderful.

Papaw making a face for Paityn.

Wednesday we were back in San Antonio for Michael’s appointment with his Sleep Medicine doctor who ordered some tests (ct scan of his lungs & a pulmonary function test).  Hoping to get those out of the way before we leave the well.  We were in and out of the VA Hospital in about an hour which is almost unheard of!  He also got a flu shot and I made sure to get a ‘good’ picture of him getting the shot for our granddaughter, Paityn, who had asked the day before if I was a crier while getting a shot.

This isn’t even half of the birds that were around…there we several more up in the tree…outside the yard and behind the vegetation!

After his appointment we had a couple of errands to run before heading back home.  We let Google show us the way from the VA to the next stop and it took us through the back streets where we discovered a ‘herd’ of peacocks.  At first we saw about six near the street in someone’s yard, not fenced.  But as we started to drive away we found the real ‘herd’ in the next yard over (fenced).  There had to be 25 or more total…7 or so of which were males.  Most were on the ground but there were about 6 or so that were roosting in a tree.  It was really pretty cool


Back home, I made a pot (Instant Pot) of Broccoli Cheese Soup and some crusty bread for dinner and we ate it while relaxing in our new theater seat watching TV.

Back in 2009 we spent our first Thanksgiving alone since the Army had moved us to Montgomery, Alabama and the boys were on their own.  We started a tradition of going to two movies and having dinner out.  We’ve done it every year since if it’s just the two of us.  We did the same thing this year.

Nice seating in the VIP area for the second movie.

We saw, Green Book and Widows.  We both really enjoyed Green Book as it’s a story based on true facts.  It was serious yet had enough humor stirred into keep it from getting too serious.  The story is basically about a white man chauffeuring a black piano player around the deep south in the 1960s…obviously a bit unusual at the time.

Widows on the other hand kinda kept us wanting more.  A story about the widows of 4 thieves who were killed following a heist and how the man who they stole from wants the women to repay what their husbands stole.  It just needed more…oomph.

The Thanksgiving Menu

We had dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy a place we had never been but I think we’d go back.  They offered a family style meal with several choices to choose from.  We had ham, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, Tuscan creamed corn, butternut squash ravioli, rigatoni, 2 different salads…there was definitely enough food as we brought home 2 bags of leftovers.  Plus we each got dessert.

Barely got it all on the table!

Everything was very tasty…the only thing I didn’t care much for was the sauce served over the ravioli…a bit too sweet or something…couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  The butternut ravioli itself had very good flavor though.

It was a pleasant surprise to find Maggiano’s open.  We normally go to a Ryan’s or Golden Corral as when we first started our tradition there wasn’t much of anything else open.  Each year it seems there are more and more restaurants open…which is nice for in one way but in another I’d like to see places closed to ensure that the workers are getting time with their families.

We had left the house about 9:00 am and didn’t get home until roughly 9:00 pm so we were pretty pooped…and we went straight to bed to do some reading before turning the lights out.

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Fun Discovery!

Our first day in Hondo was spent running errands in San Antonio.  Michael had to have blood drawn at 8:00 am so we left shortly before 7:00 am but should have allotted more time as we didn’t end up arriving to the clinic until 8:15.

Oh my…good stuff!

From there it was time for breakfast so we headed to the Blanco Cafe to enjoy some yummy Chilaquiles    (mixture of eggs, tostadas, Serrano chiles, onions, tomato, and topped with cheese).  We stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago and usually end up there for breakfast after Michael has to have a fasting blood draw done.

Then is was off to our mailbox…and favorite postmaster, Andrew!  We were surprised to see that Andrew’s fiance, Juli, was there too!  We got big hugs and chatted a bit as we had a lot of catching up to do!  We’d accumulated quite a bit of mail & packages over the last couple of weeks in anticipation of being back in San Antonio so we didn’t have anything forwarded.

We made a couple of stops at stores to make purchases and returns and ended our trip into San Antonio with a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes.  We’d seen the preview for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ a while back and have had several friends that have seen it and enjoyed it so we were really looking forward to it.

It didn’t disappoint.  The soundtrack, of course, was awesome and the story line (based on true facts) was very interesting.  While I know most of the Queen hit songs…I didn’t really know much about the band itself or Freddie Mercury…other than he was quite flamboyant and died of Aids related illness.  We both enjoyed the movie and would recommend seeing it.

Guests in our new home!

Friday we received a surprise treat from friends we met this summer at the Redwood rally in Shipshewana.  Mike and Tina messaged us saying they were in Castroville and wanted to stop by!  Michael and I raced around the house trying to make it presentable before they arrived about 45 minutes later.  We a very nice visit catching up since we last saw them in August.  Of course, we should them around the new digs and discussed getting together in San Antonio while were all still in the area.


I did a search on Roadside America to see if there was anything nearby to check out and hit pay dirt!  Less than a mile from the park is the ruins of St. Dominic’s Church.  I kinda like to surprise Michael with these things so I don’t normally tell him where we’re going…just have him follow directions to each destination.  This time was no different and I got my reward when we drove up and he said, ‘ohhhh cool’!

Killed by Indians…

Not only were we rewarded with the ruins of the church (built in 1868 and abandoned in 1914) but there was also a small cemetery next to the church!  We roamed the cemetery, reading gravestones, many of which were in German, for quite a while.  Michael found that the oldest person was born in the late 1700s…that’s a LONG time ago.

Good for me…not so much for Mikey

For lunch afterward we stopped at Billy Bob’s Hamburgers in Hondo before heading to the grocery store.  (Never go to the grocery store hungry!)  Michael ordered the Billy Bob’s Special burger which is basically a normally burger and he had cheese added to it.  I ordered a Fried Egg Burger…a  bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on it.

Michael wasn’t pleased as soon as he received his burger since the bun wasn’t toasted and by the end determined that he’d had better (Gonzales Burgers, Rosa’s Hamburger Stand etc).  I enjoyed my burger…the egg was fried perfectly…nice and runny…although I would agree that we’ve had better burgers elsewhere.

We took a walk around the park and checked out the ‘community room’ and met a woman (Sharon) who’s been living here 22 years!  Her husband passed away in May and they’re having a memorial for him on Monday.  She was very welcoming and told us about all the highlights of the park.  They have a HUGE library, large kitchen, small area for crafters to sell their wares, an area for donations, pool tables, shuffleboard set ups, game areas, etc.  Very nice place.  We still have 11 days left here.


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We Flew the Coop!

Taking the old coach away so we could pull the new coach out and hit the road.

Tuesday 11/13

After a week living in the T&S parking lot…we finally hit the road!  While everyone (Tim, Tex, Ashley, John, Albert, etc) were wonderful to us we were both anxious to hit the road and set up in a park somewhere and really get to ‘know’ our new home.  If you’re ever looking to purchase a Heartland RV or a used SOB (some other brand) we’d highly recommend that you check out T&S.  They’ll treat you right!

We had planned to stay at Lackland Air Force base (southwest side of San Antonio) for a couple of weeks as they don’t take reservations and we didn’t know how long we’d be at T&S.  I called several times to see if they had any room and never got an answer to my phone calls the morning that we left.  I called a friend who stays there quite often and had been there recently and found that there had been no room at the ‘Inn’ when they tried to stay there the week prior.  Hmmmm…we decided to deviate from the original plan and find something else.

I called a couple of local parks and found prices ranging from $660 to $893.47 (for 16 nights!)…holy smokes!  Michael remembered that there was an SKP park in Hondo (about 45 miles west of San Antonio) and suggested I try there.  We’re SKP members but have never stayed at an SKP park so were not sure how things worked.

I called the park and got a hold of a very helpful young lady who informed me that they did, in fact, have room for us for 16 nights and could fit our 44.5 foot coach!  (we grew from 40.6 feet!) Annnnddd…the price would be $55 for the first week (1st timer special!) and $110 for the second week (plus electric).  Who could say no to that!?

Fueling up at Buc-cees

We had a nice, uneventful drive.  The coach did not fall apart of explode…thank goodness!  (yes, I’m still nervous about this whole thing!)  We made a stop about 1/2 way through our 240 mile trip. at Buc-cees…our first since being back in Texas.  It was time for a potty break and to get some lunch.  Michael had his usual brisket sandwich and I had a made to order turkey club…both were very good and we ate them on the road as it was getting late in the day.

San Antonio rush hour traffic wasn’t bad at all but the setting sun was terrible!  There were points where we could barely see the road!  Sunglasses and visors did little to help.

Alamo Area SKP Park – site 93

We pulled into the SKP park (Lone Star Corral) about 5:30 pm.  The office was closed (which I’d known) but we were met by one of the camphosts who was expecting us.  He helped us get our packet and then led us to our site and helped us get backed in.  From what we could see (it was getting dark) it’s a pretty darn nice park.  The sites seem to be ‘owned’ and then rented out when the owners aren’t in residence.  Everything is nicely manicured and many of the ‘sites’ have ‘out buildings’ of some sort.  We’ll learn more once we get the lay of the land.

After getting backed in and leveled (wow, was that easy!) Michael hooked up the sewer hose (we needed to dump!) and the electric while I went inside to start letting slides out (five of them!)  One of the first things I noticed was that the pantry door was open.  I kinda figured that the entire contents of the pantry shelves was going to be on the floor since we hadn’t yet fashioned a barrier to keep it on the shelves while we were on the road.  I had taken somethings off the shelves and set them on the floor to alleviate a little bit of a mess.

Not too bad…I expected MUCH worse!

What I found was that everything that I had set on the floor had shifted enough to open the door and it all spilled out into the kitchen.  Surprisingly, the only things that actually fell off the shelves were 4 boxes of storage bags of various sizes.  Everything else was still on the shelves!  Score!  Now once we get something in place for travel days we’ll be golden!

After getting all of the slides out and looking over the rest of the house we found that very little had moved during travel.  Michael was a ‘happy camper’ when all he had to do to get the satellite dish set up was to push a button!  We invested in a roof-mounted dish that allows for the push of a button and it goes to work.  It stands itself up and then searches for the satellites and locks in on them.  Voila!  No more messing with a tripod and meter to get TV.  While most places he didn’t have much trouble getting it set up some places (Ft. Sam being #1) were a real pain in the hiney!

After getting settled in we both sat down in our respective ‘offices’ and did some work that had accumulated over the day.  We were done in about 45 minutes and were able to relax in our new theater seat (still miss the old one!) and watch some TV before calling it a day.

We are here at the SKP park until 11/29, when we’ll move to Ft. Sam until 12/29.  It’s time for our annual doctors appointments…which begin right away!

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Moving Day Has Arrived

Tuesday 11/6

Everyone thinks I should be excited…and I guess I should be…but…so far…not so much.  There are just so many things I’m not thrilled about:

  1.  Lack of carpet
  2.  Rig paint color
  3.  Lack of space on the sides of the bed
  4.  Having to leave our awesome theater seat behind
  5.  Storage for my pots and pans
  6.  There’s more….just not going to continue

Our old coach positioned in front of the new coach for easy transfer.

We got to T&S about 9:30 and after signing paperwork and getting the old coach situated so that we could move things from one to another it was probably 11:00/11:30 before we actually got the first boxes moved.  We worked until about 6:00 pm when our bodies were so tired we couldn’t go anymore.

We got the living room, bathroom and fridge/freezer contents moved over and pretty much unpacked and put away.  However, I’m sure that things will move around some until they find a permanent home.  We also brought the bedding over so that we could sleep in the new coach as there was no power in the old coach and it was still near 80 at bedtime.

Wednesday 11/7

We were awake about 6:30 am, made the bed and I did some PTB work before we each and a kolache and 1/2 an orange for breakfast.

Getting moved in

Michael and I got most everything moved over to the new coach, including much of the basement.  We still had some odds and ends inside the old coach but a lot of it was to go into the new pantry that was being built.

The pantry/laundry room mod didn’t get a whole lot further as Tim had a sick child at home to deal with.  However, between he and Tex they did get our washer and dryer moved over from the old coach to the new coach.  They got it in place and hooked up but still had to secure it in place.

Thursday 11/8

I was kind of at a stand still with things I could do until the pantry is finished so I concentrated more on PTB than moving.  Although, I did get the last few bits of stuff out of the old trailer.

Pantry shelves almost done

Michael worked on getting all of the things he’d put into little hidey holes all over the trailer as well as switching out the RVLock on the old trailer and putting the original door lock back on.  He also tried to switch out our ‘fancy glass’ in the door.  Unfortunately, the new coaches door window is bigger than the old so we won’t be able to bring our ‘fancy glass’ with us.

Tim did a great job working on the pantry…he got 6 shelves in place and just needed to trim them out.  It took him a while to get his momentum going…but once he did it came together pretty well.  The problem was that the walls had strange angles and weren’t square so he did a lot of measuring and re-measuring and made several prototypes before actually building anything.

Cousins dinner

We were blessed to have dinner with Michael’s cousin, Clinton and his wife T’Shana.  They live in Bryan and made the 25ish mile trek down to Navasota to meet us at Las Fuentes.  Clinton is the son of Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Frances who we visited a few weeks ago in Canton (and brother to Jeannie who we also met with a few weeks ago).

We had an excellent meal with great conversation and then had them follow us back to T&S so that we could show them the old and new coaches.  We realized it had been 9 years since we’d seen each other at Michael’s Dad’s funeral…definitely can’t wait another 9 years to get together again!

Friday 11/9

It started raining in the wee hours of the morning and continued until about mid-morning.  With everything wet and muddy the day got off to a slow start.  Though Michael did get down on the floor in the bedroom to check out underneath the bed to see if there was room to put the pump for our Sleep Number bed and to see if he thought that the Sleep Number and the new bed that raises and lowers would be compatible.  He thinks they will so we’ll be switching out the two mattresses.

Completed project!

We’ll most likely sleep on one of the pull out couches in the living room for a few nights when we leave here until Michael can get the Sleep Number bed all set up as he’ll have to do a couple of modifications first.

Tim was able to complete the pantry/laundry room project.  Now we have to get something put up for travel days so that everything doesn’t end up on the floor.  We’re thinking some sort of cargo net that can easily be put up and taken down on days that we travel.

Saturday 11/10

Working on the TV that had been rubbing on the woodwork

Tim worked off our punch list…though there wasn’t really much on it…which is a good thing!  Things like:  a cabinet door that wasn’t closing properly, a bathroom drawer that wasn’t closing properly, bedroom shade that had a small hole in it, no heat coming out of the living room vent, TV rubbing on the entertainment center…all things that were easily fixed.

We have a couple of bigger things that we’ll need to have fixed a Heartland next summer:  front ac is supposed to have a heat pump but doesn’t, a misaligned basement door that will mess up the paint if/when fixed.

In the afternoon we ran away to College Station…we’d never been and needed a few groceries.  (Woohoo!  HEB!) We also made a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some fridge storage bins and bathroom shower organizers.

I was hankering for some hot & sour soup (it was only 45ish outside!) and Tim recommended Chef Cao’s in College Station.  Cute little place with very good food….and HUGE portions.  We have enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals each.

Sunday 11/11

We had a fairly quiet day.  T&S was closed so there was no one coming in and out of the new coach doing work.  In between rain drops we moved our Sleep Number mattress from the old coach into the new coach.  We originally thought we’d leave it behind as we didn’t know if it would work on the new bed as the new one’s head raises and lowers but Michael did some investigating and thought it would work so we gave it a try…and it works!  Hooray!

Monday 11/12

Watching from the living room window while the generator gets moved over

T&S moved our old generator over to the new coach and also installed our backup camera onto the new coach.  After installing the generator we found that we couldn’t start it from inside the coach using the ‘mother board’ just inside the front door.  The guys did some investigating and found that that portion of the board was bad…so they took one out another coach and put in ours.  Tada!  Now we could start the generator from inside the coach.

About a half an hour or so after they left I decided to turn off some of the lights inside the coach as when the guys are working they use the ‘master’ switch that turns on/off every light in the house using the ‘mother board’.  Well…I couldn’t turn off the lights individually…I was only able to turn them all off or all on.  It was all or nothing.

Tim came over to take a look and between he and Michael they finally got things squared away…but not after a LOT of trial and error.  The ended up getting the original board and taking the part for the lighting from one and the part for the generator from the other and combing them to make a fully functioning board.


I guess I should revisit my concerns from the beginning of the move and see how I’m feeling now after having moved into the new coach and lived in it a few days.

  1.  Lack of carpet – still not a fan at this point…but need to get out of this dirt parking lot before I make a final decision.
  2.  Rig paint color – I guess it kinda grows on you.
  3.  Lack of space on the sides of the bed – Absolutely HATE this…and there really is no way to improve on it other than going to a queen size mattress.
  4.  Having to leave our awesome theater seat behind – Still sad.  But it is what it is.
  5.  Storage for my pots and pans – I found some…but time will tell.
  6.  There’s more….just not going to continue.  – Overall it’s not as bad as I thought.


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South Texas Heartland Rally

We moved from Tyler down to Montgomery, Texas on Tuesday 10/30 in preparation of our south Texas chapter rally for the Heartland owners club.  Michael and I are the chapter leaders so this was our rally to organize and host.  The rally didn’t actually start until Thursday but people started arriving on Monday and they trickled in all week.

We got checked in easily and escorted to site 35 (the first site as you come in) which is a bit short but we made it work.  The site is right across from the rally hall so that worked out nicely.

We got together with Jay and Stella for dinner at a Chinese Buffet in Conroe our first night.  We had a lot of catching up to do as we hadn’t seen them since May at the rally in Branson.  Jay and Stella are the region directors for our region so in essence they’re our immediate ‘bosses’ so we have to toe the line when they’re around…ha!

Discovered this handy storage area as we did another check through the new digs

Wednesday Michael and I drove over to T&S RVs to check on our new coach…again and to discuss the open house that they were having for our rally that coming Saturday.  Still not sure how I feel about the new place…lets hope that changes.

Brisket, ribs and sausage

That evening we met friends (Jim, Jay & Stella, and Terry & Carol for dinner at Yo Mama’s…a bbq place that Jim and scouted out.  Two brothers, Kelvin and Kennard (Kenneth Bernard) made the whole visit worthwhile for me.  What a couple of nice guys!  Between the six of us we tried most every meat (ribs, brisket, sausage, burnt ends) and while most everyone else really enjoyed everything I only really cared for the burnt ends and some ribs that Kelvin had taken off the smoker early for us to try.

It started raining while we were at the restaurant and continued for quite a while…even producing a tornado watch.  While it got pretty windy for about 20 – 30 minutes that was the worst of it.

I was in awe of the beautifully hand carved wood on this 1920s hearse.

Thursday morning we had organized a group to travel into Houston to visit the National Funeral Museum.  We had about 20 attend.  We wandered the place for about an hour and a half.  Some really interesting stuff to be found, for sure.  The hearse that carried Ronald Reagan, a murder/suicide coffin (which was never used), tributes to celebrities no longer with us, funeral customs from around the world, an area dedicated to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It would be a place Michael and I would go back to as we didn’t take the time we would have like to this time.

Lunch for 20

Afterward, we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch as a group before all heading our separate ways.  Michael and I made a pit stop at Sam’s to pick up supplies for the rally before heading back home.

That evening we had a Pie Meet & Greet.  We furnished 14 pies (pumpkin, pecan, apple, blueberry, chocolate cream & chocolate latte) for those attendees who had already arrived.  We had a really nice turn out and met a lot of new club members.

One of the club members arranged to have a young man who plays guitar and sings country western music perform for us and boy was he good.  He played for a couple of hours before traveling back to Dallas.


Friday morning about fifteen of us chose to participate in a craft class that Nancy put together.  She comes up with the cutest, easiest things to create!  This one involved wine corks turning in to Thanksgiving Turkeys!  So fun!

Everyone in this picture…for as far as you can see…are newbies!

That evening was the traditional potluck dinner and with 45 rigs in attendance there was a LOT a food to go around.  Michael and I provided sliced ham and rolls and the attendees brought all kinds of ‘fall’ sides to go with it.  We had lots of desserts too…plus plenty of pie left from the night before!

We had a 50/50 drawing, several door prizes, Jim B and Jay spoke about upcoming get-togethers and rallies.  It was a good night.

We had a small group that hung out in the rally hall to play Mexican Train and a few that chatted for a while before going home.

Saturday morning we met with Jim, Jay & Stella and Gus & Debra for breakfast at the Montgomery Steakhouse (recommended by Kelvin at Yo Mama’s).  We had a nice breakfast to start off the very busy day ahead.

Delicious meal!

T&S offered to do an Open House at their place…opening all of the coaches, providing door prizes, special pricing, etc.  Tim & Tex and their crew even provided dinner for all of us….and talk about delicious.  We had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls.  We arrived about 2:30 pm and didn’t leave

The Gang’s all here!

until 6:30 pm.

Our new coach was open to the public, as well, and we spent a lot of time in it…checking things over…AGAIN…as well as welcoming our friends into our new abode.  I’m feeling a bit better about the new coach…but still having lots of doubts.  We’ll see…

We opened the rally hall up about 7:00 pm (after we were all back from T&S) and put out all the remaining pies and ice cream and finally got them all finished up!  Several people hung around and visited until nearly 10:00 pm while the Mexican Train Gang was back at it again.

Breakfast Bunch

Sunday, our last rally day.  Michael and Jim left about 6:45 am to pick up 10 dozen donuts to go with the yogurt, juice and fruit we’d already picked up a couple of days before.  Jay started the coffee pot about 7:15 and by 7:30 we were open for business.

We actually had a very nice turnout for breakfast.  People stopped by to say their goodbyes before hitting the road.  Jim left about 11:00 to head to the airport and a small group of us hung around until 11:30 ish…just chatting and enjoying our time together.

Michael and I put things away when we got home and then both took a much needed nap…not a normal thing for us at all….but it felt SO good!

Happy Birthday, Gus!

We made plans to converge at Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner about 4:00 pm and to help Gus(tavo) celebrate his 69th birthday.  We had 12 for dinner and ended up having to wait about an hour before our two tables were ready.  We made sure that Gus ‘got in the saddle’ and was sufficiently embarrassed.

We were home shortly after 7:00 and promptly went to bed.  I wanted to finish the book I was reading so I could give it to Stella before the pulled out in the morning.  Michael did some ‘surfing’ before he turned out the light.




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North Texas Family Visit

With only about 200 miles to travel we pulled out of the Caddo River Access RV Park in Glenwood on Sunday about 9:20 am.  Our GPS took us a different route than we’d ever traveled before and we both really enjoyed it.


We headed west on US 70 then picked up AR 27 in Kirby through Murfreesboro and Nashville (‘d never been to either place so that was fun!).  We picked up AR 355 at Mineral Springs which took us to I30.  A beautiful drive with lots of farms, cows, and colored leaves…my kinda drive!

We had planned to stay at the Five Star RV Park in Tyler (Passport America) but when we arrived it was a bit on the questionable side, the owner wasn’t around but showed up as we were trying to call him.  He kinda stood around wondering where to put us (I’d called a couple of weeks before and been told I didn’t need reservations) and we decided to just head over to Tyler Oaks RV Park, instead.  We knew it was a decent place and hoped they’d have room.

Tyler Oaks had room…but just barely.  There were only 4 sites left and only one of those was a pull through…not a necessity, but nice to have.  We paid for our two nights and then made our way to site 73 with no issues.

We had one more teenager with us…but she was hiding behind her Mama.

We got settled into our site and had a couple of hours of down time before we headed over to Canton to meet Michael’s cousin, Jeannie and her family for dinner at Jerry’s Pizza.  We ordered Michael’s favorite (ham, pineapple, green pepper, onion and double cheese) and it was really good…the crust especially.

We’d not met Jeannie’s husband, Robin, yet and hadn’t seen her kids (O.C., Tasheena and Dante) in 3 or more years and at 6, 14 and 15 they had grown considerably!  We had a wonderful time getting to know Robin and catching up with Jeannie and look forward to the next time we can get together.

Me and Uncle Kenneth

We haven’t needed to use the air conditioning in weeks…but when we touched down and hooked up to the power the ac came on right away…perhaps because it was 85 degrees out??  Yikes…welcome back to Texas.

Aunt Frances seems a bit shocked by whatever Michael is showing her!

Monday was our normal crazy busy day but we topped it off with a visit with Michael Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Frances and some delicious BBQ.  We met them for dinner at Baker’s Ribs in Canton (one of our favorites).  We had a yummy meal while visiting and then went over to their home afterward to visit a little more.  We treasure these visits as they’re far and few between.

Our Heartland rally is coming quickly (one that we are putting on) so we made a stop for a few needed supplies and will have to make a visit to Sam’s once we get down to the Houston area as well.  So much to do and so little time!

Now it’s off to Conroe, Texas to join some friend who are already there for the rally and welcome others that arrive after us.


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Family, Friends and Lum Ed’dards!

Sunday (10/21) was our first full day in Glenwood and we started it by catching up on PTB work in the morning.  That afternoon we went over to Michael’s mom’s to visit.  Our friend, Brock, had told us that the Senior Center in town was doing a ‘Thanksgivingish’ meal for the community so we stopped there and picked up 4 meals to take over to Alice’s.  The food turned out to be pretty tasty too.

Monday we met Brock and Tammy for lunch at the Pizza Shack and as usual we had a wonderful visit.  It’s one of those friendships where there’s never a lull in the conversation, everyone gets along well, we have similar views and we can poke fun at each other and no one is offended.

After lunch Michael and I went back home and back to work as Monday’s are always busy for us.  We ended up working until almost 7:00 pm…but we got most everything taken care of that need to be taken care of.

Tuesday we worked from home in the morning and then ran a couple of errands (propane refill at Plyer’s and dropped off some donations at the Helping Hands store in town) before heading over to Alice’s for the afternoon.

We still had work to do when we got to Alice’s but we were able to visit while we worked.  I made dinner for the four of us (Chicken & Rice-a- Roni Casserole) before Michael and I headed back home for the evening.

Wednesday we did our work in the morning and then headed into Hot Springs for a date!  First thing on the agenda was to visit Greenwood Cemetery…the final resting place of Chester Lauck (Lum Eddards (it’s actually Edwards – but he says Eddards) from the 1930s – 1950s radio show, Lum & Abner)!  I was so excited…it’s the little things, you know?

It was a large cemetery and we had no idea where to start looking.  Michael’s mom suggested we stop at the monument shop across the street and see if maybe they knew where to loo as there is no office at the cemetery.  That’s what we did…and she was right!  The gentleman gave us directions right to the spot!

Lum, his wife and two children are all buried alongside a creek that runs through the cemetery.  It could be a peaceful place but it also runs right along 7th Street, which takes away some of the tranquility.  Nevertheless, we paid our respects and now will have to hunt down Lum’s buddy, Abner, in California!

The second item on the day’s agenda was a movie.  We went to ‘Bad Times at the El Royale‘ which had a 7.4 IMDB rating.  It was kind of strange but certainly kept me interested and wondering what was going on.  If you’re into a little different and a mysteryish type of movie you might enjoy it too.

After dinner we went out to dinner at Cajun Boilers.  I was looking for something we hadn’t had in a while and seafood/Cajun did the trick.  The restaurant was kinda in my old neck of the woods (near where I lived with my mom & stepdad way back in the 80s) and was established the year Michael and I married (1985).

I ordered a jumbo shrimp platter which came with 16 glorious, delicious shrimp as well as a salad and baked potato.  Yummy to say the least but WAY too much food.  We’ll share a platter next time.

Michael ordered the salmon plate which he could have done 4 different ways – he chose Cajun style and while it had a little heat he enjoyed it.

Thursday morning we had a breakfast date with Michael’s friend since birth (nearly) Cherie.  We met at 8:30 just across the street from the RV Park at the Caddo Cafe.  Michael had Huevos Rancheros while I had I had the Caddo Breakfast (2 eggs, hash browns, bacon and 1 biscuit and gravy.   Both the food and the company were enjoyable.  Conversation ranged from our grandchildren to our parents to our children and everything in between…as usual.  Before long we had to part ways as Michael and I had some work to do and Cheri had plans to drive to northern Arkansas.

That afternoon we picked Alice up and headed into Hot Springs.  First we ran a couple of errands and then took Alice to a doctor’s appointment.  The doctor was running an hour to an hour and a half late (which we didn’t find out until after Alice was taken back).  We ended up leaving the clinic two hours after her scheduled appointment time.

Then it was time for a little pampering.  We treated Alice to a mani/pedi and Michael and I also got pedicures.  Mary’s Nails and Salon turned out to be a really nice place…large with lots of chairs and workers so that we had no wait at all.  We’ll definitely go back when we’re in the area.

We finished up just in time to head over to the Hot Springs Bathhouse Dinner Theater as we had tickets to see Driving Miss Daisy.  Previously named, Five Star Dinner Theater, this was our third visit but our first under new management.

The buffet before is quite large with lots of offerings (Chicken and gravy, sausage, brisket, fish, ham, wings, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, rice pilaf, three bean salad, potato salad, corn, green beans, squash & zucchini, California blend vegetables, salad, dinner rolls & various desserts).   The food was surprisingly good too.

The play and the actors were very good and made Michael and I want to see the movie again.  The only flaw all three of us found was that they didn’t use any microphones at all so it was quite hard to hear at times.  While the theater isn’t large, we were in the last row and the woman who played Daisy’s voice got softer as she aged which wasn’t good for those with hearing issues (Michael & Alice)…or those who didn’t have hearing issues (me).

Friday morning we got quite a bit accomplished (took our mattress cover & quilt to the laundry mat, got the tires put on the new rims and onto the trailer, replaced the propane tank, did a couple of loads of laundry at home and packed some boxes for our upcoming move).  And of course….worked on PTB stuff….that’s just a given.

Later in the day we headed over to visit with Alice for a few hours before coming back home to relax in our recliners and watch some TV before calling it a day.

Saturday (10/27) was our last day in Glenwood and we spent the majority of the day with Alice at her home.  Though we did accomplish several pre-move chores before heading over to Alice’s about noon.  I made dinner (Maid-Rites or loose meat sandwiches, whichever you prefer) for the four of us and after visiting for a while longer we headed home to get a good nights sleep before hitting the road toward Texas.


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