Two Weeks With Our Loves

Posted by on May 13, 2019

We pulled out of the Caddo River Access RV Park at 8:06 am and pulled into the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston, Missouri almost exactly 8 hours later.  We made about an hour stop for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.

Just a little rain.

About the time we were ready to head over to Lambert’s for dinner the bottom felt out and it poured.  We waited for it to slow down some before we headed out.

Still raining…

There was no wait when we got to Lambert’s so we were taken right to a table.  We enjoyed our meals, as usual, and had plenty to take home with us for future meals.

We planned to travel to Bloomington, IL and spend the night before making the final leg of our journey.  However, we had a change of plans as snow was predicted for the following day and we didn’t want to have to try backing into Zack’s driveway in a mess.  So about 1/2 an hour before hitting the road we decided to drive the entire 515 miles.

The drive actually went very smoothly.  We made minimal stops and didn’t even have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen…instead we picked up some lunch and ate it while continuing our drive.  Lum and Abner helped to fill the time too!

Safely tucked away for 2 weeks

We arrived at Zack and Kelsea’s about 6:00 pm, got parked, had dinner that Kelsea had waiting and then visited for a while.  Dan, Amanda and their trio stopped by so we got hugs from them too.

We did, indeed, beat the snow.  It started snowing the following morning about 9:00 am and continued all day…big flakey flakes.  Probably about 4 inches or so total…but most of it melted the following day.  Whew!

PTB was crazy busy for the two weeks that we were in Wisconsin…seemed like we were always working.  But we did make sure to fit in time to see each of the grandbabies participating in the activities.

Paityn & Zoe stretching

Both Paityn and Zoe are in gymnastics so we were able to watch a couple of their practices (they’re there at the same time, which was helpful!)  They both amaze me at how well they do…and Zoe follows direction so well.

Bennie playing defense

Ben is playing soccer.  We were able to see two of his games.  He’s come a long way with listening and following direction.  He stayed on task the entire time and there was no ‘zoning out’.

Alex getting a hit!

Alex is playing baseball.  We were able to watch him play one game…sadly, his second game was rained out (better than snow!).  We really enjoyed getting to watch his game (my favorite sport).  He got a hit and played several different positions (trying things out) and even got to field the ball.

Cameron, isn’t in an activity right now…but we got to spend some one on one time with him while his sister was at gymnastics.

One morning not long after arriving I was in ‘my office’ working when there was a ‘double bump’ to the slide I was sitting in…thinking either Zack or Kelsea were being the punks that they normally are and banging on the slides, I yelled ‘Knock it off!’ and waited for someone to come inside….and I waited…and waited…no one ever came in.

The Walking Dead….starring Zack!

Then I heard some moaning going on outside.  I got up and went to the door to find Zack lying on the ground, hold his head and moaning.  I told him to ‘knock it off, as that wasn’t funny’.  But then I looked a bit more and saw that his phone was lying on the ground and his shoes were off.  I yelled for Michael to come (I was still in my pjs).

To make a long story short.  Zack had been looking at his phone while walking and walked into the corner of one of our living room slides.  He actually hit twice…once on the top of his head and then right above his right eye where he received a cut.  He had a nice scuff mark on the top of his head as well as quite a goose egg.

Kelsea took him to the clinic where they put some steri-strips on his cut and sent him home.  He had actually knocked himself out for a short while (that’s why it was so quiet after the initial ‘bump’ that I felt) and quite a headache for a couple of days.

These goofs love spending time together

We all got together a couple of different times.  Dan and Amanda had us all over for grilled steaks and games.  It was a nice day so the kids all played outside on the swing set for a while and then later settled down inside to watch movies.

Go Brewers Go!

We all drove to Milwaukee to take in a Brewers game on Cinco de Mayo.  The roof was open and the sun was hot and our seats had no shade.  The rest of the crew braved the sun but Michael and I moved a few rows back to sit in the shade.

Turned out to be a good, close game with the Brewers pulling out the win with a score of 3-2.  We always enjoy a good Brewers game and hoping we can get to another one this summer.

While we didn’t spend Mother’s Day with the boys, I was given wonderful gifts by both.

What a beauty!

We don’t use our propane stove/oven so I wanted a cover to go on top of the stove top to set my induction cook tops on and to keep the stove top clean.  Zack built a cover out of various woods that goes right over the top and it’s awesome!

No pictures of us…but here’s the cream brule! LOL

And Dan took me…just me…out for dinner to Johnnie’s Italian Steakhouse.  It was SO nice to have time alone with my baby.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chatted about whatever we felt like….very little PTB…gotta get away from that every now and again!  We even got dessert!  Creme Brule for me!

I’ve been so blessed throughout my life and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Before we knew it, it was time to hitch up and move on down the road toward Michigan where we’ll be attending the Michigan Grand Design rally in Birch Run.

Delicious brisket!

But…we had one last get together.  This time at Zack and Kelsea’s for a smoked brisket dinner.  Macaroni & Cheese, Italian pasta salad, creamed corn, green beans & corn bread rounded out the meal.  And for dessert?  Unicorn cupcakes!  Delish.

Girls enjoying a little wine…

Once again, while the babies played outside and then watched a movie the adults played cards…this time it was Canasta…Michael and I partnered and sucked.  LOL…but, there were no arguments, only laughter and that made it all worthwhile!









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