Pop Up Project!

Posted by on April 25, 2019

Pulled out of the Cleveland County Fairgrounds at 9:00 am on Thursday 4/18.  We took smaller roads and enjoyed the views…cows, farms, horses.

We followed rain all the way to our destination although we only got rained on (for just a little bit) about 45 minutes from our final destination.

We made about an hour stop for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen in Somewhere, Oklahoma.  Just a small park at the intersection of two roads with a couple of picnic tables.  We were the only ones there and it was a little on the chilly side so we ate our lunch inside.

We made it to the Caddo River Access RV Park in Glenwood about 4:30 pm.  Got backed into a site easily enough, unhitched, got things up and running inside and then were off.  We grabbed some grub for the road and headed over to Mike’s moms for a visit.  We ended up visited for several hours before getting back home about 8:00 pm.

We received a new converter while we were at the warehouse and Michael was able to install in Friday morning.  It took less than 30 minutes (including emptying the basement and placing everything back in) and we were back in business.

Eggs so fresh Mikey had to clean the poop off!

We got a surprise visit from our friend, Cherie, Friday afternoon.  We visited for a little while before she had to head home to cook some dinner and we had to get back to work.  The sweetheart even brought us fresh eggs from her sons chickens!

The Barnett family

That evening we had invited Michael’s mom, niece, brothers and cousin to join us at the Fish Nest for dinner.  There were eleven of us in all and it was nice to have everyone in one place, which doesn’t happen very often.

Saturday Michael started working on building a ramp off the front porch of Alice’s house.  She uses a walker these days and without the ramp she can’t get out to her front yard to water plants, weed etc.  She asked Michael if he could put something together for her.

Corey using his muscles

Alyssa removing all kinds of screws

Alyssa helped him on Saturday by removing a ton of screws from an old ramp that he was hoping to reuse some of the boards for but didn’t end up using them after all but he was able to reuse a lot of the screws.

On Sunday, cousin Corey helped by digging some trenches for the new ramp to sit in so that Alice would have a smooth approach to and from the porch using the ramp.

Monday was all work…no play.  Boo!

Tuesday we did some work in the morning and then Michael rain some errands (haircut and picked up propane and Quikrete) while I stayed home to get some ‘home’ stuff done.

Long time friends

That afternoon we met with Cherie and her husband, Bill, for an early dinner at El Diamente in Glenwood.  We don’t get to see Bill very often so this was a special treat.  We had such a good time visiting and catching up.

Time to screw down the decking

After dinner we headed over to Alice’s so that Michael could put down a concrete base for the ramp to sit on.  While he worked, Alice and I sat outside on the front porch and visited.

Wednesday we met our friends, Brock and Tammy, in Hot Springs to enjoy lunch at World Buffet.  Tammy is my ‘Chinese Buddy’ as we both love it.  Brock and Michael went to school together and got into mischief together as kids though I’d never met Brock or Tammy until a few years ago but we’ve become good friends.

Completed ramp

Afterward we ran a few quick errands and then headed back out to Alice’s to visit and finish work on the ramp.  Michael really did a nice job and it looks great and works well for Alice who tried it out right away.

We were home about 8:30, giving me time to do some work, pack the following days lunch and do some move prep as we were hitting the road the following more….final destination….GRANDBABIES!



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