Touching Base in Norman, OK

Posted by on April 19, 2019

Brrr!  It was cold hitching up to leave Amarillo!  39 degrees…with a ‘feels like’ of 20!  Plus it was WINDY!  My flip flops didn’t quite cut it!  🙂

The Leaning Tower of Groom

Not long after leaving Amarillo we came across two interesting sites along the interstate.  Our friend Rachel had told us about them so we were on the look out.  Both were in the small town of Groom Texas.  The first was a large cross located at an area the church…similar to others we’ve seen during our travels.

The second one was what is referred to as the ‘Leaning Tower of Groom‘.  It’s a water tower that never met code so someone bought it and decided to use it as a ‘landmark’ and make it lean.

Car parked in the way

We pulled out of the Big Texan RV Ranch about 9:00 am and headed west on I-40 toward Oklahoma.  It was time to check in at the warehouse.  We pulled into the Cleveland County Fairgrounds about 4:00 pm and found only one site that didn’t have an RV in it.  It was a 30 amp site…but we can make do with that.  However, someone had parked a car in the spot.  Since they don’t take reservations and there is no saving spots we just pulled in next to the car and hooked up to power, electric and sewer and assumed that whoever was using the site as a parking lot would move the car when they realized an RV had moved in.

About 9:00 pm that night we heard people outside and assumed that the people were back and would move their car.  I could tell they were complaining so went outside to find out what the issue was.

Two men (one elderly, the other a little younger than us) were checking out the hook ups and told us that we were in their site.  We disagreed.  They had a receipt (that they waved around constantly) saying they’d paid for the site and that the car was saving the spot and asked if we had a receipt.  We told them that the normal procedure was to go to the kiosk, take an envelope, fill it out with site information, add payment and drop it back in the box.  No receipt involved.

Snuggled into the whole site after the car moved.

They insisted that we move…we told them no…that we’d paid for the site and were in it.  They called the police.  After a lengthy wait it was determined that we’d stay in the site (they had to move the car so that we could scooch over further into the site).  They were found another site around the corner.  Two hours of our night…wasted.

I’ll just bet that whatever person in the office allowed them to pay in advance and park their car in the site got a talking to.  We had a couple of other people here in the park tell us they’d tried to do that and were told ‘absolutely not’.

Friday we spent the day at the warehouse.  Both Alyssa and Preston were there so we got caught up on all things PTB.  I invoiced several customers and did my normal work while Michael piddled around in the shop, spoke with customers on the phone and worked with Alyssa to determine the best way to utilize the space in the warehouse as it’s getting fuller and fuller all the time.

Good stuff!

After work, Michael and I went out for dinner.  We tried a new place, Sam’s Southern Eatery and were very pleased.  Being Lent we both went with the 6 piece jumbo shrimp dinner (came with 8 shrimp!) which came with two sides.  Michael went with fries and cole slaw and I had fries and green beans.  It also came with 2 hushpuppies which were pretty spicy.  The shrimp was excellent and more than we could eat…will make some alterations they next time we go.

Saturday was spent at home…doing nothing…and it felt SO good.  It rained all day and well into the night.  It was cold and gloomy and perfect to have the fireplace blazing all day.  I hung out in my jammies all day and cleaned up the DVR of several TV shows that I was behind on.

Pretty view

Sunday the sun came out and we ventured out.  First to Furr’s to enjoy their breakfast buffet.  After breakfast we took a drive out to Thunder Lake State Park.  While staying at the fairgrounds while in Norman is convenient (4 miles to the warehouse) it’s getting harder and harder to get a site since there are so many ‘permanent’ people staying there.

We’d been told that the state park had full hook up sites and since it wasn’t too far away (about 15 miles) it would be a fairly easy commute.  It turned out to be a pretty drive and the park had nice views as well.  We saw several sites that were long enough to accommodate this new monster of ours.  Not sure if we’ll stay there though as there were quite a few low limbs and we try not to get the coach into tight squeezes.

Alyssa receiving a pallet of shipping supplies

Monday it was back to work at the warehouse.  Business has picked up so much that we decided that we needed another fulltime person in the warehouse. I met with a young man who was looking for fulltime work.  He happens to be friends with one of our installers and has helped him with several installs so he has some knowledge of disc brakes which is great.

Busy crew working to get orders out.

Everything worked out just perfect and the stars were aligned just right and we were able to have him start the following day.  He dove right in, using the new press we purchased for the shop.  He used it to remove 9/16 inch studs from 4 hub/rotors and then used it to insert 5/8 inch studs back into the hub/rotors for a customer.

Things went very smoothly while we were at the warehouse.  Michael got some things that he needed to take care of done while we were there.  We discussed some new shelving options for better storage in the warehouse.  It was a good visit.


Our last night in Norman we took the crew out for dinner at Kendall’s in Noble.  Just a small restaurant but their claim to fame is chicken fried steak.  They have one of those food challenges where if you eat so much (and make yourself miserable) you get your meal free and get honored.  None of us participated…but three of us did enjoy the chicken fried steak, while two others had the fried catfish and the fifth went with a chicken breast sandwich.  Very good and I wouldn’t mind going back.

Thursday 4/18 we headed out of Norman at 9:00 am…headed for Arkansas and a visit with Michael’s family and our friends.



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