Tombstone, AZ in a Day

Posted by on February 19, 2019
We pulled out of the Fortuna de Oro RV Park in Yuma on Monday 2/11 about 9:20 am….after messing with the hitch that did not want to close.  We have a Trailsaver TS3 Air Ride hitch and have had no problems with is over the last 7.5 years so this was unusual.  Michael got out the WD-40 and squirted the jaws of the hitch down really well and we tried again and the hitch jaws closed perfectly!

Pit stop between Yuma and Ft. Huachuca.

We arrived at the Apache Flats RV Park on Ft. Huachuca Army post about 3:30 that afternoon.  We got checked in very easily and made our way to site 1…our home for the next two weeks.  Ft. Huachuca is just outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona.

We took the following days to just stay home.  We got a lot of PTB work done as we have a couple of rallies coming up in March that needed to be wrapped up.  PTB is getting busier and busier where we’re not just selling disc brake kits but also upgrading axles and suspension systems.  Something that the original owner didn’t concentrate to heavily on but we’ve really started to highlight.
With no ‘adventures’ to take us away from home we were able to relax and also get more ‘home’ stuff done.  Mostly little jobs like putting the new step covers on the steps, adding a hanger for a dust mop I picked up at the QZ show….etc.

Busy cleaning up wiring etc.

Michael was able to get into the basements are start ‘remodeling’ to his liking.  Re-running pex to make more room, re-situating some equipment that was installed strangely and hard to get at, etc.  This is the kind of stuff that he loves to do…so he was definitely in his happy place.

Later on in the week we did run away.  On Valentine’s day (our 34th together) we went to see ‘Cold Pursuit‘ and also went out to dinner.  We both really like Liam Neeson so it was only fitting that we see this movie…however, it wasn’t the normal Liam Neeson movie though.  While it was the normal bad guys vs good guys it was also comedic…a little too silly in some places but we still enjoyed it overall.
Since our weekends are fairly quiet we spent Saturday in Tombstone..which is about a 25 mile drive from Fort Huachuca.

Boothill Cemetery

We started our visit at the Boothill Cemetery and enjoyed walking row by row.  Admission is $3.00 and when you pay you’re given a small pamphlet that provides a listing (row by row, grave by grave) of the inhabitants…many are ‘unknown’ but others give the person’s name, date of death and cause of death.

Check out those causes of death.

We wandered for well over an hour…thankfully we had nice weather.  Down the hill from the cemetery is a Jewish memorial/cemetery as well.  The main cemetery has a small section for Chinese as there was a fairly large population of Chinese who moved to Tombstone during the ‘Silver Rush’.

The Bird Cage Theater

The remainder of the day was spent walking up and down the streets of ‘Old Tombstone’.  We visited the Bird Cage Theater & Museum (a bit pricey at $14 each) but it was quite interesting to see the remnants of the old theater (built in 1881) as well as relics from days gone by.  The original piano is still in place…can you believe it?  The self-guided tour was especially enjoyable as we could take our time and

The balcony still had the original wallpaper (peeling off the walls), drapes, etc…kinda eerie

Much of the original furniture and props were still in place which made it very interesting.  The table where the ‘longest poker game’ took place is in placed, covered with bills and coins tossed on it by visitors.  Several ‘bordello’ rooms are viewable and visitors who take pictures are often rewarded with ‘orbs’ or ‘apparitions’ in their photos…me….not so much.

$25.00 for 1 month….that’s pretty steep!

Did you know in those days prostitution was legal in Arizona?  The ‘ladies’ even had to have a license to ‘sell their wares’.  LOL  The license seemed to run anywhere from about $4.80 to about $25.00…not sure what the difference was….different services??

The Longhorn Restaurant

We had lunch at the Longhorn Restaurant (chicken fried steak & hamburger steak) which turned out pretty good.  We each had a margarita too….prickly pear for me, green iguana for Michael….they were pretty darn good too.

One of many reenactments done on the street in honor of vigilante days.

It just so happened it was ‘Vigilante Days’ so there were a lot people running around in period costumes and there were skits going on in the middle of the street all throughout the day.  We watched several but wouldn’t have seen anything else if we stayed to watch anymore.

Smokey pic!

We, of course, stopped by the OK Corral and checked out the various happenings:  Blacksmith working on some projects, Fly’s photography studio, a prostitutes ‘crib’, a staged gunfight with dummies for gunslingers.

The ‘dummy’ gunfight

We also watched ‘Historama’ a show narrated by Vincent Price that details the history of Tombstone.  While it was a bit ‘hokey’ it was actually pretty interesting and we both learned a lot from it.

Cowardly Ike McLaury caught in the act of running away from the gunfight.

After cruising around all of that it was time for the OK Corral Gunfight reenactment.  The gentlemen that acted the parts of Wyatt Earp and his ‘gang’ along with the Clanton’s and McClaury’s did a great job and really made it fun too.  We’d highly recommend this adventure – at $10 for everything it really wasn’t a bad deal.

Historic Tombstone Courthouse

One thing on our list to see was the Courthouse, which is registered as a state historic site.  We were so busy running from here to there to see this reenactment or that reenactment that we totally forgot about it until after they closed for the day.  Guess we’ll just have to go back!

We had a lightish dinner at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.  The place was pretty busy.  The food was ok…nothing special.  We each had a sandwich (cheese steak for Michael, panini for me).  By this time we were both pretty tired and food just didn’t quite hit the spot, I think.

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