First Spa Treatment for the New Coach

Posted by on February 4, 2019

Fortuna de Oro – Site 1007

We are set up at Fortuna de Oro RV Park in Yuma.  This park was recommended to us by Heartland friends, Mike & Edythe and has turned out to be a very nice park.  It’s HUGE with hundreds of sites, lots of activities, two pools, an onsite barber & beauty shop (which we took advantage of) and so much more.

We are on a corner site which is nice…but our 45 foot coach is really crammed into the space….but we make it work.

Spa time!

There are all kinds of RV service people floating around the park…all the time.  Wash/Wax crews, propane companies, RV techs, etc.  We took advantage of one of the RV crews and had the truck and coach washed and waxed for $135….can’t beat that!

I found a couple of Roadside America adventures to check out.  Two were here in Yuma and fairly close together so we visited them one afternoon when or work was done and we had a couple of errands to run.

Surrounded by lettuce, cabbage and mountains!

The ‘Tiny Church‘ was built by Loren Pratt in 1995 on the edge of his farming land.  Built in honor of his late wife, the church was flung 60 feet during a storm in 2011.  The family repaired the church that has six tiny pews that hold twelve people.  I believe that services are held at the church on Easter Sunday and it is often used for weddings.

McPhaul Bridge

Less than a mile away sits the ‘Bridge to Nowhere‘.  Built in 1929, the bridge spanned the Gila River.  In 1968 the bridge was determined to be unsafe for modern traffic so the river was diverted and a new bridge was built…leaving this bridge ‘ high and dry’.

Michael had to get a closer look…I think this was Romaine lettuce.

Interestingly enough, we found out that this area grows a LOT of lettuce, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables.  It’s quite strange to see desert all around you and then to happen upon fields of lush, green lettuce and/or cabbage growing in beautifully straight rows.

The day after we arrived (Tuesday) in Yuma we dropped the truck off at the Ford dealer to get the issues that weren’t addressed in San Antonio back in December.  The dealership had it four days and got everything taken care of (front end shimmy, two new tires, new brakes and an issue with the DEF heater).  We were very impressed with the service adviser we worked with.  A nice little plus was that we didn’t even have to pay for the rental we had for those four days.

We squeezed in a movie…The Upside…and what a good movie it was.  The only complaint would be that they wrapped the entire movie up in the last 15 minutes of the movie and it just felt kind of rushed.  Other than that….go see it!

Da Works minus the mushrooms

We enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner (bruschette as an appetizer!) at Da Boyz.  It had great reviews and Michael had been hankering for some pizza for a while.  The food was great and so was the service.  Our server was very sweet and thoughtful.  We arrived just before 5:00 pm, which was perfect…no wait at all.  By the time we left just after 6:00 pm, there were people all over waiting for a table.

We helped Sandra celebrate 19 years of painting by purchasing this beauty she created before our eyes….no brushes…just scraps of paper, plastic bags and her hands.
She gave us free Margaritas…and they were DELICIOUS!

We spent an awesome day in Los Algodones, Mexico.  The weather was gorgeous for strolling around the streets checking out the wares of the many vendors.  We purchased a couple of Christmas gifts, some hats for Michael, a lightweight jacket for each of us and a couple of pieces of jewelry for me.  We also purchased some yummy prawns for dinner that evening (and some to freeze too).  Oh yeah…and we picked up some meds – some muscle relaxers for Michael’s back issues and also some Z-packs for just in case.

This is what was over our heads as we enjoyed lunch, the music and a Margarita (way strong!)

We had lunch at an outdoor restaurant (El Paraiso) that had live music – which was very enjoyable to listen to as well as watch several people go up and dance.  It was kinda fun as several vendors roamed around the tables showing off items for sale.  We’d pretty much already purchased everything we needed so we didn’t buy anything from them.



Los Algodones, MX

We really enjoyed Los Algodones as it had more ‘shopping’ area and was cleaner than Progresso.  Not once did we fell unsafe…actually have felt much more unsafe in places like St. Louis and Chicago.  Plus, there were police strolling all about.

We have one more week here in Yuma and have plans for a couple of outings yet.  We really like it here and will definitely come back.


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