Quartzsite, Arizona

Posted by on January 31, 2019

No…I have not been abducted by aliens, run over by a bus or quite blogging.  We were just SO busy during our time in Quartzsite we barely had time to breathe let along blog.

Let me give you a quick ‘catch up’ and then we’ll continue as usual.

Holiday Palms RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ

We arrived in QZ (Quartzsite) on January 9th and stayed at the Holiday Palms RV Park for a week.  Sites were kinda tight but we managed.  The park was quiet which was nice.

We attended the Grand Design rally that was held that weekend out in the desert on BLM land.  We’d been to the same rally last year by luck and were invited back this year.  Great group of people.  We had several installs scheduled during the rally and made several sales during the rally as well.  Michael drove out to the rally area each day to meet with customers and talk with Dennis who was doing the installs.

Michael also did a seminar for the group and had a really nice turn out with lots and lots of interest and questions.  We ended up having to move out of the tent to answer questions as we ran over time and needed to make room for the next presenter.


We took a couple of drives (23 miles one way) to Blythe, California to pick up items at the UPS terminal, to pick up groceries and to enjoy some pretty darn good Chinese food.

Part of the reason we arrived in Quartzsite so early was that we wanted to be able to take a walk around and check out all of the various vendors outside of the RV Show.  That didn’t work out as planned as we only got about 2 1/2 hours one day to do a little ‘shopping’ and it rained for about a good half hour of that time!

Then to top it off…Michael lost his wallet at the end of the day.  We were VERY pleasantly surprised the next day when we went back and found that someone had turned it into the office…with everything in it!

One of the highlights of our time in Quartzsite was being able to get together with three of our installers (Dennis and Josh & Heather) for dinner.  We met at the Quartzsite Yacht Club (yep…in the middle of the desert!) and had a really nice time visiting.  We’d come nearly full circle with these three as we met them all a year ago at Quartzsite.

Dennis was an established installer with PTB when we took the company over and we met Josh & Heather at the Quartzsite Show and brought them on as installers.  Dennis was kind enough to train them at his ranch after they finished working at the show last year.

Open for business!

On January 16th we moved to the show grounds and were there for the next 12 nights.  We arrived on Wednesday and the show started that Saturday which gave us plenty of time to get our ‘booth’ set up and watch as the other vendors moved in.

The first few days of the shows were crazy busy but thankfully slowed down to a much easier pass the rest of the week.  We really did well with sales…many of which were customers that saw us at the Grand Design rally the weekend before and came by to ‘seal the deal’.

We chose to be on the ‘sunny side’ of the tent this year.  Last year we were in the shade and froze the entire time.  However, this time we couldn’t get away from the sun.  We were plenty warm but finding shade was hard.  Michael ended up getting sunburned lips (don’t use Blistex and then stand in the sun for hours on end!) so badly that he had blisters.  Poor guy learned a lesson the hard way.

You can be sure that we’ll be back in the shade next year and be layering on the clothes!

Hard to see all of the pallets of water but this gives you a small idea of the amount of product they had.

Right across from us was a company that was selling water infused with CBD oil.  We were entertained the whole week as they went from having pallet upon pallet of water brought onto the midway and deposited onto their site only to have it all removed the very first evening after the show closed for the day.  It seems that it was repossessed.  Lots of different stories going on…and who knew who to believe but it sounds like they didn’t pay for the water and whomever they bought it from repossessed it all.

There was no way they would have sold all that they had anyway…at $9.00 a bottle…or $7.00…$5.00 or $3.00…just depended on who you spoke to on what the price was.

They also had some oils and beauty products they were selling that they must have actually paid for that they were able to sell but I don’t think any of it went over well either.  Anyway…it was quite entertaining for us….and most everyone else around us too.  LOL

Tom & Marty!

We had lots of customers stop by to introduce themselves…which was awesome.  We know their names but not the faces so when we can put a face to a name it’s so much nicer!

We also had several friends stop by…Arvin and Vicki stopped by for a short while but we were so busy we barely had time to say ‘hi’.  Toward the end of the show when it was slower Tom & Marti stopped by.  It was so good to see them as we hadn’t seen them in well over a year.

All in all it was a good show…busy…hot…lip blistering…but good.  The show closed on Sunday 1/27 but we stayed until Monday to let the majority of the vendors fight their way out.  By the time we left at about 11:00 am on Monday the place was cleared out.  It was unbelievable to us to see the garbage left behind by the vendors….just slobs.  Wow!

We didn’t. have far to travel…just 75 miles to Yuma where we’ll before for 2 weeks.  We’ve never been to Yuma and it sounded like a good place for some R&R.  We still have work to do but we won’t have to juggle it with 9 days of a 9am – 5pm RV Show.

I have a few ‘adventures’ in store for us while we’re in Yuma…so stay tuned!



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