Fort Stockton, TX & Deming, NM

Posted by on January 2, 2019

We finished up the last of Michael’s VA appointments on Friday morning.  By a fluke we found out he has a hernia.  An incisional epigastric hernia to be exact.  Caused by gall bladder surgery he had done in 2008.  It doesn’t really bother him but we’ll have it looked soon.

Ft Stockton RV Park – site 4

We set sail about 8:30 Saturday morning, headed for Fort Stockton, Texas…just over 309 miles.  We like to make this stop as our friend, Herb, is the manager of the Fort Stockton RV Park.  So we were hoping to visit with him as well as make a pit stop. Unfortunately, he had gone out of town for a few days so we didn’t get to see him this visit.

Roadrunner Cafe Menu

The park has a small cafe that we usually have dinner at and also breakfast the morning that we depart.  This visit was no different. We were at the cafe after 5:00 (when the open for dinner) and had an enjoyable dinner (Michael – chicken fried steak, Me – hamburger steak).  Both were good as usual.  And of course each meal comes with either vanilla or chocolate Blue Bell ice cream…yum!

It was so cold that when we got back home (we were parked right across from the cafe) we went straight to bed to snuggle under the covers.  We watched an episode of  ‘Station 19’, did a little reading and turned out the light by 8:30!

We were awake about 6:30 but laid in bed snuggled under the covers until 7:00ish when we got up, made the bed, got dressed, brought in the slides and then headed over to the cafe when it opened at 7:30.  We had a nice hot breakfast while perusing the news on our phones and then headed back home to hitch up and hit the road.  We pulled out of the Fort Stockton RV Park just about 8:30.

Kelly’s Kitchen

Both days we stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen for lunch.  Saturday we ate or salads in the truck cab as we couldn’t get the steps (hate these steps!) to lower enough so that we could close the door to the coach.  Sunday we were parked on a level enough area that the steps weren’t in the way of closing the door so we at in the coach at the dining room table.  I will say that I do love my kitchen nook…nice big windows placed low enough that we can see outside while we dine.

Roadrunner Park – Site 65

We pulled into the Roadrunner RV Park in Deming about 3:00 pm, got checked in, settled in our site (65) and cranked the heat (only 35ish outside) and then headed over to the China Restaurant for an early dinner.  This is the third time we’ve been to this restaurant…in three visits to Deming…it’s that good.

We’ve ordered the same dishes each time and have tons of leftovers to gorge on for several days – hot & sour soup for me, egg drop for Mikey.  Egg rolls for me, cheese puffs for Mikey.  Strawberry chicken for Mikey, Vegetable chicken for me and pork fried rice to share.  Oh so yummy!

We had planned to eat dinner there on New Years Eve but found out that they were closed so we made a change in plans and went a day early since they’ll be closed on New Years day too.

As we were eating dinner on Tuesday, I noticed an older man outside his trailer acting kinda weird. He was kinda piddling but strangely.

I sent Michael over to see if he could help him with something. Michael was with him 10 minutes or so and came home and told me to call 911 and then went back over to stay with him.  I called 911 and then went over to help. He was very disoriented, confused, incoherent.

Police & EMS

Police and ambulance arrived and found the same as us and decided to take him to the hospital to check him out. He became very combative when they tried to get him on the stretcher and it took three men and one woman all they had to get him on the gurney and handcuffed to it.  The police officer thought that he may have had a stroke…which was my thought as well.

Two police cars were at his place at 7:00 am Wednesday morning.  I’m thinking they were trying to lock his trailer as we weren’t able to lock it when they took him to the hospital.  We haven’t heard anything more but do know that he has not come back to his trailer.

We had planned on leaving Deming on Wednesday but were expecting snow between Deming and Tucson and decided to hang out an extra day as we didn’t have any reservations anywhere anyway.

While it did snow in Deming…nothing really stuck but according to the internet, roads were kinda iffy.  It was cold, cold, cold so we stayed inside with the fireplace, furnace and heat pump going.


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