Making It Our Own

Posted by on December 27, 2018

PTB has been pretty quiet which was nice as it gave us time to get some chores done around the new coach.  Slowly the new coach is becoming home.

Much more organized

We’ve done several organizational projects like adding office organization trays to the big drawer in the entertainment center which helped immensely with being able to find things easily.

Organization is key in small places

We also added baskets in the bathroom linen closet to help with organization as well as to help keep everything from floating all over the cabinet while traveling.  Since the bathroom is in the very back of the coach there’s quite a bit of movement back there while in motion.

We also added a few storage bins in the residential refrigerator.  Since the fridge is so much larger than our old RV fridge there’s lot of extra space which isn’t necessarily a good thing when traveling.  Now that some of the things are contained within bins we’ll have less to worry about on travel days.


We also added a few helpful mods in the pantry/laundry room.  A hand hook to hold the broom off of the floor, a plastic bag holder also went on the wall out of the way.

Cargo net in place for travel!

Plus, Michael added a couple of hooks above the door inside the pantry so that I can hang the cargo nets that we’ll be using to keep everything on the pantry shelves during travel.  It’s awesome and works really well.



Ta da! A new throne for the new palace!

We added a Dometic 320 toilet in the bathroom.  We’d installed one in the old coach and really liked it so we went with the same thing this time too.  Michael ordered it from PPL and got a good deal.  He had it shipped to our mailbox so it was waiting when we got back from Wisconsin.  Andrew (our mailman) messaged us when it came in and said, ‘Yay!  Now I know you’ll be back soon!’.  LOL


New door catch

Michael has also done countless small projects:  added outlets and usb ports on either side of the fireplace, hung a magnetic spice rack next to the stove, added a magnetic door catch to the bedroom door to help keep it open…just to name a few.

How fun is that?

When you purchase a Heartland Landmark 365 you also get a personalized light sign for the side of the coach.  You can personalize it however you like and many use their last name.  We decided to go with our nickname, ‘2psnapod’.  If you’re unsure of what that is….you read it as ‘Two Peas in a Pod’…that’s us!  We started calling ourselves that when Michael was in Iraq (2006/2007)…since we always seemed to say (type) the same thing at the same time while we chatted online.

Don’t think it’s been all work and no play around here!  We’ve found plenty of time for fun too.

The cast of Boogie Woogie Christmas

Fort Sam has a theater on post (the Harlequin Theater) that put on a Christmas show called Boogie Woogie Christmas.  We attended the performance on the 15th.  It was a good way to get into the spirit of the season…listening (and participating) in Christmas carols.

We also saw, A Christmas Carol (the musical) at the Roxie Theater on the 23rd.  I think it’s the smallest theater we’ve ever been to and the play was different from the traditional story but it was fun and cute.  The actors who played Scrooge and Bob Cratchit really did an excellent job…acting and singing both.

There was also a little girl of about 3 who played Cratchit’s daughter, Martha, who had me mesmerized.  She didn’t have a speaking part but she sure new the songs…even when she wasn’t supposed to.  LOL

Dinner on water

I’ve always wanted to go down to the San Antonio Riverwalk during the Christmas season and this year we made sure to make time to do just that!  We strolled around for a while, then had dinner at the Original Mexican Restaurant…sitting outside along the river.

Michael’s little buddy

The food was ok…nothing special but the company was wonderful.  Including the duck who kept pecking at Michael’s leg because he wanted more tortilla chips!

Fun! I’d do it again!

After dinner we took a boat ride along the river.  It was a very enjoyable ride as the boat captain told us about certain things along the way and pointed out various landmarks.  The entire cruise was made even better as the trees and buildings along the way were lit with Christmas lights.  The cost of the cruise was $9 (military) for about 35 minutes or so…worth it in my book.  It was the perfect way to end an already wonderful day.

We have also taken in a several movies over the last couple of weeks.  We watched ‘Instant Family’ with Mark Wahlberg and we both really enjoyed it.  The day we went to the Riverwalk we started the day with a movie at the Riverwalk Center AMC.  We saw ‘The Mule’ with Clint Eastwood.  I didn’t watch many of his movies from his younger days…but some day I may just have to do that because I absolutely adore him in his golden years.  At 88 years old he is just absolutely awesome!

Christmas Day we opted for our traditional double feature.  This year we saw ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘The Favourite’.  We both enjoyed Mary Poppins as it was quite similar to the original…with a guest appearance by Dick VanDyke even…who’s 93….can you believe it!?!

The Favourite…well…that was a different story.  While it was based on the true story of Queen Anne of England it had some content that was just kinda out there.  Not that it was a bad movie…just not one of our favorites for sure.

Before heading to the movie theater we had lunch at Furr’s Cafeteria where they served a traditonal Christmas feast (and had other things as well).  We didn’t have to wait in line at all since we arrived shortly after they opened.  We sampled several dishes and took our time since our first movie didn’t start until 1:30 pm.

The truck has been at the Ford dealer since the 18th.  It needed an oil change and we also had a ‘check engine’ light on that needed to be addressed.  We’d stopped at an O’Reilly’s to have them check the issue and were told it had something to do with the DEF heater.

We got word on the 20th that the oil change had been done and they were still hoping to get the other items addressed before we have to leave on the 29th.  By the 27th we gave up and picked up the truck and will try to get the rest of the issues addressed while we’re in Arizona.  Apparently, when you make an appointment at Jordan Ford it’s not an appointment to have work done…it’s an appointment to get it line to have work done.

There she goes….

We made a trip over to T&S RVs after Christmas to switch out our screen door for another as the one we had gave us problems from the beginning and eventually Michael realized that the screw holes were stripped out which kept the hinge loose which prevented the door from closing properly.

While we were there we witnessed our old coach leaving the property with is new owner.  We didn’t meet the gentleman but were told he was very excited…which says a lot since he traded in a 2018 Hideout for our 2011 Landmark.  It was a bit bittersweet to see her go…but I’m glad she’s got a new home.

Michael has one last VA appointment (just a CPAP check) tomorrow morning and then we’ll be pulling out on Saturday morning.  We’ll be heading toward Arizona with several stops along the way…the first of which is to see our friend Herb at the Fort Stockton RV Park.







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  1. crpeine

    Bummer. We are arriving in SA on our way to Mission… the same day you are leaving. Safe travels!

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