What a week!

Posted by on December 12, 2018

The clouds were so fluffy I couldn’t not take a picture

On Friday 11/30 we hopped a Delta flight that took us to the freezing cold of Wisconsin so that we could stay with two of our grandchildren (Paityn and Cameron) while their parents flew off to the Dominican Republic to bask in the warmth.  See anything wrong with this picture???

Miller Park as seen from the visitor’s dugout

Zack picked us up at the airport in Milwaukee and drove us the two hours back to their home in Mount Horeb…although not before stopping at Miller Park to check out the Brewers Clubhouse Sale.  Zack found a few things and I picked up a 3 pack of socks with ‘Milwaukee Brewers’ printed on them.

Shortly after getting to the house we all climbed into the car and drove to Barneveld where we met the Verona Barnett’s (Dan, Amanda, Alex, Ben & Zoe) for dinner at Glacier Ridge Pub & Grill…a new place none of us had ever been.  Most everyone had fish (Dan had steak) and it was ok…but not the best by any means.  Dan’s steak, a tenderloin, had to be sent back because it wasn’t good to desired temp and was super fatty.  The salad bar was kinda pathetic and was out of most everything (very few people at the place) and we had to wait for them to fill it.  All in all…probably not a place we’d go back to.  You win some, you lose some.

All so busy creating masterpieces

Saturday Nana and Papaw took all five grandbabies to Fired Up! Pottery in Madison so that they could each pick up and paint a piece of pottery.  The ‘Mama’s & the Papa’s’ tagged along and Zack and Kelsea ended up painting their own projects too.  The babies did great on their pieces (Paityn – small jewelry box, Alex – cereal bowl, Cameron – puffer fish, Ben – Santa plate, Zoe -butterfly dish.)

The pieces were supposed to be ready to be picked up in 7-10 days but ended up being ready in 5…so we were able to pick everything up on Thursday.  Everything turned out so good…the babies should be so proud of their work!

Fun & tasty lunch

Dan has been wanting us to try a place called Mod Pizza for a while so after finishing up at the pottery place we all headed there for lunch.  What a different and fun kind of place.  It’s kinda like a Subway but for pizzas.  You go down an assembly line having the employee add your favorite cheeses and toppings to a pizza crust (single serving or larger) and at the end they pop it in the brick oven.  They also do the same thing for salads.  It turned out very yummy and I’d go again, no problem.

Zack and Kelsea left in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday so we woke up to having to be responsible adults caring for a 5-year-old, a 7-year-old, a yellow lab and a chocolate lab for a week.  Eeek!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Dan and Amanda’s house visiting.  The five cousins played in the play room while the adults played a new game…one of those strategy types that I usually suck at but ended up winning this time!  Woohoo!  Go me!

Picked up from school and smiling!

Monday started our true test…could we get the kids up, fed and on the school bus and survive!  Don’t forget having to let the dogs out of their kennels, let outside, fed and let outside again.  We did that all week with success.  Plus, making sure that they wore hats on ‘hat day’, library books went back when they were supposed to, gym shoes went to school on gym days, snacks were packed in their back packs, etc.

Paityn’s flippin out!

Now throw in having to pick the kids up from school three days a week (M, W, Th) and get Paityn to her 3 hour-long gymnastics practice on time.  Making sure that she had her gym bag with all of its necessities and Cameron’s ‘keep him from being bored bag’ with it’s necessities with us when we picked them up, for them to use at the gym.

Keep in mind that Dan flew to NYC on Tuesday and Amanda works Tuesday and Wednesday so to help them out we watched their 3 (Alex, Ben & Zoe) those nights.  So on Tuesday night, Amanda brought her 3 out to Mt. Horeb and on Wednesday we watched everyone (except Paityn who was at gymnastics) at Dan and Amanda’s house.  Whew!

Pizza chefs in the making!

Having them all actually went very well.  Tuesday they made their own DIY pizzas and were all very proud of how tasty they were.  We also watched several Christmas movies I’d recorded so it was fairly peaceful.

On Wednesday, Papaw picked up McDonald’s for everyone (Paityn got hers after practice) and we ate at home and then started watching a Christmas movie before Amanda came home and we had to rush off since it was everyone’s bedtime.

To make it even more hectic, Michael and I had dental appointments with a new dentist on Tuesday in Madison…just cleanings but the appointments went well and we’ll be back in May or so for follow-up appointments.  It also worked out well that we dropped Dan off at the airport to catch his flight to New York and then just headed straight over to the dentist…perfect timing.

Crazy elf got into all kinds of mischief!

If that wasn’t enough to make your head spin….throw in Elf on the Shelf, a nightly ritual of posing an elf if some silly position or doing a goofy action.  The elf is a reminder to the kids to be good and to have fun while anticipating the arrival of the ‘Big Guy’.

Checking out their haul!

And don’t forget St. Nick stopped by on the night of the fifth and left goodies in the kids stockings to be found by them on the morning of the sixth.  Perhaps you don’t celebrate St. Nick…it’s a very German tradition and quite popular in German communities.  Something I grew up with as a kid, Michael did not.  I’m glad that the boys are keeping the tradition alive with their babies too.

By Friday we were all pretty pooped and ready to stay home.  The kids got off the bus and were immediately ready to build their gingerbread creations.  Paityn worked on a house and Cameron a train.  They’d been waiting all week but with so much going on they had to wait until after school on Friday to begin.

Proud babies!

They, first, constructed their projects and let them dry while we ate dinner.  After dinner they decorated their respective ‘buildings’ with a little help from Nana and Papaw.  They did a great job and had a good time too.  They couldn’t wait to start eating them once Momma and Papa got home and to see them first.ZackWe spent the rest of the evening watching Christmas shows, playing Cat’s Cradle (Paityn’s gift from St Nick) and making & flying paper airplanes (Cameron’s gift from St. Nick).  It felt good to not go anywhere!

Paityn & Auntie Amanda playing Cat’s Cradle

We spent Saturday afternoon at Dan and Amanda’s since it was our last day in town and we wouldn’t see everyone until probably May.

Don’t forget that on Saturday, Paityn had a birthday party to go to at Gymfinity.  After dropping Paityn off at the party the rest of us went out to dinner.

And on top of all of that….don’t forget…Performance Trailer Braking was still in business so we were fielding phone calls and emails all week as well.  Thankfully, it’s our slow time which helped tremendously.

Zack and Kelsea arrived back home about 9:00 pm on Saturday night and the kids stayed up to get hugs before heading to bed.

Home is where the heart is

We caught our flight out of Milwaukee, with a stop in Minneapolis and arrived in San Antonio about 30 minutes before our scheduled landing.  We picked up our luggage, Michael called Lyft for a ride and we walked outside to our waiting car.  We ended up arriving home about 6 minutes after our flight was originally supposed to land.  It was awesome.  We unpacked, ordered a pizza to be delivered and then relaxed for the rest of the night.

Would we do it again?  You bet your sweet patootie we would!






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  1. Pat & Wyndy

    FYI – we have a MOD Pizza in Huntsville too & they give a military discount, so if you go to one again be sure you ask! Glad you had a good visit.

    • Kelly

      We always forget to ask for the discount…our son always remembers! Oh….we’ll go again! You can bank on it!

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