Fun Discovery!

Posted by on November 18, 2018

Our first day in Hondo was spent running errands in San Antonio.  Michael had to have blood drawn at 8:00 am so we left shortly before 7:00 am but should have allotted more time as we didn’t end up arriving to the clinic until 8:15.

Oh my…good stuff!

From there it was time for breakfast so we headed to the Blanco Cafe to enjoy some yummy Chilaquiles    (mixture of eggs, tostadas, Serrano chiles, onions, tomato, and topped with cheese).  We stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago and usually end up there for breakfast after Michael has to have a fasting blood draw done.

Then is was off to our mailbox…and favorite postmaster, Andrew!  We were surprised to see that Andrew’s fiance, Juli, was there too!  We got big hugs and chatted a bit as we had a lot of catching up to do!  We’d accumulated quite a bit of mail & packages over the last couple of weeks in anticipation of being back in San Antonio so we didn’t have anything forwarded.

We made a couple of stops at stores to make purchases and returns and ended our trip into San Antonio with a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes.  We’d seen the preview for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ a while back and have had several friends that have seen it and enjoyed it so we were really looking forward to it.

It didn’t disappoint.  The soundtrack, of course, was awesome and the story line (based on true facts) was very interesting.  While I know most of the Queen hit songs…I didn’t really know much about the band itself or Freddie Mercury…other than he was quite flamboyant and died of Aids related illness.  We both enjoyed the movie and would recommend seeing it.

Guests in our new home!

Friday we received a surprise treat from friends we met this summer at the Redwood rally in Shipshewana.  Mike and Tina messaged us saying they were in Castroville and wanted to stop by!  Michael and I raced around the house trying to make it presentable before they arrived about 45 minutes later.  We a very nice visit catching up since we last saw them in August.  Of course, we should them around the new digs and discussed getting together in San Antonio while were all still in the area.


I did a search on Roadside America to see if there was anything nearby to check out and hit pay dirt!  Less than a mile from the park is the ruins of St. Dominic’s Church.  I kinda like to surprise Michael with these things so I don’t normally tell him where we’re going…just have him follow directions to each destination.  This time was no different and I got my reward when we drove up and he said, ‘ohhhh cool’!

Killed by Indians…

Not only were we rewarded with the ruins of the church (built in 1868 and abandoned in 1914) but there was also a small cemetery next to the church!  We roamed the cemetery, reading gravestones, many of which were in German, for quite a while.  Michael found that the oldest person was born in the late 1700s…that’s a LONG time ago.

Good for me…not so much for Mikey

For lunch afterward we stopped at Billy Bob’s Hamburgers in Hondo before heading to the grocery store.  (Never go to the grocery store hungry!)  Michael ordered the Billy Bob’s Special burger which is basically a normally burger and he had cheese added to it.  I ordered a Fried Egg Burger…a  bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on it.

Michael wasn’t pleased as soon as he received his burger since the bun wasn’t toasted and by the end determined that he’d had better (Gonzales Burgers, Rosa’s Hamburger Stand etc).  I enjoyed my burger…the egg was fried perfectly…nice and runny…although I would agree that we’ve had better burgers elsewhere.

We took a walk around the park and checked out the ‘community room’ and met a woman (Sharon) who’s been living here 22 years!  Her husband passed away in May and they’re having a memorial for him on Monday.  She was very welcoming and told us about all the highlights of the park.  They have a HUGE library, large kitchen, small area for crafters to sell their wares, an area for donations, pool tables, shuffleboard set ups, game areas, etc.  Very nice place.  We still have 11 days left here.


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