Moving Day Has Arrived

Posted by on November 13, 2018

Tuesday 11/6

Everyone thinks I should be excited…and I guess I should be…but…so far…not so much.  There are just so many things I’m not thrilled about:

  1.  Lack of carpet
  2.  Rig paint color
  3.  Lack of space on the sides of the bed
  4.  Having to leave our awesome theater seat behind
  5.  Storage for my pots and pans
  6.  There’s more….just not going to continue

Our old coach positioned in front of the new coach for easy transfer.

We got to T&S about 9:30 and after signing paperwork and getting the old coach situated so that we could move things from one to another it was probably 11:00/11:30 before we actually got the first boxes moved.  We worked until about 6:00 pm when our bodies were so tired we couldn’t go anymore.

We got the living room, bathroom and fridge/freezer contents moved over and pretty much unpacked and put away.  However, I’m sure that things will move around some until they find a permanent home.  We also brought the bedding over so that we could sleep in the new coach as there was no power in the old coach and it was still near 80 at bedtime.

Wednesday 11/7

We were awake about 6:30 am, made the bed and I did some PTB work before we each and a kolache and 1/2 an orange for breakfast.

Getting moved in

Michael and I got most everything moved over to the new coach, including much of the basement.  We still had some odds and ends inside the old coach but a lot of it was to go into the new pantry that was being built.

The pantry/laundry room mod didn’t get a whole lot further as Tim had a sick child at home to deal with.  However, between he and Tex they did get our washer and dryer moved over from the old coach to the new coach.  They got it in place and hooked up but still had to secure it in place.

Thursday 11/8

I was kind of at a stand still with things I could do until the pantry is finished so I concentrated more on PTB than moving.  Although, I did get the last few bits of stuff out of the old trailer.

Pantry shelves almost done

Michael worked on getting all of the things he’d put into little hidey holes all over the trailer as well as switching out the RVLock on the old trailer and putting the original door lock back on.  He also tried to switch out our ‘fancy glass’ in the door.  Unfortunately, the new coaches door window is bigger than the old so we won’t be able to bring our ‘fancy glass’ with us.

Tim did a great job working on the pantry…he got 6 shelves in place and just needed to trim them out.  It took him a while to get his momentum going…but once he did it came together pretty well.  The problem was that the walls had strange angles and weren’t square so he did a lot of measuring and re-measuring and made several prototypes before actually building anything.

Cousins dinner

We were blessed to have dinner with Michael’s cousin, Clinton and his wife T’Shana.  They live in Bryan and made the 25ish mile trek down to Navasota to meet us at Las Fuentes.  Clinton is the son of Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Frances who we visited a few weeks ago in Canton (and brother to Jeannie who we also met with a few weeks ago).

We had an excellent meal with great conversation and then had them follow us back to T&S so that we could show them the old and new coaches.  We realized it had been 9 years since we’d seen each other at Michael’s Dad’s funeral…definitely can’t wait another 9 years to get together again!

Friday 11/9

It started raining in the wee hours of the morning and continued until about mid-morning.  With everything wet and muddy the day got off to a slow start.  Though Michael did get down on the floor in the bedroom to check out underneath the bed to see if there was room to put the pump for our Sleep Number bed and to see if he thought that the Sleep Number and the new bed that raises and lowers would be compatible.  He thinks they will so we’ll be switching out the two mattresses.

Completed project!

We’ll most likely sleep on one of the pull out couches in the living room for a few nights when we leave here until Michael can get the Sleep Number bed all set up as he’ll have to do a couple of modifications first.

Tim was able to complete the pantry/laundry room project.  Now we have to get something put up for travel days so that everything doesn’t end up on the floor.  We’re thinking some sort of cargo net that can easily be put up and taken down on days that we travel.

Saturday 11/10

Working on the TV that had been rubbing on the woodwork

Tim worked off our punch list…though there wasn’t really much on it…which is a good thing!  Things like:  a cabinet door that wasn’t closing properly, a bathroom drawer that wasn’t closing properly, bedroom shade that had a small hole in it, no heat coming out of the living room vent, TV rubbing on the entertainment center…all things that were easily fixed.

We have a couple of bigger things that we’ll need to have fixed a Heartland next summer:  front ac is supposed to have a heat pump but doesn’t, a misaligned basement door that will mess up the paint if/when fixed.

In the afternoon we ran away to College Station…we’d never been and needed a few groceries.  (Woohoo!  HEB!) We also made a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some fridge storage bins and bathroom shower organizers.

I was hankering for some hot & sour soup (it was only 45ish outside!) and Tim recommended Chef Cao’s in College Station.  Cute little place with very good food….and HUGE portions.  We have enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals each.

Sunday 11/11

We had a fairly quiet day.  T&S was closed so there was no one coming in and out of the new coach doing work.  In between rain drops we moved our Sleep Number mattress from the old coach into the new coach.  We originally thought we’d leave it behind as we didn’t know if it would work on the new bed as the new one’s head raises and lowers but Michael did some investigating and thought it would work so we gave it a try…and it works!  Hooray!

Monday 11/12

Watching from the living room window while the generator gets moved over

T&S moved our old generator over to the new coach and also installed our backup camera onto the new coach.  After installing the generator we found that we couldn’t start it from inside the coach using the ‘mother board’ just inside the front door.  The guys did some investigating and found that that portion of the board was bad…so they took one out another coach and put in ours.  Tada!  Now we could start the generator from inside the coach.

About a half an hour or so after they left I decided to turn off some of the lights inside the coach as when the guys are working they use the ‘master’ switch that turns on/off every light in the house using the ‘mother board’.  Well…I couldn’t turn off the lights individually…I was only able to turn them all off or all on.  It was all or nothing.

Tim came over to take a look and between he and Michael they finally got things squared away…but not after a LOT of trial and error.  The ended up getting the original board and taking the part for the lighting from one and the part for the generator from the other and combing them to make a fully functioning board.


I guess I should revisit my concerns from the beginning of the move and see how I’m feeling now after having moved into the new coach and lived in it a few days.

  1.  Lack of carpet – still not a fan at this point…but need to get out of this dirt parking lot before I make a final decision.
  2.  Rig paint color – I guess it kinda grows on you.
  3.  Lack of space on the sides of the bed – Absolutely HATE this…and there really is no way to improve on it other than going to a queen size mattress.
  4.  Having to leave our awesome theater seat behind – Still sad.  But it is what it is.
  5.  Storage for my pots and pans – I found some…but time will tell.
  6.  There’s more….just not going to continue.  – Overall it’s not as bad as I thought.


6 Responses to Moving Day Has Arrived

  1. Pat & Wyndy

    Quite an ordeal. Glad you are feeling a littl better about it. I would miss that theatre seating too – too bad they could swap that out also. Hope it gets better every day!

    • Kelly

      Hoping that we’re now out on our own, things will begin to feel more like ‘home’.

  2. Gayle

    I’m still rearranging stuff a year later. Our Bighorn has more storage. Wishing you the best with your new RV

  3. Ann

    What coach did you end up buying, model #?

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