South Texas Heartland Rally

Posted by on November 5, 2018

We moved from Tyler down to Montgomery, Texas on Tuesday 10/30 in preparation of our south Texas chapter rally for the Heartland owners club.  Michael and I are the chapter leaders so this was our rally to organize and host.  The rally didn’t actually start until Thursday but people started arriving on Monday and they trickled in all week.

We got checked in easily and escorted to site 35 (the first site as you come in) which is a bit short but we made it work.  The site is right across from the rally hall so that worked out nicely.

We got together with Jay and Stella for dinner at a Chinese Buffet in Conroe our first night.  We had a lot of catching up to do as we hadn’t seen them since May at the rally in Branson.  Jay and Stella are the region directors for our region so in essence they’re our immediate ‘bosses’ so we have to toe the line when they’re around…ha!

Discovered this handy storage area as we did another check through the new digs

Wednesday Michael and I drove over to T&S RVs to check on our new coach…again and to discuss the open house that they were having for our rally that coming Saturday.  Still not sure how I feel about the new place…lets hope that changes.

Brisket, ribs and sausage

That evening we met friends (Jim, Jay & Stella, and Terry & Carol for dinner at Yo Mama’s…a bbq place that Jim and scouted out.  Two brothers, Kelvin and Kennard (Kenneth Bernard) made the whole visit worthwhile for me.  What a couple of nice guys!  Between the six of us we tried most every meat (ribs, brisket, sausage, burnt ends) and while most everyone else really enjoyed everything I only really cared for the burnt ends and some ribs that Kelvin had taken off the smoker early for us to try.

It started raining while we were at the restaurant and continued for quite a while…even producing a tornado watch.  While it got pretty windy for about 20 – 30 minutes that was the worst of it.

I was in awe of the beautifully hand carved wood on this 1920s hearse.

Thursday morning we had organized a group to travel into Houston to visit the National Funeral Museum.  We had about 20 attend.  We wandered the place for about an hour and a half.  Some really interesting stuff to be found, for sure.  The hearse that carried Ronald Reagan, a murder/suicide coffin (which was never used), tributes to celebrities no longer with us, funeral customs from around the world, an area dedicated to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It would be a place Michael and I would go back to as we didn’t take the time we would have like to this time.

Lunch for 20

Afterward, we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch as a group before all heading our separate ways.  Michael and I made a pit stop at Sam’s to pick up supplies for the rally before heading back home.

That evening we had a Pie Meet & Greet.  We furnished 14 pies (pumpkin, pecan, apple, blueberry, chocolate cream & chocolate latte) for those attendees who had already arrived.  We had a really nice turn out and met a lot of new club members.

One of the club members arranged to have a young man who plays guitar and sings country western music perform for us and boy was he good.  He played for a couple of hours before traveling back to Dallas.


Friday morning about fifteen of us chose to participate in a craft class that Nancy put together.  She comes up with the cutest, easiest things to create!  This one involved wine corks turning in to Thanksgiving Turkeys!  So fun!

Everyone in this picture…for as far as you can see…are newbies!

That evening was the traditional potluck dinner and with 45 rigs in attendance there was a LOT a food to go around.  Michael and I provided sliced ham and rolls and the attendees brought all kinds of ‘fall’ sides to go with it.  We had lots of desserts too…plus plenty of pie left from the night before!

We had a 50/50 drawing, several door prizes, Jim B and Jay spoke about upcoming get-togethers and rallies.  It was a good night.

We had a small group that hung out in the rally hall to play Mexican Train and a few that chatted for a while before going home.

Saturday morning we met with Jim, Jay & Stella and Gus & Debra for breakfast at the Montgomery Steakhouse (recommended by Kelvin at Yo Mama’s).  We had a nice breakfast to start off the very busy day ahead.

Delicious meal!

T&S offered to do an Open House at their place…opening all of the coaches, providing door prizes, special pricing, etc.  Tim & Tex and their crew even provided dinner for all of us….and talk about delicious.  We had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls.  We arrived about 2:30 pm and didn’t leave

The Gang’s all here!

until 6:30 pm.

Our new coach was open to the public, as well, and we spent a lot of time in it…checking things over…AGAIN…as well as welcoming our friends into our new abode.  I’m feeling a bit better about the new coach…but still having lots of doubts.  We’ll see…

We opened the rally hall up about 7:00 pm (after we were all back from T&S) and put out all the remaining pies and ice cream and finally got them all finished up!  Several people hung around and visited until nearly 10:00 pm while the Mexican Train Gang was back at it again.

Breakfast Bunch

Sunday, our last rally day.  Michael and Jim left about 6:45 am to pick up 10 dozen donuts to go with the yogurt, juice and fruit we’d already picked up a couple of days before.  Jay started the coffee pot about 7:15 and by 7:30 we were open for business.

We actually had a very nice turnout for breakfast.  People stopped by to say their goodbyes before hitting the road.  Jim left about 11:00 to head to the airport and a small group of us hung around until 11:30 ish…just chatting and enjoying our time together.

Michael and I put things away when we got home and then both took a much needed nap…not a normal thing for us at all….but it felt SO good!

Happy Birthday, Gus!

We made plans to converge at Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner about 4:00 pm and to help Gus(tavo) celebrate his 69th birthday.  We had 12 for dinner and ended up having to wait about an hour before our two tables were ready.  We made sure that Gus ‘got in the saddle’ and was sufficiently embarrassed.

We were home shortly after 7:00 and promptly went to bed.  I wanted to finish the book I was reading so I could give it to Stella before the pulled out in the morning.  Michael did some ‘surfing’ before he turned out the light.




6 Responses to South Texas Heartland Rally

  1. Pat & Wyndy

    Looks like a great rally! Just curious, what’s your hesitation about the new rig?

    • Kelly

      So many things…number one being the coaches are made crappier and crappier every year. We’ve had our share of issues over the years and I’m not thrilled about starting all over again.

      • Pat & Wyndy

        I agree, they ALL seem to be made cheaper now – quality & quality control suck.
        Doesn’t sound like your sold on it. I know you are Heartland family, but did you look at other brands?

        • Kelly

          Nope…Michael had no interest in look elsewhere just yet. But if/when there is a next one…we will look elsewhere!

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