North Texas Family Visit

Posted by on October 30, 2018

With only about 200 miles to travel we pulled out of the Caddo River Access RV Park in Glenwood on Sunday about 9:20 am.  Our GPS took us a different route than we’d ever traveled before and we both really enjoyed it.


We headed west on US 70 then picked up AR 27 in Kirby through Murfreesboro and Nashville (‘d never been to either place so that was fun!).  We picked up AR 355 at Mineral Springs which took us to I30.  A beautiful drive with lots of farms, cows, and colored leaves…my kinda drive!

We had planned to stay at the Five Star RV Park in Tyler (Passport America) but when we arrived it was a bit on the questionable side, the owner wasn’t around but showed up as we were trying to call him.  He kinda stood around wondering where to put us (I’d called a couple of weeks before and been told I didn’t need reservations) and we decided to just head over to Tyler Oaks RV Park, instead.  We knew it was a decent place and hoped they’d have room.

Tyler Oaks had room…but just barely.  There were only 4 sites left and only one of those was a pull through…not a necessity, but nice to have.  We paid for our two nights and then made our way to site 73 with no issues.

We had one more teenager with us…but she was hiding behind her Mama.

We got settled into our site and had a couple of hours of down time before we headed over to Canton to meet Michael’s cousin, Jeannie and her family for dinner at Jerry’s Pizza.  We ordered Michael’s favorite (ham, pineapple, green pepper, onion and double cheese) and it was really good…the crust especially.

We’d not met Jeannie’s husband, Robin, yet and hadn’t seen her kids (O.C., Tasheena and Dante) in 3 or more years and at 6, 14 and 15 they had grown considerably!  We had a wonderful time getting to know Robin and catching up with Jeannie and look forward to the next time we can get together.

Me and Uncle Kenneth

We haven’t needed to use the air conditioning in weeks…but when we touched down and hooked up to the power the ac came on right away…perhaps because it was 85 degrees out??  Yikes…welcome back to Texas.

Aunt Frances seems a bit shocked by whatever Michael is showing her!

Monday was our normal crazy busy day but we topped it off with a visit with Michael Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Frances and some delicious BBQ.  We met them for dinner at Baker’s Ribs in Canton (one of our favorites).  We had a yummy meal while visiting and then went over to their home afterward to visit a little more.  We treasure these visits as they’re far and few between.

Our Heartland rally is coming quickly (one that we are putting on) so we made a stop for a few needed supplies and will have to make a visit to Sam’s once we get down to the Houston area as well.  So much to do and so little time!

Now it’s off to Conroe, Texas to join some friend who are already there for the rally and welcome others that arrive after us.


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