Family, Friends and Lum Ed’dards!

Posted by on October 28, 2018

Sunday (10/21) was our first full day in Glenwood and we started it by catching up on PTB work in the morning.  That afternoon we went over to Michael’s mom’s to visit.  Our friend, Brock, had told us that the Senior Center in town was doing a ‘Thanksgivingish’ meal for the community so we stopped there and picked up 4 meals to take over to Alice’s.  The food turned out to be pretty tasty too.

Monday we met Brock and Tammy for lunch at the Pizza Shack and as usual we had a wonderful visit.  It’s one of those friendships where there’s never a lull in the conversation, everyone gets along well, we have similar views and we can poke fun at each other and no one is offended.

After lunch Michael and I went back home and back to work as Monday’s are always busy for us.  We ended up working until almost 7:00 pm…but we got most everything taken care of that need to be taken care of.

Tuesday we worked from home in the morning and then ran a couple of errands (propane refill at Plyer’s and dropped off some donations at the Helping Hands store in town) before heading over to Alice’s for the afternoon.

We still had work to do when we got to Alice’s but we were able to visit while we worked.  I made dinner for the four of us (Chicken & Rice-a- Roni Casserole) before Michael and I headed back home for the evening.

Wednesday we did our work in the morning and then headed into Hot Springs for a date!  First thing on the agenda was to visit Greenwood Cemetery…the final resting place of Chester Lauck (Lum Eddards (it’s actually Edwards – but he says Eddards) from the 1930s – 1950s radio show, Lum & Abner)!  I was so excited…it’s the little things, you know?

It was a large cemetery and we had no idea where to start looking.  Michael’s mom suggested we stop at the monument shop across the street and see if maybe they knew where to loo as there is no office at the cemetery.  That’s what we did…and she was right!  The gentleman gave us directions right to the spot!

Lum, his wife and two children are all buried alongside a creek that runs through the cemetery.  It could be a peaceful place but it also runs right along 7th Street, which takes away some of the tranquility.  Nevertheless, we paid our respects and now will have to hunt down Lum’s buddy, Abner, in California!

The second item on the day’s agenda was a movie.  We went to ‘Bad Times at the El Royale‘ which had a 7.4 IMDB rating.  It was kind of strange but certainly kept me interested and wondering what was going on.  If you’re into a little different and a mysteryish type of movie you might enjoy it too.

After dinner we went out to dinner at Cajun Boilers.  I was looking for something we hadn’t had in a while and seafood/Cajun did the trick.  The restaurant was kinda in my old neck of the woods (near where I lived with my mom & stepdad way back in the 80s) and was established the year Michael and I married (1985).

I ordered a jumbo shrimp platter which came with 16 glorious, delicious shrimp as well as a salad and baked potato.  Yummy to say the least but WAY too much food.  We’ll share a platter next time.

Michael ordered the salmon plate which he could have done 4 different ways – he chose Cajun style and while it had a little heat he enjoyed it.

Thursday morning we had a breakfast date with Michael’s friend since birth (nearly) Cherie.  We met at 8:30 just across the street from the RV Park at the Caddo Cafe.  Michael had Huevos Rancheros while I had I had the Caddo Breakfast (2 eggs, hash browns, bacon and 1 biscuit and gravy.   Both the food and the company were enjoyable.  Conversation ranged from our grandchildren to our parents to our children and everything in between…as usual.  Before long we had to part ways as Michael and I had some work to do and Cheri had plans to drive to northern Arkansas.

That afternoon we picked Alice up and headed into Hot Springs.  First we ran a couple of errands and then took Alice to a doctor’s appointment.  The doctor was running an hour to an hour and a half late (which we didn’t find out until after Alice was taken back).  We ended up leaving the clinic two hours after her scheduled appointment time.

Then it was time for a little pampering.  We treated Alice to a mani/pedi and Michael and I also got pedicures.  Mary’s Nails and Salon turned out to be a really nice place…large with lots of chairs and workers so that we had no wait at all.  We’ll definitely go back when we’re in the area.

We finished up just in time to head over to the Hot Springs Bathhouse Dinner Theater as we had tickets to see Driving Miss Daisy.  Previously named, Five Star Dinner Theater, this was our third visit but our first under new management.

The buffet before is quite large with lots of offerings (Chicken and gravy, sausage, brisket, fish, ham, wings, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, rice pilaf, three bean salad, potato salad, corn, green beans, squash & zucchini, California blend vegetables, salad, dinner rolls & various desserts).   The food was surprisingly good too.

The play and the actors were very good and made Michael and I want to see the movie again.  The only flaw all three of us found was that they didn’t use any microphones at all so it was quite hard to hear at times.  While the theater isn’t large, we were in the last row and the woman who played Daisy’s voice got softer as she aged which wasn’t good for those with hearing issues (Michael & Alice)…or those who didn’t have hearing issues (me).

Friday morning we got quite a bit accomplished (took our mattress cover & quilt to the laundry mat, got the tires put on the new rims and onto the trailer, replaced the propane tank, did a couple of loads of laundry at home and packed some boxes for our upcoming move).  And of course….worked on PTB stuff….that’s just a given.

Later in the day we headed over to visit with Alice for a few hours before coming back home to relax in our recliners and watch some TV before calling it a day.

Saturday (10/27) was our last day in Glenwood and we spent the majority of the day with Alice at her home.  Though we did accomplish several pre-move chores before heading over to Alice’s about noon.  I made dinner (Maid-Rites or loose meat sandwiches, whichever you prefer) for the four of us and after visiting for a while longer we headed home to get a good nights sleep before hitting the road toward Texas.


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  1. Pat & Wyndy

    Need the recipe for the Maid-Rite sandwiches please! Glad you got the rims fixed.

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