Travel Days – Mount Horeb, WI to Glenwood, AR

Posted by on October 24, 2018

Friday 10/19 we woke up early (6:00 am) so that we could go in the ‘big house’ and give Paityn and Cameron hugs before they got on the school bus at 7:10 am.

We were treated to Maggie (yellow lab) catching a mouse that had been haunting the house the last couple of days.  While Maggie might have ‘caught it’, Michael had to wrangle it and take it outside to dispose of it.  What a way to start the day!  LOL

Good bye, Wisconsin farmland!

We weren’t in a hurry to head out as we were planning on boondocking at a Walmart for the night so we did our move day chores, some PTB work and just relaxed until we pulled out about 9:30 am while there was a lull in the rain.

We had a pretty drive through the Wisconsin countryside before hitting the interstate around Rockford, Illinois.


We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen for lunch (salads) and after coming out of the public restrooms we found our TPMS system was beeping.  Michael did some investigating and found that one of the coach tires was very low and that we had a cracked rim.  Michael changed the flat tire out for the spare and we were back in action.

Twinkle Twinkle

We traveled through St. Louis at dusk (traffic wasn’t bad at all) which made the lights of the city and the Gateway Arch quite pretty.



Home for the night

We decided to travel further than we originally planned (Farmersville, IL) and ended up at a Cracker Barrel on the south side of St. Louis for the night.  After getting parked in the fairly full parking lot we went inside for dinner and then back home and straight to bed so that we could watch the Brewers beat the Dodgers from Michael’s phone.

Changing out the tires.

The next morning we were awake about 6:00 am, went inside the restaurant for breakfast and then headed out to the truck to leave.  When we got back to the truck we were greeted by the now familiar sound of the TPMS beeping.

Michael did his investigating and found a low tire and another cracked rim…on the opposite side of the trailer!  Since it wasn’t too low and we didn’t have a spare we made our way to a truck stop and filled the tire with air and kept a close watch on it.

We made it to Glenwood and ordered two new rims from our tire supplier since we could get them here fairly soon and there is a tire place across the street from the RV Park.  We’ll get the tires switched onto the new rims and be good to go.

We arrived at the Caddo River Access RV Park on Saturday evening about 5:30 pm…a day early.  We were originally going to make the trip with 2 overnights but changed our minds to have an extra day in the area to visit family and friends.  We’re here for a week before we’ll be heading toward Texas.

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