Time With The Kids

Posted by on October 19, 2018

Our visit to Wisconsin went much quicker than I would have cared for but we didn’t do as much running around as we did the last time we visited.

Saturday was fairly busy as we watched Alex, Ben and Zoe while Dan and Amanda went to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers game – they lost. (playoffs!).  We ordered pizza and watched part of a movie.  Dan and Amanda got home just about 9:00 pm and after a quick chat we set off for home.

We got home just seconds before Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron who’d been at a wedding for most of the day.  We chatted very briefly and then went into the house and straight to bed.

Thank you, Tom for being our selfie photog!

Sunday morning we met my niece, Tara, and her family at the Pancake Cafe for brunch.  There were 15 of us total and it’s a good thing they put us in our own little room as we got kinda loud a couple of times.

Tara and her family were in town for the University of Wisconsin’s ‘family weekend’.  Her son, Tyler, is a freshman this year.  They live in northern Wisconsin, so we were very happy that we were able to get together with them a couple of times over the weekend.

Everybody’s hunting pumpkins!

Kelsea, Dan, Amanda and I and all of the grandbabies went to a nearby pumpkin patch so that the kids could pick out pumpkins.  I didn’t get any pumpkins but I did pick up some fresh produce – butternut and acorn squash was part of my haul.

The tune ‘Rag Doll’ came to mind while watching Michael flop around

The rest of the day we hung out at Zack and Kelsea’s.  The ‘boys’ went out into ZnKs ‘back’ yard and put together a tree stand for this upcoming hunting season.  We girls had a good laugh watching them cart the tree stand off on a tractor…with all three of them on the tractor.  And then again when they came back with Michael riding in the bucket while holding a ladder.  Both boys giggling as they went over bumps and Michael flopped around like a rag doll in the bucket.

I have NO idea who even won!

While the boys were gone we girls stayed warm and dry in the house with the kids.  The kids played downstairs so Kelsea, Amanda and I played a game of Rummikub – it had been a long time!  We also threw together a quick meal of sliders (hamburger & brisket), chicken strips, Bagel Bites, chili cheese dip, french fries and tater tots.

I made dinner for ZKPC on Monday since they were running errands and working.  I tried a new recipe for Round Steak & Gravy in the Instant Pot that turned out pretty good – though next time I’ll tweak it just a bit.  I also tried a recipe for roasted butternut squash that turned out really yummy too!  Afterward we watched another Brewers playoff game…they won 4-0!  Woohoo!

Hanging with babies

On Tuesday both boys left on business trips – Zack to the Appleton area and Dan to Albany, NY.  With Dan gone, Amanda asked us to watch ABZ while she was at work (she’s a gymnastics coach at the same gym that Paityn and Zoe go to).  We played a couple of games, had dinner, finished watching the movie we’d started on Saturday (Sophie & Sheba) and the boys learned how to use my ‘Happy Color’ app…which is basically a color by number app.  We also watched the Brewers game that went into extra innings…unfortunately they lost in the 13th.

Wednesday I went into town to do a little shopping – Michael wanted some long-sleeved t-shirts and I needed some jeans.  Then I made Haystacks for dinner – Paityn and Cameron really like them so I couldn’t deny them.  The Brewers played a day game (thank goodness!) but couldn’t pull out the win.  Currently the are 2 wins and 3 losses.  They’ll play again on Friday but they’re back at home so that could be advantageous.

Thursday both boys were back from their business trip so we all met at Hu Hot for our last dinner together.  Since the girls (Paityn and Zoe) had gymnastics dinner ended up being later (7:30ish) so we didn’t linger too long before we all went our separate ways.  Michael and I got hugs from Dan, Amanda, Alex, Ben & Zoe with promises to see them in December.

We stopped to fuel up the truck on the way home and arrived back at ZnKs place about 9:30 or so.  I went to bed to read while Michael took the TV out of the bedroom and gave it to Zack…the new coach comes with TVs and we supplied the ones for this coach.

We’ll be traveling Friday – Sunday so I will most likely not post again until we arrive in Arkansas where we’ll be visiting Michael’s mom.


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