I Must Confess…

Posted by on October 14, 2018

Saturday (10/6) turned out to be a very low-key day for us.  Michael woke up the night before with some sort of gastrointestinal thing going on and spent most of the night going between the bed and the bathroom.

The parking lot at Walmart in Goshen…betcha don’t see this much in your area.

The following day wasn’t much better.  He slept until after 11:00 am and then just chilled in his recliner in between visits to the bathroom.  By that evening his stomach still didn’t feel the best but he wasn’t having to visit the bathroom as frequently.

It actually turned out to be the perfect day to be stuck inside as it rained a good portion of the day…really hard a couple of times.  Plus there was an auction going on at the fairgrounds so there were vehicles parked all around us.  Amish, Mennonite, English, you name it…there were ALL kinds of people here.

The quiet weekends have allowed me to continue with ‘The Great Purge’.  I finished with the living room on Saturday (10/6).

I was also able to do a little route planning for early 2019.  We knew we’d be in Quartzsite in January for the RV show and a Grand Design rally and new we needed to be in Tucson for the Escapade in March.  So I was able to figure out what we’d do between the two.  We’ll pretty much hang out in a couple of different areas of Arizona (Yuma, Phoenix area & Fort Huachucha).

Monday’s are always fairly busy for us and this Monday was no exception.  Although the afternoon is when it gets busiest.  Michael’s phone rang non-stop with people calling and leaving messages one right after the other while he was on the phone with another customer.  When he’d get off the phone he’d give me the paperwork so that I could enter the information into our system, send a follow-up email, file it and move on to the next.

Last Rise n Roll run of the year…

We had plans to go to the Flea Market in Shipshewana on Tuesday…since we’d only been once all summer long.  We left the house fairly early, making a stop to drop of some packages that needed to ship to the warehouse and then drove through the beautiful country side to Shipshewana.  Little did we know that the flea market closed for the year at the end of September.  Boo!  Now we have to wait until next year.

We still made stops at E&S (beef tenderloin & butter), Yoder’s (bacon & pork chops) and to stock up on a few items as well as a stop at Rise ‘n Roll for some donuts.

I have to confess…I’ve been doing a little fibbing in my last couple of posts.

Hanging out in ZnKs driveway

We actually left Goshen on Thursday October 11th and drove to our son Zack’s home in Mt. Horeb, WI where we parked in their driveway for a weeks stay.  All very stealthy, I might add.  We normally message the kids along the way with where we are or where we stop, things we see, etc.  But this time we couldn’t do any of that!  That was hard!

Our daughter in law, Amanda, had planned a surprise birthday party for our son, Dan, who turned 30 on October 12th.  The planning had been in the works for over a year so we’d had it on our itinerary all along.

The birthday boy

As Dan walked into the restaurant, the group was on a balcony overlooking the door and welcomed him quite obnoxiously with ‘Surprises’ and horn-blowing.  I think Dan’s face turned six shades of red.  LOL

The high school contingency…they’re not so young anymore!

The party was at the Nitty Gritty in Middleton and we were upstairs out-of-the-way from the main restaurant. Amanda had sliders, pulled pork sliders, chicken strips, fries, cheese curds, mini corn dogs and onion rings….and of course cake…I think everyone got their fill.

We had about 25 people there…several of Dan’s friends from high school as well as some neighbors and family.  Dan seemed fairly surprised…I think he had a feeling something was up since Amanda wouldn’t let him make any plans for anything or to even choose the place they were going out for dinner at.  However, I do think we got him with Michael and I being there…so that was fun!

Definition of content?

We had seven “littles’ with us as well…each one had a tablet and coloring books to keep them busy.  They were content to watch each other play a game or a video and came up for air every now again for a drink, something to eat or to go to the bathroom.

The 2Ps

I think everyone had a good time visiting as well as watching our Milwaukee Brewers play (and win!) the first game of the National League Championship Series against the Dodgers.

I am now officially over the hill…both of my babies are in their 30’s!  Ugh!


2 Responses to I Must Confess…

  1. Judy Winkle

    Busy life-know you will be happy to get your new rig!! Jerry’s daughter and son in law live in Sierra Vista, AZ . he is pastor at Sierra Vista Church of the Nazarene-David and Annette Shelton. I am sure they can answer any SV questions you might have-they have been there 20 years.

    • Kelly

      Hi Judy! Thanks so much for the suggestion…I’ll get in touch with you if I end up needed help with Sierra Vista. Safe travels!

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