Got To See The New Coach

Posted by on October 6, 2018

Yikes!  I am WAY behind!

Josh & Heather (our husband and wife install team) had their last install here in the area on Wednesday (9/26), which went well (poor guys always seem to run into the goofiest things!) and then left for Wisconsin early Thursday morning.  They’ve been working for a farm harvesting lots of veggies – cucumbers, pumpkins etc – and it was time to go back and finish out the season.  We’ll miss them.  We should see them in Arizona in January though.

Wednesday was nothing special other than the fact that we took some time off to run over to Shipshewana to E&S to get some groceries and also made a stop at Yoder’s Meat & Cheese for bacon and pork chops.

Bee’s Wax.

Oh yeah…and we also stopped to see Norm at Dutch Country Market so that Michael could pick up a couple of cans of ‘Bee’s Wax’.  He’d been told by some other vendors at one of the rallies that it was the best thing since sliced bread.  Norm said you can use it on furniture, boats, cars…he even uses it on his buggy!  Michael plans to use it on the woodwork in the new coach.

Our new home. We should be moving in in the next month or so.

We got a call from the dealer we’re working with to purchase our new coach on Wednesday telling us that our coach was ready to be picked up and transported to the dealership in Texas where he’ll get it ready for us.  He’d arranged with his transport driver to meet us so that we could do a walk through and check it out.

On Thursday we met Brandon (the driver) and he was good enough to allow us some time to do some final measuring, checking of colors etc.  Michael, of course, was more interested in his basement space and got some measurements he was wanting.

Looking forward to a ‘real’ refrigerator!

While I checked out the inside – noting window treatment colors, lack of carpet (not something we were aware of – living room rug, here we come), checking out the new bathroom cabinet/drawer change (love it!) and just generally looking around to see what we may have missed in previous walk-thrus.

After delaying Brandon getting back on the road we made a stop for dinner at Sakura Japanese Restaurant (my favorite!) and had a nice, enjoyable meal…just the two of us.  Was quite nice to have my husband all to myself.  The chef was the greatest but the food had good flavor so I wouldn’t be opposed to going back.

Saturday PTB was quiet enough that we were able to get some household chores taken care of.  Michael took the Weber Q grill to the car wash and gave it a good wash down.  All the built up grease and grime…GONE!

The GREAT purge continues.  After a few weeks of neglect, I was able to get back to going through drawers and cabinets in the living room and kitchen.  Once again, I made three piles – keep, trash and donate.  I was able to purge quiet a bit, which felt great.  I still have a way to go…but I’m getting there.

Old vs New

The truck’s been giving a ‘trailer not connected’ light for a while…even though we definitely have breaks.  Michael has sprayed electrical contact cleaner on both ends of the ‘IV cable’ over and over and it stops the problem for a short while and then it comes back.  So he finally broke down and bought a new end for the cable and installed in.  Now we just have to wait until we hitch up and hit the road to see if it has resolved the problem.

Sharing a meal with friends

Last Monday we were able to meet up with Ricky and Rachel (Heartland friends from Mississippi) for dinner at Das Essenhaus.  We had such a good time visiting with them and hearing about their trip to Alaska this past summer that before we knew it 2.5 hours had passed and we needed to let someone else have our table.

Not a very good picture but…Dan & Karen

Wednesday we were blessed with a visit from Dan & Karen (Heartland friends from Tennessee).  They stopped by the fairgrounds to visit after they’d made their pilgrimage to Shipshewana.  Once again we had a very nice visit before they had to leave.

Dan and Amanda are right behind the gentleman in the white jersey.

Thursday and Friday evening we were able to watch the Milwaukee Brewers on TV as they made it to the division playoffs so they’re on National TV.  They played the Colorado Rockies both games and won both…now we just need one more win to win the division title.

Dan and Amanda went to game 1 and were seated behind home plate so we got to see them quite a bit during the game.  Fun!

Friday we made a trip into Elkhart for breakfast at Granma’s Pancake House (yummy stuff) and to check out the RV Surplus Store to see if we could find some new globes for the light over our kitchen island.  We had one break a while ago and wanted to replace it.

Just needed the globes…but ended up with everything for $5 each.

A gentleman that was at the counter when we arrived took us to an ’employee only’ area in the back where he helped us find a matching set that fit the pieces Michael had brought with him.  The fixtures and globes were marked $15 each but he gave them to us for $5.00 each…nice!  We even offered to leave the fixtures behind (since we only needed the globes) but he didn’t want them.

Our main reason for going into Elkhart was to take in a movie…which we did.  We decided to see the new version of “A Star is Born“.  Neither of us had seen the original and maybe we would have been disappointed with this version had we seen it.  However, we really enjoyed the movie and now I’ll have to see the original at some point for comparison.

Here Cameron, Ben and Paityn are checking out some of Zoe’s gifts. Zoe is in the very top left barely in the picture because she was flittering about so much.

Friday our youngest grandbaby, Zoe, turned three and we were blessed to be able to ‘be there’ to watch her open her gifts.  She was so funny…just whipping things out of the bags as fast as she could to move onto the next gift.  Her cousins and brother we happy to help her check out all of her new loot.

We were planning on going over the Elkhart Campground today to visit some of our Heartland friends as the Indiana rally is taking place (which we’d forgotten all about!) but Michael woke up in the middle of the night with gastrointestinal issues so I’m not sure if we’ll be going or not.  Might be best to stay home and away from people as we don’t know if it’s something he ate or something else.  🙁






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