Travel Day: Terre Haute, IN to Goshen, IN

Posted by on September 17, 2018

Had the place to ourselves.

​With only 230ish miles to travel, we gave ourselves a little bit later start time of 9:00 am.  The park has a small restaurant that serves dinner and breakfast.  We decided to get breakfast before heading out and went over about 8:30.

We were the only customers in the place but we waited about 1/2 an hour for our food.  Granted the American fries were made from scratch but …wow…that’s a long wait.  Don’t think we’d go back as the food wasn’t very good.  Oh well.
We had everything ready to go when we got back from breakfast except Michael had to unplug the power.  We pulled out of the KOA at 9:30 am on the dot.

Bob Evans – That’s my daddy!

We stopped for a potty break…but other than that we had a quiet, uneventful trip.  I’d forgotten to take dinner out of the freezer so we stopped in Warsaw at Bob Evans for a late lunch.  Michael ordered the chicken pot pie and I had the pot roast.  Best meal I’ve had out in a very long time!

Thankfully it wasn’t a super long train!

We had just 27 miles left after lunch and they went quickly.  We pulled into Goshen just in time to get stopped by one of the MANY trains that pass through the area.  We’ve been very lucky this summer and haven’t been stopped by many at all.

We arrived back at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds about 3:20 pm.  We paid for our site for the next couple of weeks, found out where our shipment for rally was located, picked up a couple of packages from the office and then made our way over to Harley Hill.  Harley Hill is where most of the vendors stay and it’s where we were before we left a couple of weeks ago.
We easily backed into site 182, unhitched and leveled and then I went inside to do my chores while Michael hooked up power and sewer.  It was 90+ outside so he waited until a little later to take care of the water and satellite. Meanwhile we scanned through the old satellite images and photos.

Getting the wiring taken care of…

As Michael was hooking up the satellite we realized we didn’t have any power to the TV…or the entire slide it’s in.  Michael investigated and found that the wire must have arced and melted some of the wiring.  Thankfully, Michael’s handy and was able to fix the wiring and got us up and running again in no time.

Remember that broken salt shaker from a few days ago?  Dang thing came back to hunt me.  There was a couple little shards that flew way far from where it shattered and I happened to catch one with my toe!  Sure did bleed for a minute or two…left little drops of blood on the floor even.  Geesh!  All better now though.
We’re back here for a Montana Owners Group rally which runs from 9/19 to 9/26.  This is a new rally for PTB so we’re pretty excited to be involved.  It’s always a huge plus to break into a new owners group.  Cross your fingers and wish us luck!
We’ll be here until the first of October for sure…but are kind of waiting to hear about a couple of meetings we may need to attend as well as an update on when our new home (yes…I said it!) might be ready.

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  1. Phil and Rudee

    this was Rudee and I’s first workcamping job. I was the grill cook for week end breakfast. Took the first week end just to get the grill cleaned ….owner never cleaned out because he was trying to “season” it. Wonder if it’s been cleaned since? Owner was a real Jerk …. once grabbed Rudee by the shoulders and scolded her! She didn’t tell me until after we left because she knew I would do something to him! Bad, bad experience and probably not improved any. We were the last of 6 couples to leave before the summer season was over.

    • Kelly

      Holy smokes! Wonder if it’s still the same owners? As a first workamping experience, I’m surprised you had a second!

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