Phillipsburg, MO to Terre Haute, IN

Posted by on September 16, 2018

We were up about 6:30 and while I did some PTB work Michael made breakfast (bagelwiches) and stowed some things.  The only thing to do outside was unhook the power.

We pulled out of the Happy Trails RV Park (nice little campground) just before 8:30 with 344 miles ahead of us…pretty much all on interstates.  Bah humbug.

Do you see what I see?

We had an uneventful first half of our journey.  We passed through St. Louis about 11:15ish… traffic wasn’t bad but the road stunk.  All I could think was, ‘My poor house’.  We picked up I-55 as we passed through the city.

Bah humbug!

We found out when we stopped for lunch just how much that road stunk…my salt shaker had been shook right out of the cabinet and was in pieces on the counter top.  That made two days in a row that we had salt to clean up as the night before as I went to put my salt & pepper box away, I knocked it on the shelf and it fell out of my hand and spilled all over the same counter top!  I guess I should have thrown some salt over one of my shoulders or something??

Great place to enjoy some tasty tidbits from Kelly’s Kitchen!

Our stop at Kelly’s Kitchen was very nice.  A nicely covered picnic table, nice breeze (even though it was 90 degrees) and tasty food (Amish cheese, Klements sausage, Amish pork jerky, crackers and the best watermelon of the summer).

We hung out for about an hour before had to make ourselves get a move on.  It was a really nice lunch stop.  We watched a lot of people come and go…most seemed in a hurry to get on down the road.  I’m really glad that Michael and I enjoy taking our time and enjoying the ‘ride’ rather than hurrying from one place to the next.
Back on the road we had 141 miles left to our destination for the night.  We ended up stopping about 50 miles before our overnight stop to fuel up.  Not too bad at $2.91 per gallon for diesel.  $200+ dollars and clean windows later we we’re ready to finish our drive for the day.
We passed back into Eastern time less than 30 minutes from our destination and about the same time we were slowed down when I-70 went from 2 lanes down to one for a small amount of construction.  The construction was about the length of a football field however it put us about 20 minutes or more behind…and there wasn’t even any work being done!

Terre Haute KOA – site 4

We pulled into the Terre Haute KOA about 4:50 pm EST and had a quick check in again since we were already paid in full.  We were escorted to our site (4) and were just able to pull in with enough room to not have to unhitch.  Michael hooked up the water, sewer and electric and we were all set.

Nothing fancy for dinner.  Michael had leftover pizza and garlic knots and I had a big ol’ salad.  While we enjoyed our quick dinner we watched ‘Bad Moms‘.  Turned out to be a pretty cute movie.
We stayed here a few years back (2014 to be exact) for an overnight night then too.  That time we met with friends we hadn’t seen in a while and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food too.  No such luck this time.  You can read about that visit HERE.

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