Warehouse Work & a New Worker!

Posted by on September 15, 2018

Sunday was a pretty quiet day, PTB wise, so that gave us plenty of time to work on the ‘Great Purge’.  Michael worked in the basement while I continued inside (entertainment center, medicine cabinet and cabinet beneath the bathroom sink – DONE!).

Customer pick up at the warehouse!

In the afternoon we took a break and drove over to the warehouse as a customer had made arrangements to pick up a kit that afternoon.  This happened to be a repeat customer…one that purchased with the original owner first.  Now he’s purchased a new trailer and needed disc brakes on the new trailer.  We got him loaded up and unloaded a bunch of stuff that we’d brought with us and were on our way.

Monday we worked from the warehouse.  We touched base with Alyssa, of course, went over some ‘stuff’ and did our normal work.  Before leaving home we’d gotten a call from a customer who we’d been in contact with previously.  He wanted to pick up a kit that afternoon.  Yikes!  Thankfully, we had all of his information already and Alyssa just had to get everything ready.  He arrived at the shop about 10 minutes after paying the invoice, waited for Alyssa to finish getting his kit ready and as soon as she was done, he was gone.

We’re so blessed to have good friends across the US!

Monday night we got together with friend Gus & Debra and had dinner at Ted’s Escondido Cafe in OKC.  They introduced us to the Norman location back in March and we enjoyed it so much we decided to go again…but this time to one of the OKC locations that

was closer to home for both of us.

Delicious Monterrey Chicken

I ordered the Monterrey Chicken with vegetables (very good) while Michael ordered a create your own type of enchilada plate.  Gus went with an enchilada/tamale combination and Debra went with the Monterrey Chicken as well.

Enchiladas three ways

The food was as good as it was the first time around and, as usual, we really enjoyed visiting with our friends.  Dinner lasted a couple of hours and could have lasted even longer but we decided we’d better free the table up for other patrons.

All volunteer run

Tuesday we worked from home.  Michael had heard about a place (Dale K Graham Veterans Foundation) in Norman that helps Veterans with their VA claims and wanted to see if they could help him with his appeal (out there since January 2014!).  He made the journey over to check the place out…I said at home…in bed!

6:00 am and the place was packed

On Tuesdays and Thursday you can go in on a walk in basis…doors open around 5:00 am and they start calling names about 5:30 am and they stop taking people at 8:00 am.  They help as many people as they can during that time frame.  Michael arrived just after 5:00 am and was 78 in line.  They weren’t able to do a whole lot but did give him some advice, papers to fill out and bring back and they’d go from there.  He was done about 9:00 am.  So now we’ll see how it goes from there…

Alyssa teaching Gus how to use one of the shipping programs

Wednesday we were back at the shop to work and to ‘train’ our newest PTB employee, Gus!  Our friend Gus was looking to get out of the house a bit and we were in need of someone to help out at the warehouse on a part-time basis.  Gus will fill in for Alyssa if she’s sick or takes time off and also to help with a new venture we have coming up in a few short weeks that will keep Alyssa a bit busier and she may need extra help.  (more on that later)

Gus, Preston & Michael troubleshooting a actuator

Thursday…back at the shop.  Michael and Gus went out to help Preston and Alyssa who were with a customer who had his brakes installed on Tuesday but didn’t have any brakes when he hitched up to leave that morning.  Preston had tried everything he knew and asked Michael to bring our truck out to see if when it was hooked up to the customers trailer if the brakes worked…they did.

They determined that the customers IV cable (whip as Preston calls it) had a short and the customer was going to get with Chevrolet to resolve the issue.

Friday was our last day in town and we had several errands to run.  We dropped some things off at the thrift store in Norman (Ahhhh!).  It was time for an oil change so we got that out of the way.  We stopped at the warehouse to pick up items to carry back to Indiana with us for the Montana rally (backseat is full!)  Stopped at got a few groceries for the upcoming week.  And found time to get our toes pampered.


We got the oil change done at the Cruise In, which was recommended by Preston, one of our installers.  Nice place, friendly staff, quick work, decent price.  We didn’t even have to get out of the truck!  You get a free car wash with an oil change but they can’t fit a dually so we gave our freebie to Alyssa (our fantastic warehouse worker!) We’ll go back for sure.

Michael getting his toes pampered

We got our toes done at a place in Moore called Royalty Nail Salon and we’d highly recommend the place.  We were treated like ‘royalty’.  Very friendly service, great pedicures, nice massages.  I noticed afterward that their reviews aren’t the best but our experience was definitely a good one…one of the best pedi’s we’ve had in ages.

Rib dinner

We got lunch at Van’s Pig Stand, which is in the same strip mall as the nail place.  Michael wanted some BBQ before we left the ‘south’.  It was just ‘ok’.

Brisket & Rib Plate

I ordered ribs, green beans and cole slaw, Michael had brisket, ribs, baked beans and cole slaw.  The cole slaw was not to our liking.  Michael’s baked beans were alright.  The green beans were very good.  I thought the ribs were lacking in flavor.  Michael agreed that the ribs needed some more flavor but he like his brisket.  Our son, Dan, says we’re BBQ snobs…I guess we are!  LOL

We’ll be hitting the road in the morning(Saturday 9/15)…heading northeast…back to Goshen, Indiana for our last ‘work’ rally of the year…the Montana rally, which starts the 19th.  We’ll take three days to travel the 900 miles.

We got our normal ‘move prep’ done mostly today – Michael:  taking down the satellite dish, unhooked the water and sewer, packed away totes in the basement.  Me:  laundry, prepping tomorrow’s lunch & breakfast, taking tomorrow’s dinner out of the freezer, stowing items for travel, pulling the shades down, etc.

With everything done fairly early in the day we had the evening to relax in our recliners and watch some TV.  We chose a movie from the DVR, Alamo from 2004.  Good movie with a star-studded cast.









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