Shipshe Flea Market, a Birthday Party and Stolen

Posted by on August 4, 2018

Tuesday morning we decided to go out for breakfast at the 5 and 20 which is just a mile or so south of the campground.  We ended up with the same waitress we had for dinner a few nights before, Liz.  Liz is a young Amish woman, very friendly.  She even sat down with us for a short while and chatted about things.  Here husband is a logger and does a lot of traveling so she tries to keep herself busy between waitressing, babysitting and taking care of their farm.

While we were out we stopped at E&S to pick up a few groceries and then went over to Yoder’s Meat & Cheese for some bacon.

Yoder’s Red Barn Shops

We’d never been to the shops at Yoder’s so we decided to mosey through and check them out…saw some beautiful furniture but thankfully we can’t fit a table for 14 in our 5th wheel.  After browsing the shops we figured we might as well walk around the flea market which is right behind Yoder’s and only runs on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays.

We actually found a few Christmas gifts and a few other trinkets at the flea market.  It sprinkled a bit while we walked around but the temperature was fairly moderate so it was pretty pleasant.

We finally picked up the bacon on our way to the truck and ended up getting back home about 3:00 pmish.  That was one LONG breakfast!  🙂

Not an uncommon sight in Indiana Amish Country

When we got home I put some ribs in the Instant Pot and then finished them off on the grill.  While they were cooking I firmed up some reservations for our travels once we leave this are the first part of September.

While it only sprinkled a little bit during the day it rained pretty good that evening…I just love cuddling up at home with the sound of the rain on the roof.  Ahhhh

We made another trip into Elkhart on Wednesday to pick up a couple of suspension items for a couple of customers.  While in town we also picked up a few items at Walmart and saw the newest Mission Impossible movie.  Michael enjoyed it but it was just ‘okay’ for me.  Tom Cruise is getting old and so are all the dramatics that go with a Mission Impossible moves.

Mincho with his little sister Ivanka and his Uncle John John and Aunt Courtney

Thursday we spent a couple of hours over at John and Barbara’s (our installers) helping them celebrate their grandson, Mincho’s, 4th birthday.  Mincho’s father is from Bulgaria and Mincho is a family name.  This is one of the cutest and smartest little guys I’ve ever met.  He reads and spells…not a lot of just turned 4-year-old can do that.

Friday we had tickets to see ‘Stolen’ at the Blue Gate Theater.  It was a musical and done very well.  We really enjoyed it.  The cast was all very good but of course there were a couple of stand outs who did an excellent job of acting and/or singing.

This production was head and shoulders above the last one we saw (Don’t Kick the Turkeys).  We’ve been to a couple of plays at the Blue Gate before and they were always good.  We’d never been to a play at Heritage Hall and I’d have to think about going again.  It was reasonable enough so that would be one plus to get us to go back.

Saturday the bottom fell out and we were inundated with ‘last minute’ customers wanting to have installs done at the Grand Design National rally at the end of this month.  The rally is just 5 days long and we already had 6 installs scheduled and then had 9 new customers contact us about getting installs done.  We’re trying to get them all worked in as John and his son plan on doing two installs a day.

I guess the rally organizers sent out a newsletter with the information in it and that’s why we were bombarded…yikes!

The KZ rally starts tomorrow (8/5) and we have a few installs scheduled but not too many.  Michael has a seminar on Monday afternoon but we haven’t heard much from the rally organizers so don’t really know what to expect.  We’ll just see how it goes.




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