A Week in Amish Country

Posted by on July 29, 2018

We had a really nice week which allowed us time to visit with friends…new and old.

Sunday 7/22

We had a knock on our door and the gentleman on the other side of it introduced himself as ‘Ricky’, someone who followed our blog and also was a Heartland Owner.  His wife was out in the truck and Ricky went and got here and they both came inside and we visited for a couple of hours.

Very good…and easy too!

It turns out that they’re from the Houston area and are actually in our chapter (we have over 200 rigs in our chapter and just don’t know all the names!).  They love the Amish and at the spur of the moment decided to come to this area for a quick getaway.  We had a really nice visit and hoped we’d see them again before they left.

I tried a new recipe for Grilled Pineapple Chicken for dinner that night and it turned out really good…we’ll definitely have it again sometime.

Monday 7/23

Monday didn’t seem nearly as busy as our typical Monday but maybe that was because we’d been so busy the previous week that even Monday seemed tame in comparison.

We ended up not having breakfast until 11:00 am as we had quite a few people stop by to chat or ask questions.  One of our visitors was Ricky (from the night before) who stopped by to ask if we’d be interested in having dinner together.

After breakfast I went over to E&S to pick up some groceries…mostly fresh produce and a few fresh-baked pieces of pie and home-made cookies.  We’ve gotten to the point where we enjoy a sweet treat in the evening while we watch TV.

Our new friends…Ricky & Rose

Ricky and Rose came by about 5:00 pm and we drove south to Topeka where Tiffany’s Restaurant is located.  We’d been there three years before on the recommendation of our friends Dan & Karen and enjoyed it.  It’s just a small restaurant with good home-cooking and is popular with the local Amish community.

Michael’s skimpy chicken…

Michael and I ordered just the opposite of what we did three years ago…Michael went with fried chicken and I had the beef Manhattan.  I really enjoyed my meal…very good flavors.  Michael was served the smallest pieces of chicken in history I think.

…my yummy Manhattan

Our dinner spanned nearly 2 hours and we had a lot to discuss and learn about each other.  Rose is very quiet but Ricky takes up her slack.  He was filled with questions about full-timing and how to go about doing things.  I think Ricky would like to travel more but Rose enjoys being near her family so their trips are on the shorter side but they seem to enjoy their travels…and that’s all that really matters!

Tuesday 7/24

We got a treat in the middle of the day when we took a couple of hours off to meet friends Mel & June at Amy’s Pizza on the north side of Shipshewana.

Mel and June!

We met Mel and June two summers ago when we all workamped at Anderson Cove Campground in Huntsville, Utah.  June and I had a bit of a rough start but by the end of the summer we worked together really well.

I enjoyed the pizza while it was hot…not so much as leftovers

We were both surprised when we found out on Facebook that we were both in Shipshewana!  Once we figured it out we quickly made plans to get together.  I’d heard that Amy’s was good and when June said that pizza was one of Mel’s favorite things…it was a no brainer!

Once again, our meal last for a couple of hours and we had a good visit catching up on the last two years.  Mel and June spent the summer of 2017 in Alaska and have purchased a new camper since we last saw them so we had a lot to go over!

Wednesday 7/25

We made plans to go into Elkhart (about 20 miles west) on Monday to run a few errands and see a movie.  However, before leaving town we decided to stop for breakfast at the Wana Cup.  Michael got his normal (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns & pancakes) but I tried a breakfast ‘Amish Haystack’.  If you’ve been following my blog long you’ve heard of Amish Haystacks for dinner (taco meat with a bunch of fixings)…so of course I was curious about a Breakfast Haystack.


The Breakfast Haystack starts with biscuits that are smothered with eggs, diced ham, diced green pepper & onion (cooked) and hashbrowns that is all covered with gravy and topped with a touch of shredded cheese.  Very good…but a LOT of food…definitely should have gone with the half order.

Part of the product we picked up…Michael had already started loading it in the truck.

After breakfast we headed into Elkhart where our first stop was MorRyde so that we could pick up some product to have on hand for our next few rallies.  We were met by Gary, who had everything ready for us so we could just load it into the truck.

Then it was a fairly quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few items before heading over to the movie theater to watch the movie ‘Tag’.  The movie is based on a true story of friends who have been playing ‘Tag’ since they were in school…over 30 years.  They live all over the country and have all kinds of different professions so the game takes on some pretty funny twists as they dress up on custom to sneak up on their prey.  The game is only played one month out of the year but many of them use the rest of the year to plot and plan.  Good movie!

Thursday 7/26

We met a gentleman at the Redwood rally who we really seemed to click with.  He and his wife are from Texas, he’s a retired police officer and they have been fulltiming for several years.  While discussing disc brakes we decided we really should get together.

Michael and I and Mike & Tina

Thursday we picked Mike & Tina up and we drove the half mile or so to the 5 and 20 Restaurant.  I, once again, ordered the beef Manhattan and enjoyed it….not sure which I preferred…but I’m leaning toward the one at Tiffany’s.  The rest of the group went with the buffet which held, pork chops, ribs, fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, stuffing, potatoes, creamed peas, etc.  They all seemed to enjoy it so I’d say it was a success.

As usual, our dinner turned into a 2+ hour event that we thoroughly enjoyed.  Since we’re similar in age we had a lot of commonalities besides RVing so we had a lot to talk about.  Our kids are close in age which means our grandbabies are too.  Plus, their daughter lives near where we did a lot of gate guarding and they stay at an RV park where we had our last rally!  Small world.

Friday 7/27

Ahhhh….my happy place

Michael and I did a little organizing of product in the shed where the campground is nice enough to let us store our things while we’re here.  We had another shipment arriving that day so we wanted to be ready when it got here.

That’s a big truck to carry two little axles!

Later that afternoon we were surprised when we got a phone call from a Dexter delivery driver who was bringing us an order of axles.  A couple of reasons we were surprised.  1.  The promise date on the order wasn’t until 7/31…4 days EARLY!  2.  We never expected Dexter to make the delivery…it’s always been by FedEx in the past.  Turns out that since the factory that made these axles is just 40 miles away they just have their driver deliver.

Saturday 7/28

I’ve reserved tickets for us to attend a couple of different events while we’re in this area and Saturday was our first event.  We saw a play at the Essenhaus’ Heritage Hall called Don’t Kick the Turkeys.  It was a comedy and have good moments of laughter in it.

Three of the actors during one of the scenes.

Not to sound rude and uppity but I thought it was pretty amateurish.  I didn’t expect Shakespearean actors but I did expect a bit more.  We’ve been to a LOT of plays…professional and non-professional.  NYC plays, high school plays, college plays, community plays, etc so I don’t think I’m being too critical.  However, it seemed like the majority of the audience enjoyed the play and the acting and that’s what really counts.

However, I will say that there were a few points in the play where some of the actors sang….and wow…what beautiful voices they had.

Running Performance Trailer Braking is a lot of work…(somehow Michael didn’t realize it would be before we started) but we really are having fun…meeting so many great people.  We have been so blessed being able to spend time with old friends and making new friends.  We have three rallies in the month of August and I can only imagine the fun we’ll have!




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