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Posted by on July 21, 2018

Is this the one??

We started our week off with a visit to the Heartland corporate office in Elkhart to meet with Andy W so he could walk through a coach with a floor plan we’re interested in.  There aren’t many out there yet but he had a couple on the factory lot for us to take a look at.

While Michael and Andy discussed possible changes/updates to certain things I did some measuring of cabinets and storage spaces so I could plan ahead if this happens to be the coach we move forward on.

Hi John!

We were a few minutes early for our meeting with Andy so I messaged John who used be my ‘boss’ when I was blogging for Heartland to see if he was available for a quick ‘hello’.  He was and came out to the lobby where we visited for a few minutes before he headed back to work and we joined Andy for our meeting.

Back at the campground, Michael and I walked around to a few coaches so that Michael could take some axle tag pictures.  We ended up parting ways for the last one…Michael went on his own and I headed home.  On my way, I heard my name called and looked around to see who was calling me.  I figured it was one of the Redwood owners I’d met since being here…but it was coming from a woman in a Montana…hmmm.  I had NO earthly idea who she was.

Sandra and her husband (I forgot to ask his name!)

Come to find out, Sandra W., has been following my blog for a couple of years and knew we were going to be at this park and happened to see me walking by.  Sandra started following the blog back in 2016 when we were workamping at Anderson Cove Campground and continues to follow.  Her husband even realized who we were when he said, ‘Oh!  You’re the ones with the disc brake business.’  LOL  Seems she follows a few blogs and that was the easiest way for him to figure out which blog writer I was.

I’m SO glad Sandra stopped me!  I just wished she’d have said something earlier so we’d have had a bit more time to get to know each other as they were leaving the next morning.

Anyway…’Hi Sandra!  Safe travels to you.  Holler if we’re in the same area again!’

We’ve had a pretty darn busy week.  Tuesday I created a bunch of invoices for our upcoming Grand Design National rally next month along with regular customer invoices.

Wednesday Michael had the first seminar of the week starting at 9:15.  It was actually a combined disc brake and tire seminar that he zipped through in about an hour and fifteen minutes…he’d been allotted an hour and a half, so he did good!

The sign helped rope them in since we were kinda hidden behind a tree!

After a seminar business usually picks up and this was no exception.  People seemed to flock to our site, where we had a small display set up under the awning.  Customers inquired about disc brakes, suspension systems, tires, bearings, tire gauges, caliper bolts.  It was crazily awesome. We worked until nearly 10:00 pm that night getting everything squared away.

We had three installs scheduled before we ever arrived for this rally and by the end of the week, John did a total of 12 installs in nine days, doubling up on three days.

Thankfully, we, as vendors, had the option to pay to participate in two catered meals.  Wednesday night was our first catered meal – burgers, hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad.  Nothing special but in the middle of a LONG day it was very welcomed.

Thursday was busy…but much more laid back than the previous two days.  I stayed home and manned our ‘booth’ under our awning and took care of emails and invoicing.  Michael, on the other hand, began running around like a mad man.  LOL

We had some customer, last minute, who wanted tires and Michael was able to work with a rep here in Elkhart (thanks to Andy at Heartland!) who was able to supply us with tires for our customers!  So Michael drove to Elkhart and picked up the nine tires.

Worked from outside both Wednesday and Thursday

While he was there, he looked into seeing if they could supply him with 4 tires AND rims for a Canadian customer here at the rally who had ordered tires, which was cancelled by Tredit two days before they were supposed to ship them here because they were no longer making them.  Ugh! Anyway…MY Mikey came through and Elkhart Tredit agreed to supply him with those tires too…he just had to go back the following day to pick them up…and then get them mounted and balanced.

That evening we had our second catered meal.  This one, MUCH better than the night before.  We had chicken, BBQ ribs, salad, cole slaw, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, dinner roll and dessert.  Everything was very tasty.  Both meals were catered by Nelson’s, who always caters for our Heartland rallies too.  Nice job.

Friday was a fairly peaceful day for me.  It rained on and off throughout the day and pretty hard at times.  We’d broken down our ‘booth’ under the awning so the wind didn’t rip the awning off.  But I had the door open all day…there just wasn’t a whole lot of people milling about in the rain.  I created a few invoices (I think we had our highest sales week to date this week) and even finished watching a movie I stared a few weeks ago.

Fill ‘er up??

Michael, on the other hand, ran around like a chicken with its head cut off….in the rain!  It rained a good portion of the day and he was out in most of it.  First thing he did was change out 32 lug nuts for a customer who purchased them from us.  Not a hard task, thankfully.

Then he ran back and forth between the campground and a tire shop just a few miles down the road.  He’d remove the tires from the customers coach, taken the new tires and old tires over to the tire place and have the old tires taken off the rims and put the new tires on the rims.  Then it was back to the campground to install the new tires on the coach.  All while dodging the rain drops…ok…so he came home and changed twice since he was soaked.  I guess he didn’t dodge well enough.  LOL

In the midst of all of that running back and forth he had one customer who just needed one tire.  Michael got all of the running back and forth done for this job and then later in the afternoon got a call from the customer asking Michael if he was going to put the tire on.  Come to find out that Michael had taken the tire off, taken it to have the new tire put on the old rim, brought it back over to the customers site and then left it leaning against the picnic table.  LOL  He must have gotten interrupted in the middle of going back to put it on and completely forgot he hadn’t put it back on the coach!

And in the middle of all that running around he made a trip back to Elkhart to pick up the tires and rims for another customer.  To say he was tired by the end of the day is an understatement.  Not to mention he did all of that while his back was acting up.  Proud of my baby!

Not a Wisconsin fish fry…but it served it’s purpose!

We ended the day by going to dinner at the Blue Gate.  I’d seen that they had a fish fry and Michael was game…so we went.  The fish was actually pretty good.  It came with fries, hush puppies and cole slaw.  We both ordered a cup of potato soup too.  Both of us left most of our fries and hush puppies on the plate and concentrated on the fish.

Saturday was another rainy day.  Michael started the day off by grabbing the kit for the mornings install and taking it to the site so that it was there for John to install.  The park has been great in letting us use one of their garages to store our kits in.  So Michael tried each day, to pick up a kit from the garage and delivered it to the site for that days install.  Sometimes he took them over the night before…just depended on whether it was raining or not.

Saturday was the last official day of the rally so several coaches left but there were sill plenty of people who stayed.  It was rather quiet for us, rally wise.  But that gave us a good opportunity to get caught up on emails and phone calls that were needing to be caught up on.

Our next rally is the KZ rally which is held right here at the same park so no moving for us.  We’ll be able to be semi-normal for the next 12 days or so!




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  1. Jim Beletti

    Sounds like a successful rally to me for you guys. Say hi to Bev and Jane for me 🙂

  2. Ricky Sonnier

    Hello my wife Rose and I are Landmark San Jacinta 2013 with full body paint. We are camped here in Shipshewana campground south, with a lot of the Red Woods. Would like to meet up on Sunday if you’ll available. Each summer we try to go to Amish Country. Love it here. I am member of the Heartland Landmark club

    • Kelly

      Hi Ricky!

      Thanks so much for stopping by today it was wonderful meeting you!

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