Bismarck, ND to Hudson, WI

Posted by on June 29, 2018

Another LONG travel day (450 miles) ahead of us we were up much too early (5:30 for me, 6:00 for Michael) Michael had a quick bite to eat – cereal and I took my yogurt in the truck.  We were out the door hitching up about 7:15 am and pulled out of the park (after dropping our garbage off) at 7:31 am.

Eerie book, to be sure!

We finished our most recent Lum & Abner cds a couple of days ago (we have a new set waiting for us at Zack & Kelseas!) and decided today to start listening to one of the books on cd we had in the truck.  We chose, Cell, by Stephen King.

Kelly’s Kitchen!

We stopped a little after noon for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.  It was 87 degrees out but we had a nice table in the shade and there was a nice breeze so we were comfortable.  We hung out for about an hour – mostly scanning the internet but also answered a couple of emails and Michael took a couple of phone calls.

Passing through the Twin Cities

We only had 160 miles left when we got back on the road and just as the first part of the trip went quickly so did the second half.  Even passing through Minneapolis/St Paul  at 3:30/4:00 pm on a Friday afternoon.  The road got a bit more congested and we had a little bit of a slow down at one point…but otherwise traffic flowed smoothly.  The other side of the road, on the other hand…not so much!  Thankfully, we have been blessed this trip with always being on the right side of the road!

Crazy HOT heat!

What a SCORCHER it was today!  We reached 104 at one point, in the truck, and I saw that the heat index was at 109…yowza!  What a day to boondock!  That would be why we decided to make sure both of our 40 gallon propane tanks were topped off yesterday.  We’ll be running the generator ALL night, I’m sure!

Before pulling into the Walmart parking lot for the night we stopped across the street at Panera Bread for dinner.  Before going inside, Michael turned the generator on in the coach and then let the ac run while we ate so that it was cooled off a bit when we finally did retire.

We were at Panera for about an hour before we decided to mosey on ‘home’.  Michael called ahead to be sure it was ok to plant ourselves in the parking lot overnight and was told it was ok….but that they wanted us to park at the far end…near Wendy’s which was fine with us.

Home for the night. Hudson, WI Walmart

Rather than backing in, Michael pulled straight in as the parking lot was sloped toward the store and it was easier for us to level out a bit going in that direction.  There were two other campers here when we arrived – one with no tow vehicle.  We’ll see if we have any others arrive as it is still early.

It’s been a LONG week and we are both exhausted…we’ll see how late we make it tonight…I’m not banking on much past 8:00 pm.

Besides…the earlier to bed…the earlier to get up…the earlier I get my grandbaby HUGS!



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