Miles City, MT to Bismarck, ND

Posted by on June 28, 2018

Tuesday we turned out the light about 9:45 pm and I was up about 7:00 am…Michael followed about half an hour later or so.

We answered some emails, Michael got a couple of phone calls and we had a quick breakfast (hard boiled eggs and a pastry from yesterday’s visit to Wheat Montana).

Compared to the last two days today’s 271 miles looked awesome!  We ended up pulling out of the Miles City, Montana Walmart just a few minutes after 9:00 am on Wednesday morning.

Oh crud!

About 90 miles into our trip we had another RVer pull along side us and the woman in the passenger seat was waving her arms to indicate something was wrong.  We pulled over right away and Michael went to inspect (I went in the house to pee!) at first he only saw that the back landing jack on the driver’s side of the coach was partial down so he brought that up all the way but decided to double check.

Good thing he did as he found that the spring hanger on that side of the coach was broken.  I checked my ‘Next Exit’ book and found that there was a Cenex station 18 miles away that advertised ‘service’ in it’s description.  We very carefully made our way there and Michael went and got someone to look at it.  He called a welder right away and we were told it would be about 30 minutes before he could get to us.

The welder arrived after an hour and quickly made his assessment and was off to get parts…saying he’d be back in about an hour.

Of course, Michael assisted the welder by lying under the coach with him…

We walked across the street to the Tastee Hut and got some lunch.  They have a HUGE menu and we each ordered the Codfish Nuggets and they turned out to be REALLY good.  We hung out in the air conditioning for about an hour and a half before we walked back to wait in the truck.

The welder came back about 2:15 pm and worked on getting the old hanger off so that he could weld on the new hanger.

North Dakota has some pretty cool scenery

Our little snafu put us behind by about 4.5  hours but we are thankful that the Lord watched out for us and brought it to our attention early.  And that the little town of Wibaux, Montana (population 649) had an experienced welder nearby that was available to help us out.

Now…just to get the northeast corner filled in!

We entered North Dakota about 15 minutes after we were back on the road!  Woohoo!  You know what that means??  Another sticker got added to our map!  Now we just have to get to the northeast and get the rest of the continental states filled in!

We also crossed into central time zone shortly after 5:00pm MST/6:00 pm CST.  We’ll only be back in CST for less than a week…but when that’s what you’re used to… You know what I mean. Oh well.

Bismarck KOA – site 77

We pulled into the Bismarck KOA about 7:00 pm and were greeted by a very friendly young man, Adam, at the front desk.  (turns out he is the son of the owners)  He got us checked in and we traded a couple of stories back and forth and then his dad led us to our site.

The father, Kyle, guided Michael into our back in site like an expert.  It wasn’t the easiest site to get into but with Kyle leading Michael we got back in perfectly.  We got set up fairly quickly…nothing much to do other than hook up sewer, water and electric.

Once settled, I warmed up some dinner (Swedish meatballs for Michael, buttered noodles for me) and we got comfy in our recliners for the rest of the night.  It had been a long 3 days and we were tired!  LOL

After a good nights sleep (I was up about 8:00 and Michael about 9:30) we cleaned up some work and then headed to the 12:30 showing of Solo:  A Star Wars Story.  We both really enjoyed the movie.  I would say it’s probably my favorite of ALL the Star Wars movies.  You get a lot of answers and find out a lot of the ‘who’s, what’s and whys’….great job!

Fun to watch these guys cook the food

After the movie we grabbed some lupper at HuHot…a Mongolian Grill place.  You load up a bowl with your choices (meats, noodles, various veggies and then select sauces to make your own creation.  Once your bowl is full you hand it off to one of the ‘chefs’ who grill it on a big round grill and then plate it and hand it back to you.  It’s a fun experience…plus tasty to boot.

Back home we did some laundry, work and stowed the few things we had out in preparation for tomorrow’s drive.  Michael also had the propane tanks filled up and ran and filled up the truck with diesel too.

We plan to drive about 450 miles tomorrow…we’ll be overnighting at the Walmart in Hudson, Wisconsin, which is just over the Minnesota border.  Then it will be on to grandbaby hugs!




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  1. crpeine

    So glad someone waved you down and you found someone to repair your rig. God really is good, isn’t he? Enjoy your visit with those grandbabies!!!

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