Travel Day: Missoula, MT to Miles City, MT

Posted by on June 26, 2018

BIG breakfast

We were up about 7:15 and didn’t mess around much….pretty much got dressed, gathered our stuff and headed out the door.

When you overnight in a Cracker Barrel parking lot it’s just appropriate to thank them by having breakfast in their fine establishment, don’t ya think??  We think so too…so that’s just what we did.  It’s a nice way to start off a travel day…with full tummies and happy hearts.

There she is!

We pulled out of the parking lot about 8:30 and head on down the road…although it wasn’t but about an hour and it was time for our first potty stop of the day!  I took the opportunity to take picture of our home too!

We’d seen several of our RVing friends stop at Wheat Montana in Three Forks, Montana recently and since we were passing right by and it was lunch time…we stopped too!

Good stuff!

Wheat Montana is a store/restaurant specializing in (you guessed it!) wheat-based products grown locally.  They offer breads, cereals, pastries and sandwiches.  We each ordered a sandwich for lunch and picked up some bread and pastries to enjoy for breakfast as we travel.

We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our very good sandwiches.  Michael ordered a turkey club variant and I ordered a ‘Rachel’ (warm – turkey, swiss cheese, sauerkraut & thousand island dressing).  Both were very good.  There were served with chips and a pickle (I stole Michael’s!)  Definitely a stop if you’re ever passing by Three Forks, Montana!

Still snow on some of the mountain tops!

We were back on the road about 12:45 and though we had 177 miles under our belt already…we still had 315 left to go!  Ugh!  315 miles is normally on our high end of travel days.

The afternoon drug on and we did everything we could to pass the time.  We listened to music, called customers, answered calls from customers, fielded emails (me), enjoyed the scenery and listened to our traveling companions, Lum & Abner’s radio show via cd.

Calling it a day….

We arrived at the Walmart in Miles City, Montana about 6:00 pm and were very happy for it.  While Michael leveled us up a bit and took some pressure off the hitch I got tomorrow’s address set in the GPS so we’re ready to go.  There were 3 other rigs here when we arrived and a couple more arrived after us.

We had an hour or so of work to do so we turned on the generator and got the inside of the coach cooled off.  Neither of us were hungry so we passed on dinner.

Tomorrow we get to add a sticker to our map!  We’ll hit North Dakota and will spend two nights in Bismarck so we can get a little recoup time before we head on to Wisconsin for a quick visit with the grandbabies (and their mamas and papas)

By 8:00 pm we were all done and ready to call it a day.  491 miles is WAY more than we care to do again any time soon!


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