Travel Sm: La Grande, OR to Missoula, MT

Posted by on June 25, 2018

I’m going to try to post every day as we travel back east so I don’t have one big post at the end.  The posts shouldn’t be long…just a snippet (unless something exciting happens!) to let you know how we’re doing.

We had 326 miles to travel today and being Monday the morning was a bit hectic as we tried to get ready to hit the road and also field phone calls and emails from customers.  Despite the busyness of the morning we were able to pull out of the Grande Hot Springs RV Resort about 9:30 am.

Rather than heading back the exact way we came we decided to go north into Washington first so we could see a little different scenery and it only added on less than 20 miles to our trip.

Lovin’ the view…

We had a beautiful day to travel – sunny and fairly mild temps…not even 80 degrees.  When we stopped for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen we had a beautiful table in the shade with a pretty view of the rolling hills across the interstate.

Since we were in no real hurry to get anywhere since we were staying at a Walmart for the night we took our time, enjoyed our yummy salads, perused the internet and just enjoyed being outside in such gorgeous weather.

A little congested but not bad

We ended up passing through Spokane about 3:30…rush hour…nice timing on our part.  We only had one point where we came to a stop.  Other than that traffic got pretty heavy but we continued to move and a pretty good speed.

About 25 miles from our overnight stop we decided to keep going and drive all the way to Missoula…an additional 120 miles or so.

However, we needed some fuel to keep us going so we stopped in the little town of Wallace, Idaho…parked on the street outside the Red Light Garage and went in for some dinner.

That’s a lotta stuff to examine while eatin’!

We both ordered burgers and enjoyed them while checking out all of the eclectic ‘junk’ around the restaurant.  License plates, marionettes, lamps, signs, stuffed animals…you name it.  A cool, fun place to enjoy a meal before heading back out on the road.

Home for the night!

We planned to spend the night at the Walmart in Missoula but as we were nearing Missoula we saw and sign for a Cracker Barrel…and it just so happened to be at the same exit as the Walmart…so we changed plans for a third time and pulled into the Cracker Barrel parking lot about 9:30 pm MST (we changed to MST about an hour and a half before arriving).

We got settled in for the night, I did a little bit of work, finished this post and hit the hay.




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