La Grande, Oregon

Posted by on June 25, 2018

Very pretty terrain in Oregon

Monday 6/18 was a travel day for us….just over 200 miles to La Grande, Oregon…our farthest point west on this trip.

Just waiting for us!

We had an uneventful trip and pulled into the Grand Hot Springs RV Resort at just about noon…just in time to see the Old Dominion truck delivering our product for the installs that were already set up for this rally.

Grand Hot Springs RV Resort – Site 71

After checking in we made our way to site 71, our home for the next week, and got set up easily enough.  Michael even put out the satellite dish and I put out a few knickknacks so that it really felt like home.

Josh and Heather (our installers) arrived in town about an hour after we did and we made plans for them to come by the following day so that the four of us could go through the product to make sure it was all there and that everything was as it should be.

Going through freight

Josh and Heather came by about noon on Tuesday and between the four of us we went through everything in about an hour.  We found several small parts missing or incorrect, made a call to Alyssa to have her ship some brackets to us and made a note to contact Dexter to have replacements sent to the warehouse.

We visited with some of the rally-goers (nice group of folks) throughout the day and also met some of the customers who had installs scheduled during the rally.

After we finished up going through our order from Dexter we took Josh and Heather out for dinner at Mamacita’s International Grill…an early dinner since it was only about 2:00 pm or so.  We had a really nice dinner and even better conversation.  I think everyone was happy with their meal choices (Heather – chicken pasta dish, Josh – Waygu burger, Michael – normal burger, Me – bleu steak).

As we were dining we noticed a small farmers market being set up right outside the restaurant so after dinner we all made a quick walk through and each ended up picking up some fresh fruits (berries & cherries) and veggies (cucumbers) before heading our separate ways for the night.

Nice turn out for the disc brake seminar

Michael did a disc brake presentation on Wednesday morning and had an awesome turn out…at least 30 people, I’d say.  I assisted by changing slides as he went through the presentation.  There was a quite a lot of interest and I believe we’ll probably get several additional sales stemming from this rally.

Discussing tactics…

Josh and Heather had installs on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and had very happy campers by the end of each day.  You can’t imagine the smiles on people faces the first time they are able to use their new brakes after they’ve been installed….it’s such a HUGE difference.

Wednesday we had a light sprinkle of rain in the middle of the afternoon…not enough to bother Josh and Heather as they worked, thankfully.  About 6:00 pm (well after J&H were done for the day) it rained again…but this time the rain also brought pea-sized hail.

Later that evening about 8:45  or so it rained again…but this time it down-poured…buckets and buckets.  It thundered, lightening-ed and poured…for a LONG time….so long that a good portion of the campground was covered in water.  We had a nice ‘lake’ between us and our neighbor and the fountain at the entrance of the park overflowed flooding the driveway to the park office.  Thankfully, by late afternoon most, if not all, of the water had been absorbed into the ground.

Michael and I have been plagued by a nagging cough/congestion cruddy crud since not longer after leaving Pueblo, Colorado.  With a LONG trip looming over us as we head back east we decided to go to the walk-in clinic on Thursday to get some meds to hopefully get us back on track.  I was just afraid if we didn’t, we’d be in the middle of our trip back in the big middle of nowhere and Michael would end up with bronchitis like he did back in March.

We both ended up with three prescriptions, more precautionary since we will be traveling.  I’m glad we went as it’s a huge piece of mind knowing we have meds (antibiotics for both, steroid for Michael, Flonase for me and cough pills for both).  Now…lets just hope they help!

Check out all those loose toppings!

By the time we got done at the clinic it was 7:00 pm and we were hungry.  We stopped at Local Harvest Eatery & Pub for some pizza.  We ordered a medium pizza – half specialty pizza (pepperoni, sausage, salami, bacon) and half create your own (ham, pineapple, green pepper, red onion and ground beef).

Michael liked it…me not so much.  Michael wanted a thicker crust but this bottom crust was wafer thin…but the crust around the edge was thick…but not really cooked enough.  Topping amounts were good.  Sauce was a bit skimpy.

The biggest drawback for me was that the cheese was placed on topped of the sauce, which was on the bottom layer and then all of the toppings were on top of the cheese which left all of the toppings with nothing to hold them in place…so everything fell of the pizza.

I went into town on Friday and picked up our prescriptions and did some grocery shopping to tide us over until we get across the country.  While I was gone Michael worked on rearranging the basement to make room for some stuff we’ve been carrying in the backseat (work stuff).  He also answered questions from rally-goers who stopped by as well as customers who called on the phone.

For dinner, I tried new recipe for my Instant Pot and it turned out really well…it’ll be made again, especially since I thought Michael was going to lick his plate at one point.  It’s a pretty easy and straight forward recipe for Swiss Steak.  I served it with mashed potatoes and green beans and it made a filling comfort meal.

Electric drums…some almost new

Saturday while Heather and Josh did their magic on the last trailer at the rally, Michael and I took the old electric drum brakes to the recycling center in La Grande.  We were hoping we wouldn’t have to pay to dispose of them and since they were all metal (and they get $$ for recycling them) we didn’t have to pay anything.  The trip took us all of 30 minutes at the most.

My he-man lifting/dumping those heavy things!

We had several customers stop by on Saturday to order brakes and we were happy to accommodate.  This turned out to be a very nice rally and I’m sure we’ll try to get back out here again next year…if not us…at least one of our installers.

Rally attendees started pulling out bright and early Sunday morning and by noon a good portion were gone…however there were still quite a few hold outs.

Union Market and the creek beside it.

We took a quick drive over the small town of Union in the afternoon.  We’d been told we should see the Historic Union Hotel.  We stopped at the Union Market first and each grabbed an ice cream bar and enjoyed it as we walked down the street – first stopped at a little creek that runs right next to the market and then at the City Park which is on the other side of the creek.  We enjoyed our ice cream as we sat in an old gazebo in the park that provided shade for us.

Right next to the park on the opposite side of the creek and market sits the hotel.  We perused the outside of the building (built in 1921) while we snacked on our ice cream.  The outside has definitely seen better days and now houses a small RV park (6 sites maybe) in the back.

The Historic Union Hotel built in 1921

The front is a bit more welcoming but could still use some help.  A sign on the front porch says, ‘Visitors Welcome’ so we moseyed on inside to check out the lobby, parlor and restaurant.  The architecture inside is gorgeous but the furnishings need help.  Mostly a bunch of junk furniture thrown about.

The parlor is a gorgeous room with windows covering two sides of the room.  Its used for customers to watch TV, relax and socialize.  However, someone on the staff has turned a portion of it into their office and there is paperwork strewn from here to there and everywhere….making it pretty uninviting.

Cute little restaurant with a very small menu

The small restaurant is very pretty and in much better shape than the parlor.  There’s a small bar in one corner with tables on the opposite side of the room…once again, there are windows on two sides of the room.

The front desk was beautifully carved wood flanked by two gorgeous staircases…again made of beautifully carved wood.

It would have been interesting to be able to tour a few of their ‘themed’ rooms to see what kind of shape they were in.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for looking at the pictures on their website.

Michael spent all morning cleaning up the truck and getting it nice and spiffy for our long haul back east.

We’ll be traveling a total of 2194 miles to our final destination of Elkhart, Indiana.  We’ll have just two stops that are 2-nighters (Bismarck, ND and Mt. Horeb, WI) the rest are just 1-nighters.  We’ll make a total of 6 stops on the way and try our best not to go stir crazy as we don’t normally drive that many days in a row but we need to be in Elkhart by July 3 for the Crossroads rally.  We’ll be listening to our Lum and Abner cds which will help the time go by quickly. 😉



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