Mountain Home, ID

Posted by on June 17, 2018

We pulled out of the Wasatch View Estates RV Park at just about 9:00 am on Thursday 6/14 and made our way north on I-15/I-84…and continuing on I-84 when I-15 split off to the east.

After an hour and 15 minutes on the road we crossed over into Idaho and there wasn’t much change in terrain…still very hilly and mountainous…very pretty.

Hooray for lunch on the patio!

We stopped about 50 miles short of our destination to have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.  This was the first time in a LONG time that we’d been able to enjoy a travel day lunch out on the patio.  It was in the low 70s and sunny but our shelter kept us in the shade (and out of the wind) so it was a bit chilly for Michael who grabbed a jacket from inside the coach.

We relaxed and enjoyed our lunch (cheese, sausage, crackers, fruit and nuts).  I created an invoice for a customer and emailed it off and then we just surfed the internet…checking emails and Facebook and playing a game or two.

Mountain Home RV Park – site 36

We only traveled about 250 miles so by the time we were done with lunch and back in the truck we ended up arriving at the Mountain Home RV Park in Mountain Home, Idaho about 3:00 pm.  We were checking in by a very friendly and helpful woman who gave us the park ‘lowdown’ and then escorted to our site by a gentleman on a golf cart who took us on a tour of half of the park because he took the wrong turn first.  LOL

The park is very nice – salt water pool, rec room, paved pull through sites, grass, trees, picnic tables…it would definitely be a place I would come back to if we’re in the area again longer than the four nights we were here this time.

Friday was a fairly busy day, invoicing wise…which is good.  I had a friend mention that he and his wife were pulling for us and the business and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that!  I’m sure that several of you are wondering how things are going with Performance Trailer Braking, so I thought I’d update everyone.

Business is good (too good sometimes! LOL).  We have surpassed the old owners numbers (sales wise) every month since November, except for December.  Dan gives us a sales goal to beat every month and we’ve either beat that goal or came very close to it.  The old owner only had one month of sales over $100k and lets just say that we’ve beat that more than once.

I’m not gonna lie…it’s a lot of work…more work than Michael expected.  But it’s not hard work.  I love administrative work – so my portion of the work is enjoyable.  And Michael is a born talker…so his portion is a good match too.  The frustrating part is dealing with a vendor who is dealing with new employee errors (LOTS of them), shipping errors, not shipping on time, etc etc etc.  But…it is what it is…and if you see me drinking a glass of wine (or six) you’ll know why!

Fattyz Pizza…Mountain Home, ID

Michael’s been hankering for some pizza for quite a while so I promised him when we got to Idaho we’d get some pizza.  I found Fattyz Pizza on Yelp and it had good reviews and was only a little more than a mile from the RV Park…WIN/WIN!

We ordered the ‘Awesomeness’ pizza (Ham, Pineapple, Bacon, Pepperoni and jalapeno) minus the jalapenos which we substituted green pepper and added red onions.  We also ordered garlic knots which were very good and the marinara dipping sauce was perfect.  The pizza in my opinion was perfect…the amount of toppings, the size of the toppings, the crust was crispy and the sauce wasn’t overbearing.  Michael like the pizza too… but would have preferred the crust to be a bit thicker.

Back home we took advantage of the mild temps (70s) and sat outside just enjoying…everything for a while before we moved inside to finish out the day watching some shows from the DVR.

The rest of our weekend was quiet and fairly relaxing.  We had bbq ribs for dinner on Saturday and ate out on the patio.  Weather was gorgeous…mild temps, a little overcast, little wind.  Just right.

Our neighbor (for the night) stopped by and chatted with us for a while.  He and his wife are from Texas and just bought a small motorhome and are checking out the west coast for a couple of months.  He was a chatty one.  I think we may have learned more about him and his family in the 30 minutes we talked with him than we do some people we’ve known for years!

Sunday being Father’s Day we didn’t do much more than run to the commissary on Mountain Home Air Force Base and grab some grub on the way back home.  We did send out four invoices, answer emails and answer and make phones calls for work though.

Tomorrow we head even further west….to La Grande, Oregon for the NROA (Northwood RV Owner Association) rally.





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