Ogden, Utah

Posted by on June 14, 2018

We planned to leave about 9:00 am Tuesday morning but about 7:00 am Michael suggested we leave earlier since we’d been up for a while anyway and didn’t have much to do to hit the road.

I made breakfast sandwiches (biscuits, eggs, sausage & cheese), cleaned up my work email and created an invoice and sent it off and was ready to go.  Michael unhooked the water, sewer, electric and made the bed and we were ready to go…pulling out of the Red Desert Rose RV Park about 8:15 am.

Barely got that guy in the picture!

We came upon a couple of deer crossing I-80 about 45 minutes into our drive.  They were taking their time until Michael blew the horn and kept blowing it until they finally trotted across the road where they joined three or four of the friends.  Unfortunately, I only got a brief picture of just one of the fellows.

We stopped at the Little America Travel Center about 11:30 to grab some lunch…and a 75 cent ice cream cone.  They’d been teasing us with billboards for miles and the ice cream cone suckered us in.

Good thing it did cuz it turned out to be quite an interesting stop.  While there were LOTS of customers stopping for various items, food, snacks, souvenirs etc.

Just a sampling of the food sitting around on various tables.

We noticed several tables that had TONS of uneaten food and drinks on them and while I watched I finally figured out that there was a group of 10 or so people who were staging food and taking pictures of it.

They were totally fine with me taking their picture as they worked.

I noticed they watched two customers who were obviously on motorcycles sit down at a table and pull out an atlas and peruse it.  Not long after I noticed that one of the tables with food on it now had an atlas splayed out on it too!

Michael decided that they were either taking pictures for a menu or a website.  I acted like my mom and went and asked (she used to embarrass me so bad…and now here I am doing the same thing!)…they were taking pictures for the website…guess we’ll have to check it out!

Preparing to reboard the buses

Also while we sat there and enjoyed our lunch a LARGE group of people (mostly women) came in dressed as if they had just stepped out ‘Little House on the Prairie”.  I noticed there were two large coach buses in the parking lot that they came from.  Hmmm…at first I thought maybe they were a reenactment group…but it just was curious how few men there were…there were a few children…but not many.

Religious calling card

What was even more curious was that when I went to the bathroom I found a little ‘care package’ hanging from the hook on the back of the stall door.  After checking several of the other stalls I found the same on each of them.  In the package was a note that said ‘A free gift for you to

enjoy’ along with a few candies and several religious pamphlets.

It made me wonder if that Little House on the Prayer folks weren’t some type of religious group that had left their calling card behind.  I made Michael check the men’s room…but he found nothing.  Makes me think of Warren Jeffs…the leader of the FLDS church who was a polygamist and convicted of child molestation.

The view on one side of the highway…

We made one last stop at a rest area just into Utah.  What a gorgeous view for a rest area!  Michael took the time to climb up on the roof to check to see how the repair was holding up and, once again, it looked great!  Yeehaw!

…and the view on the opposite side of the highway

This rest area wasn’t the average rest area either…no vending machines.  They had a cashier and sold snacks, drinks, souvenirs, etc.  They even had several exhibits as well as a video on Mormon History.  Very nice place to stop.

We pulled into the Wasatch View Estates RV Park (also a mobile home park) about 3:00 pm and were surprised as it wasn’t the ‘hole’ we’d been expecting.  It has a very nice office and the grounds are fairly nicely maintained.  There are still several mobile homes but it looks like as they move out they’re not being replaced and the spots are the turned into RV sites.

Wasatch View Estates – site 172

We’re in site 172, which is large and spacious and on a corner lot with a gorgeous view of the mountains. These are the same mountains I used to love staring at when Zack and Kelsea lived in West Haven…about 13 miles south of where we’re currently parked.

This is a Passport America park and the rate per night is just $20….can’t beat that considering they have a pool, nice club house with pool table, air hockey and a book exchange.

Our son, Zack, and his wife, Kelsea, lived in the Ogden area for a couple of years so we are fairly familiar with the area too.  Plus, we Workamped at a park over the mountain from Ogden a couple of summers ago.

My husband is under all that hair somewhere!

We visited a couple of our favorite places on Wednesday.  But first…it was time to get Scruffy a haircut!  It took us 3 stops and 3 phone calls before we finally found a place that wasn’t permanently closed, temporarily closed or full….but we got it done!  Whew!

We took in a movie…something we haven’t done for a while since we’ve been on the move quite a bit.  We saw ‘A Quiet Place‘ at the Cine Point 6 theater, where they always have some kind of deal so we paid $4.00 for the two of us see the movie plus our popcorn and drink.  Not bad.

One of Michael’s favorite parts of the store…lots of little goodies to be had.

Then we made a stop at Smith and Edwards…a big ol’ Ace Hardware store that has a little of everything.  My favorite part is the kitchen gadget and spices area!  I ended up coming home with a couple of new items to add to my kitchen repertoire.  Nothing special, just some ‘sauce’ cups and bread bag closers.

Michael, too, found a couple of goodies…several bunches of rags and a couple of razor blade scrapers.

We also picked up some snacks to put in the snack basket in the truck since we’ll be doing a LOT of driving when we leave Oregon to head back east.

Delicious potato soup…and lots of it!

After our shopping spree we headed to Perry to have an early dinner at Maddox Ranch House where we’d been a couple of other times in the past.  We enjoy it there probably because of the old ‘supper club’ feel.  But their food is good too.

We both went with their specialty – skinless fried chicken.  The meal comes with rolls & corn pones, soup or salad, vegetable of the day and a choice of potato.  We always go with the potato soup.  Rather than a cup of soup it’s a huge bowl and it’s very tasty.

Shrimp steak…Sounds strange…but quite tasty.

Another specialty is their shrimp steak.  It’s ground shrimp made into a patty and deep fried to a golden brown.  There is a little ground turkey mixed in to help the patty stay together.  I decided to give it a try and ordered just a single patty so that we could both taste it.  It was surprising good, I thought.  Michael on the other hand said it was something that he ‘liked it, but didn’t like it’.  LOL  Not sure what that means…but at least he tried it!

Neither of us finished our chicken (chicken salad coming up!) but we did each order a piece of home-made pie to take home…banana cream for me and strawberry for Michael.

We’re trying the stuff on the left this time…we’ve had the stuff on the right already.

One last stop after dinner on the way home took us to Smith’s Grocery Store to pick up a couple of items…but mostly for some ‘Fry Sauce’.  Something we’ve only ever found in Utah and I promised our daughter in law, Kelsea, that I’d bring a bottle to her.  I got two bottles…one for both of us!

Next up:  Mountain Home, Idaho




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