Rawlins, Wyoming

Posted by on June 11, 2018
​We had about 350 miles to travel on Sunday (6/10) so we planned to pull out about 8:00 am but didn’t end up pulling out until about 8:30 after we touched base with Josh and Heather who had one more install to complete at the park.  (They did installs every day starting 6/4 and have 4 more to do when they leave the rally…Busy Beavers, they were!)

Fill ‘er up!

We stopped about 10:15 to fill up with fuel.  There was a car parked in the back of the station and we didn’t think much of it until a police officer drove up and had the occupants step out of the car.  A man in the front seat, driving and a woman in the back seat.


Apparently they’d been back there over an hour and the person on duty inside the station found it suspicious so they called the police.  I guess he suspected either a drug deal or some type of prostitution.  The way the woman was dressed…I guess prostitution.

Before we finished filling up and departing (having to back out since the police cars were blocking our exit) two more police cars arrived and the first officer had ‘padded’ down the man.   So…that was our big excitement for the day!
We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen near Ft. Collins at just about noon.  Michael said it was too hot to eat at a picnic table so we cranked up the generator and had lunch in our recliners.  We made good use of that generator as I made Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup (cup a soup) and PBJ sandwiches.  While we enjoyed our lunch we watched an episode of Northwoods Law from our DVR.  Life is GOOD.

Easy drive through Cheyenne.

It was a pretty drive that was enhanced by the blue skies.  Though it was windy and at one point the temperature was up to 98 degrees…and an hour later, as we rose in elevation, it dipped down to 73.  The temperature evened out at about 80 degrees when we arrived at the RV park about 4:00 pm.

Two thumbs up

Michael checked the roof about mid-way through our drive and found it just as he had left it.  No evidence of the Dicor Adhesive or  Eternabond seam tape coming loose or lifting away!   We have a LOT of both products left just in case it’s ever needed again…for ourselves or for another unlucky traveler.

Old KOA,think?

We arrived at Red Desert Rose RV Park in Rawlins, Wyoming about 4:00 pm.  We got checked in and were given all the details about the park, including the fact that they have a courtesy vehicle that they allow their customers to use on a first come, first serve basis….how nice is that?

Red Desert Rose RV Park – Site 49

We were escorted to our site, a pull through that was long enough for us not to have to worry about unhooking.  Michael put the leveling jacks down enough to take the stress off the hitch, hooked us up to water, sewer and electric and we were done!

I made Chicken Alfredo in the Instant Pot in less than 15 minutes and we watched a movie afterward.  It was a nice way to end a travel day.
It got down to 37 degrees overnight and was 55 in the house when I woke up.  Nice excuse to turn the fireplace on.  It sure was great for sleeping.
Michael declared Monday a jammie day and who am I to argue with him…I did as I was told and stayed in my jammies all day long.  We had nowhere to go and no one to visit with so it made perfect sense.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games in our jammies…we had work to do too.  However, it was a bit tamer Monday than normal so it wasn’t crazy busy.
I took advantage of my Instant Pot being out and made meatloaf & carrots for dinner to go a long with a package of rice that I’d thrown in the freezer a while back.  It made for an easy, quick meal.  I had actually planned on making spaghetti but it seems that we must have left a shopping bag at the store (containing tomato paste, sauce, tuna and a couple of items)…so with no tomato sauce or paste I had to come up with something else….and meatloaf is one of Michael’s favorites.
Our stay in Rawlins was just two nights…giving us a chance to get some work done and enjoy some quiet time as well.
Tomorrow (Tuesday 6/12) we head further west to Ogden, Utah.

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