Heartland Regional Rally – Pueblo, CO

Posted by on June 9, 2018

There’s Gus and Debra…looks a bit like our coach, huh? Different floor plan though.

We left Dodge City about 9:00 am on Monday, June 4th with about 275ish miles to travel.  We passed our friend, Gus and his wife Debra on the road as they had stayed in Dodge City the night before as

well and were also headed to Pueblo for the rally.

Not long after we passed them, I got a text from Gus telling us that we had a big air bubble on our roof.  Yikes!  We were planning on stopping in about 30 minutes anyway so we decided to just keep going until we stopped.

We LOVE being able to meet friends around the country!

We were meeting gate guarding friends, Jw and Wanda in Lamarr at the Port to Plains truck stop for lunch.  They’re in the area for the summer to visit family while they take the summer off from gate guarding.

We had a really nice visit, enjoyed the lunch buffet (thank you, Jw!) but had to cut our visit shorter than we’d have liked since we had to get back on the road and also had to check out the situation with the roof.

This is NOT good!

The roof wasn’t in good shape.  The rubber membrane had come loose and pulled away from the roof.  Michael used Gorilla tape AND ‘hundred mile an hour’ tape to secure as best as he could to hopefully get us to Pueblo where he could deal with it better.

Unfortunately, it didn’t hold as the roof was all dusty and chalking making it impossible for the tape to stay stuck.  Nothing more to do than to ‘limp’ to Pueblo and pray for the best.

Once settled he ordered some supplies from Amazon to do a better repair job.

The wind that morning wasn’t really bad…but when a semi passed by going in the opposite direction the gust of wind it threw at us was crazy!  It was so bad that you could see the hood of the truck lift up (we had two other people who traveled that route tell us the same thing)…so I’m sure that was a factor in the roof issue.

Monday was just a crazy day all the way around as on top of the roof, Michael’s phone rang constantly and emails flooded our inboxes.  I tried to take care as many of the emails as we drove as I could but there were still plenty to deal with when we arrived at the Colorado State Fairgrounds about 4:00 pm.

All set and ready to go!

Tuesday morning we set up our vendor table in the rally hall and manned it from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  We had quite a few people stop by and we sold several heavy duty wet bolt kits and had several interested in future installs of disc brake systems.

We had a Meet & Greet at 4:00 pm which most everyone attended.  The sound system wasn’t very good so it was very hard to hear which was really disappointing.  They played a game similar to ‘Name that Tune’ which could have been a lot fun…but without being hear the players responses it was not fun.

The Meet & Greet finished up about 6:00 pm and we made plans to go to dinner with Kevin & Nelly and were joined by 5 others.  We met at La Forchetta Da Massi and sat out on the patio.  Despite the 90+ degree temps we still had a nice time…although we did have to fend off particles from the trees that were blowing in the wind.  LOL

Beautiful riverwalk area

Dinner was very tasty and afterward we all took a walk around the riverwalk.  We only ended up walking about a mile of the two-mile walk as the heat was a bit much and Nancy was having issues with her foot (which turned out to be a stress fracture).

We found out just before leaving to go to dinner that our power was out and had been out most of the day.  Since we were at the rally hall at our table…we had no idea.  I went in the house briefly and put things inside, turned off one of the air conditioners (so as not to be pulling anymore power than needed) and then closed the house back up to keep it as cool as possible.

There had been a crew working on the power most of the day and they were still working on it when we left to go to dinner.  We left with our fingers crossed that things would be worked out by the time we got back.

We got back home about 9:00 pm and had power and it looked like it had been back on for about 3 hours by that time.  They ended up moving one of the coaches (there were only 5 of us without power) to another area to spread the wealth a little bit more.

Wednesday we were back at the booth about 10:00 am and Michael did a disc brake seminar at 1:00 pm.  He only had about 6 attendees at his seminar but we had several of them stop by the booth afterward to ask additional questions.  We figure as long as they are educated it’s a huge plus and it gets them to thinking…and then they know where to go when they decide to purchase.
We made a quick trip home to drop off some items and so that I could make some BBQ Smokies for the appetizer potluck that was held at 4:00 pm.  We visited for an hour and half or so…got our fill of snacks (was our dinner) and partially listened to the second round of ‘Name That Tune’ (sound was better…but still not the best when you have 200+ people in one room).
We were home just before 6:00 pm, did a little bit of work, watched a little TV and then headed for bed early.  Boy did that feel good!

Had a nice a turn out for the tire seminar.

Thursday at the vendor booth was super slow.  We had a few people stop by in the morning and few more in the afternoon after Michael’s tire seminar.  But…it as slow for everyone…all the vendors were talking about how slow it was and many closed up early for the day.

We checked on Josh and Heather (who have been kicking butt in this crazy heat), delivered a couple of kits to their owners and then went and had an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse (hooray for gift cards!) and then went and picked up a few items from the grocery store before heading home for the night.
We received our Amazon order of parts for Michael to repair the roof on Thursday and Michael was up at 5:00 am Friday morning to get to work on the first step in the process….getting it sealed back down.

Work in progress at 6:30 am.

He had to make a slit in the rubber membrane in order to get it to lie flat again after the wind stretched it out.  Our friend, Gus, stopped by about 6:30 to give a hand and also took a picture so that I could see the process.  Michael finished up this step about 7:00 am.

Michael spent the rest of the day running around like a mad man:  checking out a shipment of kits we received, delivering kits to their rightful owners, checking on the installers, popping in and out of the rally hall, doing tire gauge checks, answering questions, etc etc etc.
While he did that…I stayed home and did some MUCH needed housework:  defrosted the freezer, dusted, swept, vacuumed, washed the floors, laundry, cleaned mirrors and screens, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen sinks, cleaned the front of the refrigerator.
Friday night we were treated to a catered Mexican dinner (beef, chicken and cheese enchiladas w/green chili sauce, refried beans, rice, and chips and salsa) which turned out to be pretty tasty.

Hypnotic YMCA!

After dinner there was a hypnotist who took 9 volunteers on stage and hypnotized them.  Oh what fun!  Out of the 9 only 6 stayed on stage because they others weren’t able to go under.  It was fun watching them dance, steal teddy bears, sing to YMCA, talk to their favorite celebrities and fly an airplane.

We got a lot of laughs out of the show and talked with a couple of the participants afterward.  One gentleman who was so far ‘under’ he almost was asleep, told us he didn’t think he was hypnotized at all.  Little did he know.  He was so out of it that he didn’t even participate in most of the show…just sat there sleeping.  About 3/4 of the way through he spontaneously woke up and you could ‘see’ the light come on.

The completed repair job. Now to pray it holds!

Saturday morning Michael was up an on the roof shortly after 5:00 am to finish up the roof project.  Today was all about laying down the tape over the seams and then caulking.  He was done with the project and had everything cleaned up and was in the shower by 8:15 am.  Now…to keep our fingers crossed and say some prayers that everything holds while we continue our trek westward.

Saturday was a day of tear down and pack up for us…both at home and at the vendor hall where we packed up our display and Michael checked a few more tire gauges.  We made sure that Josh and Heather had everything that they need for the next few installs that they have this week.  Finished delivering kits to one customer.  Picked up a couple of suspension displays that the MorRyde rep gave us.
Then back on the home front we finished up the laundry, I got Sunday’s breakfast and lunch ready to go and I got most everything stowed that needed to be stowed while traveling.
Michael took a much needed nap in the afternoon while I relaxed by playing a ‘find it’ game on my laptop.  I think we just needed to down time and it did wonders for both of our attitudes.

German wine!

Late in the afternoon we headed over to the rally hall for prize drawings, raffles, 50/50 raffles and an auction.  We won a bottle of German wine in one of the prize drawings and Michael won an auction for a Cheap Heat system…valued at $800 he got it for $415.  It will stay boxed up until we purchase a new coach.

Food line

We had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and even had a vanilla milkshake which was fun.  We visited with friends before, during and after the prize drawings and dinner but exchanged hugs and goodbyes not long after dinner as Michael had a lot of stuff outside to pack up and put back in the basement before we pull in the morning.

It was wonderful to see so many of our friends at this rally but it was hard to combine work and visiting.  The next rally shouldn’t be quite so hard as we won’t know anyone!  LOL
Tomorrow we continue our journey westward with the first of three legs…which will take us to Rawlins, Wyoming for a couple of days!  We’d appreciate any and all prayers that the roof stays where it’s supposed to and all the work Michael did wasn’t in vain.

4 Responses to Heartland Regional Rally – Pueblo, CO


    Sounds like you two are getting busier than expected in some respects and not so much in others. We keep pulling for you two to continue to be successful. We are saving for one of your brake upgrades so when we closer to purchase I’ll call.

    Regarding your roof issue, I’m glad Michael got it fixed. Do you remember when ours failed on the way to the 2012 National Rally?

    • Kelly

      Hi John!

      Yes…we remembered yours and someone else at the rally mentioned it too!

      As for success…you’re rooting for us must be working cuz we’ve been doing great! Out sold the old owner everything month we’ve had the business (except December) so far!

  2. Steve Lovelace

    Wow, the roof must have been stressful. Sorry to hear about it. Great looking fix there Michael, did it hold up? I need to know so if it happens to me I’ll know how to fix it. Please list all the products you used and what you think worked or did not work for you. Ya’ll are really working hard. In case you didn’t know it we are in Washington state about to visit Family. We have been gone for almost a month and enjoying life in our DRV. Thanks

    • Kelly

      So far so good on the roof! After the first day of travel…no changes to the repair whatsoever. He used Dicor water based adhesive to adhere the rubber back down and then sealed all the seams Eternabond sealant tape. Last he used Dicor lap sealant along the edges of the tape for added protection.

      I’m so glad you’re on the road and enjoying yourselves! We’ll be in Oregon next week…we’ll be neighbors!

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