Travel Days: Mt. Horeb, WI to Sedalia, MO

Posted by on May 25, 2018

We left Zack & Kelsea’s place about 9:15 am on Thursday and drove roughly 3/4 of the way to Sedalia, Missouri. We stopped for the night in Hannibal, Missouri staying at the Mark Twain Cave Campground...the exact place we’d left a week before when we headed north to see the kids.

We stopped along the way in Marion, Iowa for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen. And since Kelly’s Kitchen just happened to share the Walmart parking lot we went inside and bought some soda since we were low and that would tide us over until we get to Colorado, at least.

We arrived at the campground about 5:15 pm, got checked in, used the restroom and then headed to our site for the night.

Mark Twain Cave Campground – site D3

We requested a pull-through site at the campground so that we didn’t have to unhook and could just pull in and park for the night. We did, however, hook up to the sewer so that we could drain our tanks so that we had empty tanks for our stay at the Missouri State Fairgrounds for the Escapee’s Escapade rally.

I made a frozen pizza for dinner (Jacks, our favorite!), we did a little work and then just relaxed for the evening.

Crazy GPS took us down this dirt road to get us out of Hannibal! That was an adventure!

We had just over 165 miles to drive on Friday but needed to arrive at the fairgrounds by 2:00 pm as they weren’t doing any check ins after that time.

We pulled out of our site at Mark Twain about 9:00 am, made one ‘relief’ stop and then just about 5 miles or so away from the fairgrounds we came across a Landmark on the side of the road…well you just know we had to stop.

Lending a helping hand

Michael pulled over and went to see if he could be of assistance and found that they had a broken leaf spring and were waiting for a tow.  Michael gave them our card and told them if they needed anything we would do our best to help and that we had an installer with us that could install the leaf springs if they found some.

To make a long story short – turns out that they had a couple of angels stop who found leaf springs for them and then installed them for them, there on the side of the road.

They were also coming to the Escapade to work as vendors for Badger Hitch and ended up parked on the same road as us just a little ways down.  They are from Wisconsin and Mary (the wife) has been to several of my classes (Instant Pot, Convection Oven, etc)..small world!

Our home for the next 6 nights.

We ended up arriving at the fairgrounds about 12:30 and found a long line of RVs in line to be parked.  We were the last in line and just after getting in line, one of the parking attendants came up to us and told us if we could back up he’d take us (and the vehicle in front of us) a different way and get us parked.  Well….heck yeah…we did as we were told and were parked in minutes.

Apparently it rained about 2 inches here this morning and there were a lot of vehicles that got stuck…our installer John and his wife, Barbara being one of them.  They ended up having to have someone pull them out.  It was still fairly wet when we arrived but Michael used his 4-wheel drive and we got backed into our site just fine.

When we left Zack and Kelsea’s yesterday morning our hydraulics were acting strange and then when we arrived in Hannibal they were still weird.  Then this morning they were still weird and to bring in the slides we had to be plugged into shore power.  When we arrived at the fairgrounds the level up was acting RALLY weird…Michael tried to use the auto level but it wouldn’t have anything to do with working right.  He tried to manually level it but it wouldn’t extend the legs…but if he used the button on the front of the coach he could get the legs to extend…anyway…after much back and forth he finally got it leveled.

Later in the evening he checked things out and found that he had rewired the batteries wrong the other day when he took them out to add water and do a little maintenance.  Once wired correctly, all of our issues were gone!  Whew…so glad when it’s an easy (and inexpensive) fix!

We got settled into site Y26B and were happy to find that we had 50 amp, water and sewer…we were under the impression that we would only have 30 amp and with the heat wave (90s) that we’re expecting this week…that wouldn’t have been any fun!

We’re in booth 4…and so is our product!

After getting settled in when headed over to pick up our welcome packets, name badges, etc.  We also stopped by our booth and saw that the product we had shipped from Dexter had arrived and seemed to be all in tact.  (we’ll double check tomorrow when we have a copy of our purchase order).

Tracey & Dave from the RV Water Filter Store

While in the marketplace we met Dave & Tracey Brannam, owners of the RV Water Filter Store.  Michael actually won one of their water systems at the Branson rally so we were excited to meet them.  We’re hoping to collaborate with them in the future…so keep your eyes and ears open and go check out their store as they have some really great products.  Just so happens they are parked diagonally from Pete & Mary (the other Landmark owners)!

Whoa! That’s a lotta food!

Not long after we arrived, John, our installer knocked on the door.  Seems he and Barbara pulled in right after we did as they were at the parking check in as we were backing into our site.  They ended up on the say row as us, but down a few spaces and just happen to be right across the road from Dave and Tracey!  We won’t have far to go to visit our new-found friends!

Today was our 33rd wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going out for dinner at Colton’s Steakhouse.  I’d heard of the chain…but we’d never been so it was as good a time as any to give it a try.  It’s much like a Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn Steakhouse, which we’ve always enjoyed both.

We both got ribeyes (Michael’s with ribs and mine with grilled shrimp).  The steaks were seasoned and cooked perfectly.  The only drawback was too much food!  We both had enough left over for another complete meal.

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