A Week With the Kids & Grandkids!

Posted by on May 24, 2018

Snuggled in next to Zack and Kelsea’s Road Warrior

We arrived at Zack and Kelsea’s home in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin on Thursday and got backed into a cozy little spot beside their workshop.

Dan and family came over that evening for dinner and we all pitched in various items for a taco dinner, which we ate out on the deck…gorgeous weather!

It was a wonderful day as I got big, running hugs from all five of our grandbabies…ahhhh….a little slice of heaven in each of those hugs.

Friday afternoon Kelsea, Michael and I headed into Mt Horeb and got out toes  done.  Afterward, Michael dropped Kelsea and I off at Miller’s grocery store so that I could pick up a few groceries.  Zack and Kelsea had switched vehicles in the parking lot so Kelsea and I hopped in her car which was parked and waiting for us) and headed home.

Friday night found all eleven of us together again.  We converged at Doks Klassik Tavern for a fish fry.  We’d made reservations so we were taken right to a table.

The fish was ok…a bit on the tough side but acceptable.  Our server was kinda strange but the kids had had her a couple of weeks before and said she was much better than…so maybe she was having a rough day.

Strangely enough we found out on Wednesday that there was a fire at the restaurant on Tuesday, though we’ve not heard how extensive the damage was or how long they will be closed.  We do know that no one was hurt but a person who lives in the living quarters behind lost all of his belongings.

Quite the crew….LOL

We finished off the night by playing games at Dan and Amanda’s home.  We actually finished a Murder Mystery game that we’d started at Christmas 2015!  We only played it for 1/2 an hour or so at that point and then had to stop as the flu overcame several people.

It’s hard to believe but the murderer (Zack!) actually kept his identity all these years! And a couple of us were even able to figure out who the murder was.

They like the big tortoise!

Saturday was a Nana/Papaw/grandbabies kind of day.  First we spent several hours at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.  It’s a small zoo but 100% free so you really can’t beat it.

Lunch time!

We made sure that everyone got to see their favorite animals (Paityn – lions, Alex – prairie dogs, Cam – red pandas, Ben – bears, Zoe – didn’t really care/know!) and I took a picture of each of them with their favorites.

All five playing in the sand…Papaw too!

We had lunch at the play area before we toured the zoo and the kids got time to play in the play area outside and then again at the play area inside the zoo for a while.

Everyone was super well-behaved and I was very proud of all of them…even Papaw!

Afterward, Alex, Ben and Zoe went with their mom and dad to their cousins graduation party while Michael, Paityn, Cameron and I went to get some dinner at the Pizza Ranch in Verona.  After dinner we picked Alex, Ben & Zoe (the Verona Barnett’s) up and all headed to Nana & Papaw’s house.

The morning after…watching Beauty and the Beast

Once home, we all got into our jammies and then Papaw made beds on the living room floor for four of the five, while Zoe got comfy on the couch.

After a long day out in the fresh air we were all pretty tired so we wound down while watching a couple of the kids favorite shows and then snuggled in for the night.  Within 30 minutes of lights out…every single person in the house under 8 was out cold.

Sunday Dan and Amanda came over and brought sandwiches from Jimmy Johns for lunch.  Michael and I had bought a brisket and Zack and put it in the smoker about 8:00 am for dinner that night.  Between Kelsea, Amanda and I we pitched in other dishes to go with the brisket – corn bread, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, corn on the cob, pickle wrap dip, etc.  We also did a little experimenting and made deep-fried pickles & deep-fried pickle wraps…which turned out pretty good.

The final products!

We just hung out, enjoying time together.  The girls did a project together…one that I had found at the rally in Stone Mountain and everyone’s ‘Magic Quilt’ square turned out great!  Plus it was just nice to have some girl time.  Even Zoe sat on mom’s lap and ‘helped’ a bit.

Each child had their own bottle to ‘experiment’ with.

We also did a little ‘science experiment’ with the kids. It involves Coke & Mentos and their chemical reaction to each other. While the effect was quite as ‘big’ as we thought it would be the kids enjoyed it and there were quite a few squeals of laughter as the Coke erupted out of the bottles.

The big bottle had the best ‘fountain’

Amanda picked me up bright and early Monday morning so that we could get to our ‘hair’ appointments in Darlington in time for our 9:30 am appointments. We both had appointments for highlights and trims. Zoe, too, had her hair trimmed. Poor Ben just had to wait for the women in his life to get beautified.

The goal was to ‘walk’ in this position to the other end of the mat. Because Paityn did so well she had to turn around 1/2 way and walk feet first…not easy!

Back home after our appointments I had a couple of hours before it was time to head out with Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron to go to Paityn’s gymnastics practice. At 7 years old, Paityn does a fantastic job in this Nana’s book. Of course, she has things to work on, like keeping her toes pointed at all times…but that will come the more she works. Currently she cartwheels all over the place!

Tuesday was mostly just a work day. While we’d been working as we needed to while visiting with the family, this day was set aside to work at Dan’s home so that we could have a meeting to go over any outstanding items that needed to be addressed.

Michael also took the truck over to Ford for an appointment to change the oil and install new oil and fuel filters. Were now good to go for 5,000 miles!

Wednesday was a busy day between packing up and preparing to pull out Thursday morning, doing laundry, getting groceries and spending time with the family.

Dan, Ben and Zoe came over and spent the afternoon with us and then I followed Kelsea to Cameron’s school, driving Dan’s Tesla (yikes!)so that he could come home with me and Kelsea could go on to pick up Paityn at school and take her to gymnastics. Ben and Zoe came with me to pick up Cameron and then we all went back home to relax for a couple of hours.

Cameron getting into soccer!

At 5:15 pm those that were home (Michael, Zack, Dan, Cameron, Ben, Zoe and myself) piled into two cars and headed into Mt. Horeb for Cameron’s soccer practice. The weather was perfect as we sat in the shade of the trees and watched Cam run around the field learning his skills.

We got home to find Kelsea, Amanda, Alex and Paityn there…waiting with pizzas which Kelsea and Alex had picked up while Amanda (coaching) and Paityn were at gymnastics. Then Kelsea and Alex went back to gymnastics to pick up and Amanda and Paityn and took them home.

We ate pizza out on the back porch and enjoyed our last night together for while…not too long this time…just 39 days. Before long it was time for the Verona Barnett’s to head home and get the kids into bed and ready for the next day.

We hung out for a little while longer at the Mt. Horeb Barnett’s before giving the kids good night kisses and hugs and then headed across the yard to our own home.

Headed down the road after leaving Zack and Kelsea’s.

Thursday morning we finished up the rest of our packing and got hugs from Zack before he left for work and then hugs from Kelsea and Cameron as they gave us a nice send off.

We’re heading to Sedalia, Missouri where we’ll be attending the Escapee’s Escapade rally, It’s supposed to be a pretty big rally with about 500 rigs (motorhomes and trailers alike) in attendance. We’ll have a booth set up that we’ll man Sunday – Wednesday and Michael will also be doing a presentation on the benefits of having disc brakes on a trailer on Tuesday morning.

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