Kerrville, Texas – Open Range Rally

Posted by on May 6, 2018

Saturday, May 5th was another travel day for us (we’re only just gettin’ started!).  We traveled roughly 270 miles from Houston to Kerrville, Texas to attend (as vendors) the Texas Open Range rally which was being held at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.

Great spot for anyone to find us if they had questions

We arrived about 4:00 pm and shortly after getting unhitched we were greeted by the rally coordinator, Curtis, and a couple of other gentleman.  The were very kind and friendly and we chatted for some time before we took the time to get the coach leveled and set up.

We were located in the perfect site for visibility…right in the middle of the rally-goers, where everybody pretty much had to pass by us to go anywhere.  We didn’t have any installs scheduled for the rally-goers…but we did have an ‘outsider’ at the park that was scheduled and we invited the rally attendees to stop by to see the install done and to ask questions.


After getting settled in we walked over to the outdoor patio where the park was providing $1 Margarita’s in honor of Cinco De Mayo.  I don’t think I ever had one but it was pretty darn good!  Good thing we got there when we did because I think they ran out about 3 or 4 more people after we got ours.  We hung out for a short while and chatted with a few other people from the park before heading back home so that Michael could finish putting up the satellite dish and I could get our tacos ready for dinner!

Lordy be…that’s a lotta ‘love’ going on!

While driving to Kerrville from Houston we were swarmed by ‘love bugs’ and our front cap, windshield and truck grill were covered with the little varmints.  Michael cleaned our windshield half way through the drive and then cleaned the front cap on Sunday.  Those little bugs make a BIG mess and it takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get all of their remains off.

Rally on!

The Open Range rally officially started on Sunday so we walked across the road to the leaders site to introduce ourselves to the group and let them get to know us.  We handed out brochures and our cards and invited them to stop by the install that was going on Monday morning to see what the job entails and to ask any questions.

The men folk checking out the work in progress.

Michael put on a small presentation on Monday morning and had several interested parties who then went over to where Preston & Jeremy were doing the install.  The install took a couple of hours longer than normal as they had quite a few questions from people interested in learning more about disc brakes.

Smile for the camera, Jeremy!

I made a quick run into Kerrville to pick up a few groceries for the upcoming week.  I made sure to stock up on our favorite Opa’s and HEB cheddar hot dogs.  Plus I stopped at the Donut Palace and stocked up on jalapeno and cheese kolaches!  We found out the last time that we bought them that they freeze really well so we are set for a little while….not until we get back to Texas…but for a little while nonetheless.

I had the ‘boys’ over for dinner when then finished up…nothing fancy…just burgers and dogs.  But it was nice to spend some time with them and get to know Jeremy a little bit better.

Tuesday we were up early and on the road before 7:00 am heading to San Antonio as we had a couple of appointments to take care of…the first of which was the dentist.  Michael had broken part of a crown and it was kind of jagged.  The dentist just ground it down some and smoothed it out and we were on our way about 15 minutes after he went into the chair!

Related image

Not me…but shows what is done to dilate the tear ducts

Next up was an appointment for me at the eye doctor on Fort Sam.  I have a lot of issues with my eyes watering excessively and this is the first doctor that has actually addressed the issue.  It seems my tear ducts are much smaller than normal which causes the tearing issue.  When I last saw her she numbed my eyes and then took an instrument and ‘dilated’ or enlarged the openings to my bottom tear ducts.  It was like a miracle…no tearing afterward…for about two weeks.  She wasn’t sure how long it would last…but it was great while it did.

Anyway…I went back so that she could do it again.  This time she dilated both the top and bottom ducts (punctum) in both eyes.  She’s talking that next time she’d like to ‘flush’ the tear ducts out with water…yikes…not sure how I feel about that!

It was lunch time by the time we finished our appointments and we felt it only fitting to get some BBQ as it was our last day in Texas until late October.  We tried a new place, Big Bib BBQ, which had decent reviews on Yelp.

Michael, as usual, ordered lean brisket, we both ordered ribs and I decided to try some rib tips, which I’d never had before.  For sides we both got cole slaw…Michael got pinto beans and I had sweet potato casserole.  We both enjoyed our meals…no need for bbq sauce for me as the meat had very good flavor on its own.  Michael tried a couple of their sauce but wasn’t thrilled with any of them.  The sweet potato casserole was really tasty.  I’m pretty sure we’d go back…especially since it’s close to Fort Sam and to one of the movie theaters we frequent.

Surprise! We got you, Andrew!

We stopped at our mailbox to pick up our mail and visit our favorite mailman, Andrew on the way home.  We didn’t let him know we were coming by (although he knew we were in Kerrville) and we were able to surprise him pretty well when we walked in…WIN!

Back home we were met by one of the rally-goers who is interested in purchasing a disc brake kit at some point.  He just had some major dental work done so it will be a little while before he’s able to work it into his budget…but we have his information for when he is ready.

Then it was time to get things packed up and stowed and ready to move.  We’ll be heading out early in the morning heading toward Branson, Missouri where we’ll be attending the South Central Regional Rally of the Heartland Owners Club.  We’ll just drive part of the way to Durant, Oklahoma where we’ll overnight at the casino there.  Who knows…maybe we’ll even try our luck!




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