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Posted by on May 5, 2018

Monday 4/30

After stopping to say good-bye to Andy (Joanna was at work) we pulled out of the RV park just a few minutes after 10:00 am.  We made just one pit stop on the way to Houston before reaching South Main RV Park about 1:00 pm.

South Main RV Park – Site 41 (right across from the office…so they could ‘keep an eye on us’)

Why stay in the middle of Houston?  Our friends, Ed and Dora, are managing the park and we wanted to visit them for a few days!

We got settled in quickly.  Michael took some time to wash the front cap as it was covered with ‘love bugs’ and we even grilled steak for dinner and sat at the dining table to enjoy it!  Sitting at the dinner table is a rarity these days as it has been turned into Michael’s office (I work from my recliner).

Tuesday 5/1

Just a regular work day for the most part.  Although we were delivered a couple of May baskets from one of the assistant managers!  I’d never received a May basket before so it was a nice surprise.

We had such a good time with this group…only two of whom we knew before this outing.

That evening we joined up with Ed & Dora and three other couples to try a restaurant I’d noted in my travel notes, House of Pies.  I don’t remember where I’d heard about it (Travel Channel, maybe?)  Anyway, the reviews were glowing something like 4.5 stars with 1650ish reviews.

It’s more of a diner than anything so when a party of 10 came in they had to sit us in two booths, back to back.  No biggie…however, our orders were taken separately as they wouldn’t let the waitress turn in two tables at once.  Strange.

Patty melt for your food porn pleasure…

While we had a great time…I haven’t laughed quite so much in quite some time…the overall experience with the restaurant itself could have been better.  One person in our party order a bowl of soup and onion rings for his dinner and never received his soup.  Another person’s Philly Cheese steak was so full of gristle, she couldn’t eat it.  Dora’s breakfast turned her stomach so badly it didn’t stop turning until the following day.  Michael ordered chicken fried steak which was an obvious frozen formed patty.  However, the rest of us were satisfied with our meals.

We got a good couple of laughs out of being charged for soda refills (but not iced tea, hot tea or coffee) and the fact that one of our group was charged 5 cents for his ‘to go’ container (pie), while the rest of us weren’t charged for our ‘to go’ containers (pie, also).

Wednesday 5/2

Michael ‘in’ storage heaven…plus there’s another one up front!

We took the day to drive up to Navasota (about 60 miles northwest-ish) to visit T&S RVs.  The reason for our visit was three-fold.  We discussed PTB business (they do installs for us), discussed the Heartland rally we’re having this November (they’re sponsoring the rally) and Michael wanted to checkout the newest Landmark floor plan, the Lafayette.

We spent over an hour checking out the Lafayette – really digging into the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ and things we’d like to see changed.  It has a front living room and a raised bedroom – meaning steps going up to both rooms…which for some is a big draw back…for us, it doesn’t really bother us.

Told you…we spent a LOT of time checking it out…even took a nap!

However, with both of those rooms being raised up it provides mores storage space below in the ‘basement’ area…which Michael is really looking for as we have things that we need to carry now for the PTB business that we just don’t have room for in the conventional basement of the typical 5er.

So…overall we both really liked the floor plan but would like to see some tweaks done to make it perfect for us.  The unit at T&S is the very first so we know Heartland will be doing some fine tuning…and we will wait and see what they come up with.

So thankful to Jay and Stella for introducing us to these two!

When we left Navasota, we headed an hour east to The Woodlands to visit with our friends, Ted and Donna.  We met Ted and Donna back in early 2013 through Jay and Stella while we were all down in the Rio Grande Valley and have kept in touch over the years…visiting whenever we are in the same area.

They invited us to their beautiful home and we accepted.  We chatted at the house for a while before we decided we’d better get moving if we wanted to miss the biggest part of the rush hour traffic and eat dinner at an appropriate hour.

That’s just on HALF of the salad bar…it’s repeated on the other side.

I’d requested to go to Sweet Tomatoes as remembered from reading Donna’s blog that they had one not too far from their home.  Michael and I had been to one several years back and enjoyed it and were eager to go back.

If you’ve never been…it’s a huge salad bar (oodles and oodles of toppings!) plus they have a soup bar, pasta bar, bread bar and a dessert bar).  Everything is fresh and delicious.  I just wish there were more of them across the US as they are hard to come by.  There is another chain (Souper Salad – but they don’t really compare).

We enjoyed our time with Ted and Donna, as we always do, and are hoping to meet up with them in the Shipshewana area again this summer.

Thursday 5/3

CRAZY busy with work…everyone wanted product yesterday!  Our shelves are running low as Dexter’s lead time (used to be about 10 days) has almost doubled (now about 19 days) so we’re having a hard time keeping kits in stock and keeping our customers happy.  We just do our best to explain the reason we can’t ship their kit orders right away…but it’s frustrating.

What a great time we had with this group. Will miss them for sure!

That evening we met with ‘the’ group again for dinner.  What’s really nice is that we all pile into the park’s shuttle and let Ed cart us around through the crazy Houston traffic!

This time we went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  Six of the ten of us had never been to one so it was a fun time.  Our ‘chef’ was much better this time than the last time we’d been to one so that was a plus too.  Once again, we had a really good time, filled with lots of laughter.

We are certainly thankful to Dora for introducing us to this great group of people and thanks to the wonders of Facebook will be able to keep up with them that way…if not down the road somewhere.

Friday 5/4

We wanted to do at least ONE sight-seeing thing while in the Houston area so we planned to go to the Johnson Space Center on Friday as it’s normally fairly quiet on Friday’s for us…and it proved to be, once again.

Mission Control as seen from the viewing room

We paid $31 each (with military discount) for entrance to the Space Center and were actually pretty disappointed.  We’ve seen better rocket displays and as many or more artifacts at other places we’ve been.

Life in the International Space Station

The first thing we did was take a 90 minute tram tour through the campus, stopping at a couple of buildings and the rocket park along the way.  The volume on the tram was so low we couldn’t hear anything the tour guide was saying which stunk.

The first building we stopped in was the Historic Mission Control from the 1960s, which is undergoing restoration.  The guide there was pretty interesting and gave us the details about the room were sitting in (the viewing room) which was invitation only and the only people who had an open invitation were the family members of the astronauts.

Michael touching a piece of a moonstone

After our tram tour we grabbed a late lunch and the explored the remainder of the Space Center – checking out displays of artifacts, boarding the shuttle carrier and shuttle replica in Independence Plaza, etc.

All in all it wasn’t a bad experience…but with all of the other places we’ve been too it was way too much cost for what it was worth.

We were back home about 6:00 pm.  We finished up some work and did some prep-work for the mornings departure and then called it a day.

Next…onto Kerrville, Texas for an Open Range Rally.



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