Stone Mountain, Georgia

Posted by on April 22, 2018

Jerry surprised me (and Mike) with a quick visit!

Wow!  What a whirlwind five days!  But I REALLY enjoyed our stay at Stone Mountain.  Though we didn’t get to spend quite as much time socializing as we might have liked…we were able to spend time with some of our favorite people and that’s what counts!

Have I ever told you how much I love these folks??

We took a walk around the park on Wednesday and stopped to visit with several friends (Patti, Steve, Walter, Gerry, Debbie, etc) along the way as well as welcome a few who were just arriving (Eric, Dorothy, Phil & Pam) and making their way to their sites.  John, our installer, was doing an install so we stopped there to check things out too.  We even had an OLD Alabama friend stop by to say ‘Hi’ (Jerry).

Very dinner with one of our very first Heartland family members

That evening, we went to dinner with Jim B who flew in for the rally.  We decided to go to Nagano Japanese Steakhouse.  While it was the dinner hour there weren’t any other customers when we first arrived but a few more arrived while we were there.  The ‘show’ was one of the worst I’ve seen but it didn’t really matter as we were pretty busy chatting and not paying much anyway.  The food was good and we had a really nice visit with Jim – discussing both business and pleasure.

There’s my Mikey – educating folks about disc brakes!

Thursday Michael had a disc brake seminar to present at 9:00 am.  I went with him and sat in the back of the room and set up my laptop and did some work while Michael ‘presented’.  He did a great job and was able to answer any questions that came his way.

We had sold two kits prior to the rally and they were installed at the rally.  We sold an additional four kits at the rally – two of which were DIYs and the other two are installs that John will be doing next week.  Not bad.

After Michael’s presentation I went to the grocery store to pick up supplies and he stayed for the other presentations.  Once back home, I made some Instant Pot potato salad for the next days pot luck and worked…it was a really busy day, work-wise!

Fun & Easy! My kind of craft!

Friday was my day to ‘enjoy’ myself.  I attended a craft class in the morning and had an awesome time.  We made a ‘Quilt Magic’ square – no sewing involved…my kind of craft!  I was very happy with how it turned out and bought four more kits so that Kelsea, Amanda, Paityn and I can have a ‘girls’ craft day next month when we are home for a few days.

Mikey snapped a few pictures during my demo

That afternoon I did an Instant Pot demonstration that attracted over 40 attendees!  I shared some tips and recipes and was asked some good questions.  We had three IPs going and made an easy Penne & Meatball recipe.  I wanted to make sure we had plenty of samples and ended up with a ton left over….Michael and I may be eating leftovers for a couple of weeks!  LOL  It was fun and I’ll have to come up with some new recipes to share if I’m asked to do another demo.

While I played my day away…it was Michael’s turn to hold down the work fort.  He fielded calls, emails and set up his air gauge tester for anyone who wanted to check out their air gauge.  He even sold a few air gauges to people who wanted to go with a recalibratible tester.

Ridiculously full plate of potluck food

That evening was the customary potluck dinner and as usual, there was a TON of offerings (what do you expect with a hundred or so rigs in attendance?)  The club provided pulled pork and the members brought sides and desserts – baked beans, cole slaw, three bean salad, chili, cole slaw, macaroni salad, green beans, veggies, pies, cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies….yikes!

We had our share and then some.  After dinner were the drawings…50/50, door prizes, silent auction winners, etc etc.  Michael bid on a pair of Snap Pads but was outbid, we didn’t win the Cheap Heat or the free install but that’s ok…as we enjoyed visiting with our table mates (Miranda’s, LaJoie’s, Watt’s and McKee’s).

Michael walking atop Stone Mountain!

Since Saturday is usually fairly quiet for us, we set it aside as the day to tour Stone Mountain Park.  We received a ‘All Attraction Pass with our rally registration, which was awesome.  We used it to take the sky-ride up to the top of the mountain where we walked around for a bit (people actually walked up to the top too!).

Atlanta – as seen from atop Stone Mountain

When we were ready to head back down it was too windy so we waited about 20 minutes or so before the wind calmed down enough to but the gondola’s back to work.

The wait wasn’t bad at all as we visited with the people in line with us…a couple of Heartland couples and a couple of women that were visiting the area from the Massachusetts area.  It always helps if you make new friends to wile away the time!

Cute little ‘town’ where shows are put on for the train passengers in the summer

Our pass also got us a ride on the train which was about 25 minutes long and took us around the base of the mountain.  It was an enjoyable ride and welcomed as by the time we took the ride our legs were starting to get pretty tired.

Madison County, here I come!

We took a drive to see the covered bridge but found no parking so we just drove through, stopped for a brief picture and then went on.  This was my first covered bridge so I was kind of excited to see it…but it was not to be…guess I’ll just have to make my way to ‘Madison County’!

Wish I’d been able to see it better!

In the same area, was a grist mill…we had a hard time finding it and when we finally did, once again, no parking.  So Michael pulled over to the side of the road and I hopped out and took a couple of pictures.  Although, I didn’t have the best view and they didn’t turn out the best.

An example of the granite that was quarried from Stone Mountain

Granite was quarried out of Stone Mountain for many years finally ending in 1978.  Granite from Stone Mountain can be found all over the world…the steps of the US Capitol, the dry docks of the Panama Canal, tombstones all around the country as well as many post office across the country.

A replica of the stars on General Lee’s collar give you an idea of just how HUGE this carving is!

We wandered through the museum at Stone Mountain which gives details about the sculpture and the men who carved it.  There is a movie offering at this location, too, which goes over the sculpting process and another that highlights parts of he civil war in this area.  Once, again, a welcomed stop as we were able to rest our weary feet.

Can’t beat the backdrop for our evening meal!

That evening we met up with all of our Heartland family at the terrace (same location at the museum) where we were crammed like sardines at long tables (once you were seated, you weren’t getting out!  LOL) We were served pulled pork, fried chicken, baked beans and potato salad for dinner and then given ice cream for dessert.

Heartland made it into the laser show!

After dinner we waited for the laser show (shown on the face of the BIG ROCK) to begin…it didn’t start until 9:00 (we were tired by then!) but they needed it to be dark to fully enjoy the show.  We’d been giving LED bracelets that flashed when turned on so there was a lot of fun to be had.  We were also given popcorn to enjoy during the show.

The show itself was pretty awesome…fun and entertaining.  Lots of patriotism shown and quite a few people who sung along to the various songs.  I’d certainly recommend staying to watch the show or even making a special trip if in the area (even if your really tired! )

The sculpture lit up, waiting for the laser show to begin

We got home about 10:30 and headed straight for bed as we were tired (have I mentioned how tired we were??) and were pulling out in the morning…headed to Montgomery, Alabama for a couple of days.

We have several travel days coming up so rather than make a post for each individual travel day I will most likely make one post to cover several travel days and the happenings of those stays.  We are headed back to Texas!


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