Travel Day: Scottsboro, AL to Stone Mountain, GA

Posted by on April 18, 2018

Up early this morning to do any work that may have come in over night.  My inbox had nothing new so I had time to relax, do a little Facebook catch up, check my personal email and slowly greet the day.

We only had the electric plugged in so Michael’s ‘move day’ prep was nearly non-existent.  And we didn’t have much pulled out inside so we just had a few things to stow inside and the bed to make.

We got hitched up and ready to pull out of our hosts driveway and then went inside to visit with Nita (Wayne was already at work – boo!) for a little while before we hit the road.

We hit the road about 10:15 and made our way to Alabama 40 and then a series of other state highways until we eventually hit US 75 which took us into Atlanta.  Rather than going straight to the campground we made our way to the nearest Blue Beacon to get a good wash done on both the truck and the coach.

It was a beautiful drive up and over the mountain and into Georgia…I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures to share.  We made one quick stop at a convenience, store in the middle of nowhere, to use the facilities and then once on I-75 we stopped at a TA and got some lunch…Taco Bell for me…Popeyes for Michael.

We hit Atlanta around 3:00 pm and made our way to the Blue Beacon on the west side of the city.  We normally have a minimum of 30 minutes of waiting in line but this time I don’t think we even waited 10 minutes and we were inside and getting the truck and coach cleaned up.  We came out the other side nice and shiny and ready to rally.


We made our way through Atlanta rush hour traffic (which really wasn’t too bad) and arrived at the Stone Mountain Campground about 5:00 pm.  Before we went in to register we were greeted by Julie and Byrd who were just ‘hanging around’….it was so nice to see Heartland family right off the bat.

Stone Mountain Park Campground – site 140

We got registered and made our way to our site (right at the end of a row across from the pavilion).  Took us a little bit to get backed in as Michael had to deal with power poles and parked car – but we did it without killing each other or yelling (too loudly).

Unfortunately, we had quite a bit of work to do so we hunkered down in the house to play catch up.  While we were working, our installer, John, stopped by to touch base as he’s here to do a few installs.  I visited with he and Michael for a while until they went outside to continue chatting.  I stayed inside and continued my work.  We are both caught up and pretty much ready to rally!  Woohoo!

We are here at the Stone Mountain Campground for five nights.  We are here to attend the Southeast Regional Rally of the Heartland Owners Club…both for work…and for pleasure!  Looking forward to hugs from friends we don’t get to see very often!







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    Have fun & make lots of sales – say hi to anyone we know.

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