Travel Day: West Memphis, AR To Redstone Arsenal, AL

Posted by on April 13, 2018

Good morning, Sunshine!

We had planned to pull out of Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV Park about 9:00 am but didn’t end up pulling out onto the main road until 9:45ish.  We were pretty much packed up and ready to go but Michael was creating some estimates for a couple of customers and wanted to get them done before we hit the road.

Good bye tug boats, I’ll miss you!

While we were getting ready to leave I took a couple of minutes to get a couple of last minute pictures of the river view and was happy to see that there was another barge headed up river.  I don’t know what it is, but watching those boats glide up and down the river is mesmerizing.  We’re not particularly impressed with the park itself…for us the only draw is the view of the river boats.

Hello Tennessee!

We got through Memphis fine…however it was a bit busier than I would have expected and, of course, we got a phone call right in the heart of the mess so we answered and asked if we could call back in a few minutes when we were out of all of the hubbub.

The Camo Cafe as seen from out parking spot…on the highway!

No Kelly’s Kitchen today…we ended up stopping at the Camo Cafe, just west of Walnut, MS, which was right alongside US 72 that we were traveling on.  We nearly missed it so we just pulled off on to the should right passed it and walked over to the cafe.  Easy peasy.

Michael ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries but wasn’t real happy with it…it was on the dry side and the bun wasn’t toasted.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed my chef salad very much.  Nah nah!

I’ve gone back to bringing my laptop in the truck when we travel so that I can answer emails, create POs/invoices while we drive.  Boy…the last few miles of US 72 in Mississippi were rough!  The road was so rough that my cursor had a mind of its own and hopped all over the place…and then I’d have a heck of a time trying to find it my place again.  So…if you find any goofy stuff in this post…it’s because of that highway…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Thank goodness we always have a bathroom nearby!

About 30 miles from our destination we both had to make a ‘pit’ stop so with not much around we saw a small parking lot off the highway to pull into but when we got to the driveway it was pretty eroded and we just kept going down the small road to look for a place to turn around…not an easy thing with a 41 foot giant behind you.

However, we happened upon a small business that had a circle-like drive and not many cars in it…perfect!  We even had plenty of room to space to park for a couple of minutes while we used the house facilities!

Redstone Arsenal Campground – site 16

We arrived at the Redstone Arsenal Campground (Huntsville, AL) about 3:30 and after a bit of confusion got settled into site 16,  a nice large pull through site.  Looks like a good portion of the residents are long termers.  We’re here for 3 nights before we just a few miles east to visit friends, Anita & Wayne.

We were here back in July of 2012 for 5 nights in site 9 while we did some sight-seeing around the Huntsville area.  Michael was nearing retirement (October 1) and we were trying to visit all of the places we wanted to visit before we moved away from Alabama.  Oh…for those that may not know…we lived in Montgomery, Alabama from October 2009 to October 2012 while Michael was finishing out his Army career.

Since we’re not here very long we didn’t unpack much so set up didn’t take long at all.  We had some leftovers in the fridge that I warmed up for dinner and we had work to catch up on after traveling…so that’s pretty much how we finished out the day.


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