Travel Day: Glenwood, AR To West Memphis, AR

Posted by on April 7, 2018

Time to mosey on further east!  We only had about 220 miles to travel today so we weren’t in a big rush.  I was up just before 7:00 am and Michael followed about 7:15.  We had a couple of the kolaches I picked up yesterday for breakfast…nice and easy – pop ’em in the oven for a minute and you’re good to go!

I finished up buttoning things up inside while Michael took down the satellite dish and stowed it and then we were ready to hitch up.  We ended up pulling out of our newly found RV park in Glenwood (it was so nice to have just a 20 minute drive to and from Alice’s!) about 9:20 am. It was about 30 degrees, windy and raining….not a good combination in any situation but it makes hitching up miserable.  The current plan is to be back here in October.

We made a quick potty stop just after we hit I-40 east of Little Rock and while it was still raining (32 degrees) we could also see tiny itty bitty ice particles…I guess you’d call it sleet.  I tried to take a picture but my phone didn’t want to cooperate.

Michael being the Good Samaritan.

Shortly after getting back on the road we came upon a Big Horn on the side of the road and a gentleman working on removing a flat tire from the driver’s side of the coach.  Michael immediately pulled over and donned his jack, put his hood over his head and went out to see if he could give any help.  Not much he could do but he did stay and direct traffic away and into the other lane.  Unfortunately, the rig had TowMax tires on it…hopefully the change those out REAL soon!

Check out that ice! Brrrrr

We stopped for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen about 1:00 pm.  It was a pretty tight squeeze as it seemed that nearly every big rig on the road decided to stop at the same time.  It had just about stopped raining when we stopped by the front cap of the coach and mirrors on the truck were covered in ice.

Tight quarters called for Kelly’s Kitchen to be located in the cab of the truck!

Because it was so tight we just grabbed our lunch out of the house and ate in the truck.  We rested for about 45 minutes or so and then hit the road again as we had less than 50 miles to go to our destination.

Bah humbug! If people would just merge when they’re told to….

Unfortunately, we were only down the road about 15 miles when we came upon signs warning of construction ahead.  We crept and crawled the seven miles of the construction (less than a mile was actually being worked on) for 43 minutes!  Seven miles in 43 minutes….that’s some good time!

We ended up pulling into Tom Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV Park at 3:30.  We stayed here once before about a year and a half ago.  Many of the sites overlook the Mississippi River and river barges and other boats are constantly traveling up and down the river so we’re really looking forward to our stay.

Tom’s Sawyer’s Mississippi River RV Park – Site 59

We got checked in and escorted to our site and then Michael had me sit in the truck while he did most of the outside prep-work to unhitch (get the jack pads out, lower the front jacks, etc) because it was COLD out there and he had a sweatshirt and jacket on and I didn’t (my chivalrous man!)  Then once he had that ready I went out and guided him as we got unhitched.  Then he sent me back into the warmth of the truck to wait while he got the coach leveled.  When it was all set I scooted inside to bring out the slides, turn on the fireplace and crank up the heat pumps!  It was 46 degrees in the house when I went inside.

While Michael got the water, sewer and electric set, I prepped the inside of the house and started dinner.  When the water, sewer and electric were good to go he came inside to warm up a bit before heading back outside to get the satellite dish set up.

Absolutely LOVE this park…for this reason…ONLY

We are set up in site 59, which is on the second row from the river, and we have rigs obscuring our view…bah humbug.  However, when we first got here there was no one in front of us so I got a nice picture of a barge headed down river.  Hopefully, it will warm up enough for us to sit outside and enjoy the views at least once while we’re here.  We are here for 5 nights.




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