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Posted by on April 6, 2018

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Monday we were back at Alice’s house so that Michael could put together a ‘lift’ chair that Dan purchased for Alice and was to be delivered that day.

The chair arrived before noon and Michael had it assembled in no time.  Alice was very happy with how it worked and was even more excited that she could actually get out of it on her own without having to use the lift feature as it doesn’t sit as low as her old chair.

Michael ‘snaking’ out the plumbing

Alice’s kitchen sink stopped up on Easter and we couldn’t get it cleared out so we picked up a ‘snake’ in town and he used it to clear out her drainage pipe.  Seems as though there might be some roots growing through the pipe as that’s what he ended up pulling out with the snake.  Whatever the case, the sink is now flowing freely.

Tuesday we had some errands to run in Hot  Springs (about 30 miles from us) so we while we were in town we went to see ‘The Greatest Showman’ which we both really enjoyed.  It was a musical, which we weren’t aware of beforehand.  Neither of us are big fans of musicals so I think we would have enjoyed it even more if it hadn’t been a musical.  Nevertheless…it was still a very good movie.

Whoopsie…that’s not good!

On the way home we planned to make a stop at Alice’s to pick up our new hydraulic leg that was delivered that day (and a new carbon monoxide detector too!).  About half way down her road we came across a power company truck blocking the road and a fallen tree in front of it.  We could also see that there was another power company truck on the other side of the fallen tree with its bucket up in the air.

Bent hydraulic leg/jack

Since there was no getting by we turned around and went further down the highway and went down the road from the opposite direction and made our way to Alice’s from that direction.  The power had been off since about 4:30 pm and came on shortly after we arrived about 7:20 pm.  We visited for a short while but headed home not long after the power came back on as I had work to do.

Looks like my finger wanted to be part of the picture too!

Had a crazy busy day of sending invoices on Wednesday customers…eleven of ’em!  Eight of those were for a rally in Crossville, Tennessee next month.  Michael fielded several phone calls and in between phone calls he got the new hydraulic leg installed on the coach.  I even had to crawl under the coach at one point to help him tighten one of the bolts he couldn’t quite get to.  (Girl power!)

A family affair

Thursday was Michael’s youngest brother, John’s, birthday and his wife Ann, invited us all to meet at the World Buffet in Hot Springs to help him celebrate.  We met at Alice’s and then carpooled into town – Michael and his brother, Eddie in our truck and me driving Alice’s car with her, Val, Allicia and myself.

Cute little cheeseburger cake

We met John, Ann and Sammy at the restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch with family.  Ann had made John a ‘Cheeseburger’ birthday cake that turned out really cute.

After lunch we all got settled into our vehicles to leave and Alice’s car wouldn’t start…again! Both times the car wouldn’t start, it was me that had driven it last…I’m feeling a little bit like there’s black cloud looming over my head.

We called the mechanic to come get it…get re-situated into the two other vehicles and headed back to Glenwood…making a stop at the bank drive-thru and Walgreens for sunflower seeds.  Back at Alice’s, Michael and I visited for a couple of hours before we headed home for the evening.  We watched a few TV shows and then I headed to bed to cuddle up with my trusty Kindle…Michael followed a short while later.

Friday was our last day in Glenwood and it was rainy and gloomy.  It stormed pretty good just before 6:00 am…enough to wake me up and keep me awake so I ended up getting up and working on this blog post.

Michael’s breakfast…

About 8:00 am we headed across the street to the Caddo Cafe to get some breakfast.  Neither of us felt like cooking and since Brock had recommended we try the chilaquiles we did just that…or Michael did anyway and I ordered the Huevos a la Mexicana.  We both got our fill and then headed next door to the Donut Palace to pick up some donuts and kolaches (decided to freeze some kolaches and see how they do).

…my breakfast

From there we drove back across the street and dropped Michael off at home so that he could do a few chores while I went back across the street to Wright’s to pick up a few groceries so that we have everything we need for the next week for so.

We spent a good portion of the morning working for PTB and getting the coach ready for travel on Saturday.  In the early afternoon we headed back over to Alice’s to spend a few hours visiting with her before we leave the area.

We had our mail forwarded to us and received this sweet message from our favorite ‘mailman’, Andrew.

We were back home about 5:30 pm, I laid down for a bit as I had a head/neck ache.  Michael’s good friend, Cherie stopped by for a short visit…I got up to visit for a short while but Cherie had to get back home to make dinner.  We had a few chores to complete too.  Hopefully, next time we’re in town we can visit a bit longer.

As usual our time in Glenwood/Hot Springs went much too fast and we didn’t get a chance to visit with everyone we’d hoped to…next time!

Tomorrow we’ll continue our trek east toward Stone Mountain, Georgia where we’ll be attending the Heartland Southeast Regional Rally which begins on April 17.  We’ll be making a couple of pits stops along the way and taking the opportunity to visit with friends too!  Stay tuned!

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